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  1. Re: Kara Loft: Lost In The Sands Of Egypt Pretty Much All My Characters: Get the lid off that sarcophagus, unwrap her enough that she can get up and move around on her own, and hand her her stuff. Then do the gentlemanly thing and turn around while she gets the rest to the bandages off and gets dressed. Hardware: Since the OP says we only see Kara's footprints going down the stairs, he gets out one of his sensor devices and checks the walls for hidden doors and checks the room for energy signatures consistent with the most common forms of Teleportation. Tiger Shark: When you've
  2. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury #1: Security Robot Zaps Burglar I can imagine any character I play would probably be asked to leave the courtroom because they would be unable to stop laughing and pointing at this guy. He attacked an armed security robot with a crowbar and didn't think it would end badly for him? Was he stoned or is he just naturally that stupid? What does he do for an encore, hit a hornet's nest with a stick? At the least, there's a shipload of contributory negligence on his part.
  3. It's been months since your last run in with the Cartoonist Of Crime and his trio of henchbunnies, Bugsy, Mugsy and Thugsy (or "Thug-Z" as he kept insisting he be called). Last time, the cartoonish goons fell into a vat of ink eradicator and were assumed deceased... Well, so much for that: you and your team get called to the scene of a bank robbery and find the three furry fellons running out with sacks of cash in their paws. You confront them and someone (the team's noob most likely) asks "Aren't you three supposed to be dead?" To this Bugsy laughs and says, "We're toons, coppers. I
  4. Re: Everryone's Favorite Incompetent Criminal... Well... Based on the info in the Wikipedia article for Undercover Blues (as difficult as this may be to believe, I haven't actually seen the movie, perhaps I'll see it on Hulu or YouTube if they've got it), converting Morty to Muerte should be as easy as changing his WF to Blades and trading in his revolver for a switchblade. I imagine they're more or less similar in all other respects.
  5. From the popular WWYCD series: Morty The Mugger 8 STR 6 DEX 8 CON 8 BODY 6 INT 6 EGO 8 PRE 8 COM 2 PD 2 ED 2 SPD 4 REC 16 END 16 STUN 5" Run 1" Swim 1" Leap Skills Streetwise 8- WF: Pistols Disadvantantages Unluck 3d6 Vulnerability: x2 STUN from All Attacks Equipment .38 Revolver (1d6 K, 6 shots)
  6. Your character is visiting the local watering hole after...whatever it is your character does all day, and sees none other than Morty the Mugger (see some previous WWYCDs) at the bar, holding a cold bottled beverage against his face with his left hand and writing something on a yellow sheet of legal paper with the other. If approached and asked what he's doing, Morty replies that, predictably, yet another of his attempts to mug someone went bad; and this time he was nearly killed! He's been sitting at bar licking his wounds and pondering his lot in life when it's finally dawned on him than may
  7. That's right folks, the little idiot is at it again. Morty the Moronic Mugger is in another darkened alley waiting for a mark. He decides to pick on a young woman, a college girl presumably, who looks like she took a wrong turn somewhere. As Morty accosts her... (grab a d6 and roll 'em) Roll and consult below: 1) ...he fails to notice the open manhole a couple of paces in front of him. You hear him screaming "Aaaaahhh!!!" and an audible Splash! as he falls into the sewer! 2) ...she peppersprays him. 3) ...he slips on a bananna peel that fell out of a nearby dumpster. Morty lands
  8. It's time for another Hero System Good Idea/Bad Idea... Good Idea: Pirate Hero Bad Idea: Samoli Pirate Hero
  9. Re: Planets of SF Author Hats Crichton Prime: Superficially resembles present day Earth, this world is famous for it's under-regulated and over-ambitous R&D labs that always seem to produce something that gets away from them. Stear clear of the amusement park full of genetically-reengineered dinosaurs, ending up Purena Raptor Chow is no way to go. Watch out for those swarms of nanobots, not only will they eat your iPod for breakfast, but they may strip the flesh right off your bones! Try to avoid the corporate culture on this planet as much as possible, and what ever you do, try not t
  10. Re: Planets of SF Author Hats Crichton Prime: Superficially resembles present day Earth, except there's some kind of strange alien sphere on the ocean floor, an amusement park full of genetically-reengineered dinosaurs, and swarms of nanobots that eat electronics for breakfast and can strip the flesh right off your bones.
  11. Re: Prisoner Exchange You might want to go back and reread the opening post... It was Roberto, Mister Tiberius's henchman who was captured, not Mister Tiberius himself. In fact, it's unlikely Mister Tiberius is there in person. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  12. How your character gets involved in this, I leave up to you... Recently, the Forces of Justice™ captured Roberto, a top teir henchman of the powerful and enigmatic underworld figure known only as Mr. Tiberius. Of course, the Tiberius Syndicate has also taken one of the FoJ's best agents prisoner! After a failed rescue mission or two, the FoJ reluctantly agrees to a prisoner exchange with the Syndicate out in the middle nowhere. Tension is palpable as both sides came prepared with massive numbers of heavily armed agents, and any other combat assets they might have, should the other attempt
  13. Morty the Incompetent Mugger is back in his alley waiting to jump someone. How the little dimwit has managed to avoid getting his third strike and going to prison for good, you're at a loss to fathom...but that's hardly the point. This time Morty has sunk so low as to accost what appears to be some harmless, sweet little old granny (though considering his track record of mugging people he should have left well enough alone, appearances may be decieving). Sure enough, just as Morty waves his gun at her and demands she hand over her purse.... (roll a d6) 1) ..."Granny" turns out t
  14. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What's your opinion of Paris Hilton's mental health? A: Measure twice, cut once.
  15. Re: Does anyone have a write up of Gloop/Gleep from the Herculoids? I'll see if I can find some episodes of the Herculoids on YouTube and get back to you. Wow, that was one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons long, long ago.
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