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  1. If they could do it as a add on , changes are they still might be able to at some point
  2. Yes I'd have to either add them to the SIDs Report or split them up.
  3. There are some interesting characters in Alien Enemies 😄 Might need a closer look there as well
  4. I think I've changed my mind on the Heroes Resource. I think the two team will be added to the SIDs Report. The concept of the product was to have both villans & heroes. So they will fit well there.
  5. That reminds me, need to go though enemies international file
  6. Your characters, if you'll gonna update them go for it. I have others I can do in their place. Feel free to use this thread or make a new one. I'm happy to share 😀
  7. I like to see you update all of the characters from you earlier books 😁
  8. Lady Blue and Madame Blue are two different characters so that's good. I think I'm gonna replace Hell Rider with Fearmonger, already have some new gadgets in mind for him Also looking at other characters from Creatures Of The Night and European Enemies.
  9. No it's Madame Blue, but I'll need to compare and make sure she wasn't renamed.
  10. He'll rider is more of a monster type character. But, not saying Death Rider can't be added to a book either.
  11. Totally missed that, will have to find a suitable replacement.
  12. New government agency I've created. SAT of course isn't 😄
  13. Update of products that will have classic characters in them Forgotten Enemies Not in order of release, just groupings Group 1 Jabberwork Spectra Stronghammer The Dwarf Group 2 Decay Four Eyes Hellrider Group 3 Banzai Cold Warrior Whiplash Group 4 Brick Madame Blue Black Lion Group 5 Citadel Scattershot Shadowfist Group 6 Spectra Powercrusher Red Rapier SIDs Report SF-1 (My Own Creations) The New Conquerors (My Own Creations) #19 – Conquistadors (My Own Creations) Viper Force 1 Viper Force 2 (maybe, kinda leaning against) The Corruptors of All (Crytron, Gaussin, Sergent Supreme, Bruiser) Heroes Resource League of Champions & Justice Inc. Champions Organizations BAMP & SAT
  14. Can't promise anything but will do what I can. They were and weren't part of HG history due to ownership, kinda like Gargoyle. Got to come up with quotes for them too. Oh, it's just Muerte, no doctor or professor stuff 😁
  15. Its a commission by Storn I had done before I actually started making products
  16. No, he's from the second team in that product
  17. I've been given permission to work up the League of Champions. Flare, Huntsman (Marksman), Pysche, Giant, & Icestar
  18. Here's a image for Jabberock, turned out decent
  19. Coming out around the end of summer is a new project called Hero's Resource. Will be groups and organizations that heroes can turn to for some help. First issue will have to superhero teams that PCs can trust for some help. Here's the cover
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