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  1. Forgotten Enemies #6 - Viper Special Issue - Solo Villains is up in The Hall of Champions community content on DriveThruRPG now
  2. Debating on making the next release a double issue just for fun. Double pack would be a better discription.
  3. Just wanted to say, this group I'm making changes and additions more than I have previously. I've tried not to in the past issues but with new and adjusted rules it just seems the thing to do in some cases. Hope everyone doesn't mind too much.
  4. Here's the list of villains so far. Subject to change without notice Solo Villains Issue 1 Brick Damage Mind Wipe Scattershot Issue2 Citadel Gravity Phaze Shadow Fist Groups Snake Syndicate Snake Pack May Do Viper Force 1 & 2, might do individuals but not whole group. not sure Created By Crusader Despite (Altered BAckground) Blue Jay Powerhouse
  5. I can give a list when I have it completed. I have enough solo villains for 2 issues right now, assuming I stay with the 4 villain per issue formula. I have only 3 in mind for the created by issue(s). I haven't decided for sure what teams I'm gonna do at this time. Also, unlike the other issues the images for the character sheets and cardboard minis will be black & White. This is due to the fact that I'm able to use images from old Hero Games material as this line is now part of the Hall of Champions.
  6. There will be multiple Viper issues of Forgotten Enemies. 1 or 2 of solo villains, 1 of villains created by Viper but not part of Viper, and multiple issues of groups or strike teams of Viper. All will be part of the Halls of Champions section on DriveThruRPG
  7. Getting ready to do work on viper special. Definitely want to included Brick & Ripper. While there are quite a few from the various Viper books that haven't showed up in 6th, what others have been overlooked thru the years. Esper perhaps?
  8. Villainy Codex IV - Arcana is the deal of the day at DriveThruRPG today only. A supplement for Champions & Fantasy Hero
  9. I notified Jason and thought I'd let you know. There will be more issues of FE. I've decided to leave them as part of Hall of Champions. This means you'll have to get them thru DriveThruRPG. Sorry for any inconveniences but it seems to me that they belong there.
  10. Looking like my next issue will be a Viper issue. Issues are usually 4 characters so this could be a double or triple size or multiple issues. Just haven't decided yet 😄
  11. I have permission from Jason for the product line. Wanted to include a product for the roll out of the hall.
  12. Forgotten Enemies #5 is up for sale in the Hall of Champions at DriveThruRPG now.
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