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  1. The League of Champions book is a disgrace.

    Seriously ?

    SPD 2 for Goliath?

    Sparkplug has the disad: German Patriot twice, Icecicle is a skilled Lair


    The entire thing is slapdash badly updated from the statblocks they had in the old Heroic Publishing Books.

    (And no I am not going G-Girls backround because LBGT is en vogue)


    Seriously Man.

    Really lousy work.




    1. tiger


      I'll look at the errors and get them fixed. All the stats and powers were ran by Heroic Publishing and they approved it. G-Girl and Black Enchantress was added a the request of Heroic Publishing. Sparkplug was actually writen up by Dennis, although I added a couple powers

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