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  1. Proofs came in and looks good. Plan released is mid-february. I hope everyone enjoys it and finds it useful
  2. The proofs are in the mail now, should get them this week. If everything checks out it will be released in mid February.
  3. I was hoping to keep it low if I could. Won't know what Vol III will be for a bit. Working on another project at the time.
  4. Unfortunately, there is no option in the POD for that as far as I know. I also can't have those pages as card stock and the rest regular paper. So this was the best fix I could do, sorry.
  5. Here they are if anyone is interested Oeramm.pdf Terror Inc.pdf Villains.pdf
  6. They are part of the files you can buy for $5.00. You get the PDF, HD files & Minis
  7. Sorry, decimal point in the wrong spot
  8. Hey All Just an update I should have the proofs within the next few weeks, if that happens and they are all ok the Grimoire Arcanium should be able to be released in January. The finial price tally will be $19.99 for the 262pg bookmarked PDF, $29.99 for the printed book and you can get the PDF and HD files with the book for an extra $5.00
  9. I noticed they said it will take a few weeks. Hopefully it's running faster than that.
  10. Well I appreciate the support
  11. Have the final cost all figured out now. IT will be $22.99 for the 356pg PDF, with HD files and cardboard miniatures. For the printed book will be $32.99 and for +$5.00 you can add the HD files & Cardboard Miniatures.
  12. I'd like to think so over 20 titles in the S.I.D. line. So from here forward it will be know as S.I.D. Report & S.I.D. Bulletin.
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