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  1. Not a big BB fan, but nice to see someone new win a championship. The Serpent Collective is different, IMHO, to the others. Also has a added little twist to it. On another note, I've decided to put WITCH in the TPP Champions Organizations line instead of the next TPPVC volume. They're gonna fit better there with my concept for the group.
  2. Left: Lightning Bolt, member of The Sisterhood. Center: Lady Apep, Serpent Collective. Right: Seductress, member of The Sisterhood. All were commissions by John Becaro
  3. Front Cover change for Vol III
  4. Thanks for picking it up. Working on 3 now, looks to be as big or bigger
  5. The League of Champions book is a disgrace.

    Seriously ?

    SPD 2 for Goliath?

    Sparkplug has the disad: German Patriot twice, Icecicle is a skilled Lair


    The entire thing is slapdash badly updated from the statblocks they had in the old Heroic Publishing Books.

    (And no I am not going G-Girls backround because LBGT is en vogue)


    Seriously Man.

    Really lousy work.




    1. tiger


      I'll look at the errors and get them fixed. All the stats and powers were ran by Heroic Publishing and they approved it. G-Girl and Black Enchantress was added a the request of Heroic Publishing. Sparkplug was actually writen up by Dennis, although I added a couple powers

  6. Now torn between, Book of Muerte & Chronicles of Muerte
  7. I always give a description, but it is a good point.
  8. Dennis gave me permission and informed me of the name change.
  9. Book of Death, sounds good too. 💀
  10. Muerte is owned by Heroic Publishing, They dropped the Professor several years back
  11. Trying to decide, Book of Muerte, Chronicles of Muerte, Tome of Muerte. Which do you prefer
  12. Well I will admit that's kind of where I got the name from is Mr Long's works. Also toyed was calling at the Chronicles of Muerte. And like I said it's going to be a rewrite, redesign expanding on mention material and the other books plus some new material as well. New characters new members may be new agents
  13. Could be, dunno. Not something we needed to discuss My rendition are based on the original comics & input from Dennis. But, still not the "official' write-ups or anything. Muerte & Terror Inc. was pretty much the same as well.
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