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  1. Looking forward to finishing projects so I can start Vol III, just want to know how many pages 😄
  2. Witch will be in TPPCO#3, number 2is League of Champions
  3. Well Putz. Received the proofs but there are so issues I need to have corrected. So looks like a May release. Sorry Folks
  4. No solos were in Vol I, but Vol III is I-Z
  5. Here is the table of contents for TPP Villain Compendium Vol II Table of Contents.pdf
  6. Should have the proofs for Vol II today. If everything is good shall release it first of April. No fooling
  7. I thinking of going with the original write-up and WITCH is more a homage toward the treatment of supposed witches and their treatment by men during the witch trials
  8. Yea, according to Gremlin's write-up it the same formula or a form of as I recall
  9. I'm willing to hear any and all thoughts and suggestions
  10. Actually doesn't stand for anything by the description in Gremlin's write-up. More about how men burned witches and the whole anti-men thing I leaning towards staying with the description given. A high tech terrorist organization with the command made of of women with special abilities. The powers would run the gambit of mutant, tech and supernatural.
  11. No they are not the same group. The Sisterhood is a group of women I created a long time ago due to all the heroes in the playing group seemingly to all have the complication, disadvantage at the time, "Won't fight / harm a women". I figured a all women group would be a interesting concept. On another note, I was talking with Jason and he has given me permission to write-up WITCH. I'm torn in what direction to take the group, I haven't decided if I'm sticking to the terrorist theme or more of a supernatural theme. This is what I have found out about the group, all is from the backg
  12. tiger

    Hero's Resource

    Good news! I just finished a talk with Dennis over at heroic publishing. and he suggested that I include not only the original group but the new characters that they've brought in such a Spark Plug, Icicle and such. So it looks like their particular book will get a little bit bigger
  13. tiger

    Hero's Resource

    I've decided to make these part of my TPP Champions Organizations series. The series is setup to show NPC organization for GMs and I think they would fit in that series better than my SID series or a individual book.
  14. tiger

    Hero's Resource

    I knew they were the original champions campaign group. I did not know however they were called the Guardians originally
  15. tiger

    Hero's Resource

    I'm not 100% sure I'm going to release it as a book, although that's what I'm leaning toward. I could just make them part of my SID line. Just want to see what people thought and what they'd like to see
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