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  1. Loved VIPER-Force 1, used them a ton!
  2. Yes, there are some I can use some I'm not aloud. Still suggestions are welcome, just not all will come to pass 😀
  3. I'm always open to suggestions/requests as well. Not saying all will be done but never hurts to have ideas.
  4. There's several scattered across various books I'd like/plan on slowly upgrading as long as the interest is still there.
  5. Recreate or update. Tis a difference 😁
  6. Just an FYI. Im planning on keeping the characters close to their original write-up with a few addition. I plan on adding suggestions on their sheet for upgrades or ways to increase their power level for high level campaigns. Haven't really done this for previous FE products because the subjects we're more geared towards a Champions campaign rather than Dark Champions.
  7. While not all are mystical based the majority are and could easily liked to other groups. one could even add a magic twist to the non-magic based members. Perhaps Spider Monkey actually was mutated due to a magical serum, maybe the ninja has learned to cast darkness based spells.
  8. I leaning to making the female on the cover a updated lady twilight. She has a background that includes Stalker and she's a lower powered character as is the group. Seems a good fit to me, no name change planned.
  9. With 6th you get X amount of points and then X amount of matching complications, where earlier edition gave you more points to spend by taking more send more disadvantages. I like "streamlining" the characters and reducing the complications taken. However, I was thinking that player may like all the old disadvantages being updated as well as powers and skills. Was just curious how people felt.
  10. Working on the group has lead to a interesting question. When I update older character I tend to keep complications to 50-100 points. I eliminate some of the old disadvantages that they may have. Would you prefer all old disadvantages make it to the new write up or just some of the major ones?
  11. Not a bad name for a Necro type character though
  12. I haven't decided firmly on a name, still debating adding her as the new leader or only using the original members. They'd be semi-in hiding waiting for Stalker's call
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