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  1. Taylor Smith vs Korn mashup...I hate myself how much I like this stupid song......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P7gar7efHI&list=PLTOPBzBvHrytUpxxFJscT3wbU9fuk127M
  2. Fiend and Shock the monkey by Coal Chamber
  3. So nobody here has watched Sharknado yet>>>???
  4. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Quick List.. Last two episodes of Grimm.... not as good as the season openers......I still like the show.. Showtimes HomeLand....I am really enjoying the first two episodes of this season...I had a couple of minor issues with a minor plot issue, but the acting is making up for it... I sat thru some old Space ghost (1966) episodes....Loved em Dredd 3D.....fun shoot em up.... I got a DVR full of shows I gotta catch up on
  5. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Game of thrones Se2Ep1 Centurion Netflix. Decent movie about a Roman Centurion who helps leads a detachment of Legionaries against the Picts. The mission fails, and now the survivors must make it back to friendly lines..Again, its a decent movie on Netflix. For most gamers, its worth a look.
  6. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? IronClad, King John wants to kill everyone that made him sign the magna Carta....much castle siegeing ensues....Actually a decent movie, worth a watch instantly on netflix...
  7. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! Let me try this again.... I do think the first season of Lost in Space has good watchable episodes. Sure its a space opera, or a space fantasy..but some of the stories really do work and the black and white look helps the show... I admit I liked the D&D movie...and the second was was a lot of fun... I feel asleep trying to watch 2001 twice before I finally got thru it. I do think robert Jordans Wheel of time books are not readable and I have never understood why they are so popular. Granted I met Jordan around 1981, I sorta thought he was an ass and I never could read his books after that.
  8. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! OMG I have to be the dumbest gamer alive...I thought we were being really ironic about all this and it was sorta opposite day here Jumping Jarvis on a stick I am stupid... wait that alone pretty much kills my geek cred....right?
  9. Re: Destroy Your Geek Cred!! Lost in Space is the best Sci Fi tv show EVER Christopher Lee was a horrible Dracula The Land of the Lost reboot was Will Ferrals best movie The Dark Knight should have been called the Dork Knight....whatta loser of a movie
  10. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? In pretty quick order here ... Hanna.....I liked it. A young girl is raised to be an assassin by her ex spy father. The fathers old handler comes a calling and death and mayhem about. I thought this was gonna be a spy/Borne type of thriller, but in some ways, its really a clever black comedy....Blu ray was excellent... Conan. Look I like Jason Mooma and the movie was fun. Sherlock Holmes 2. I had a good time, Stuff blew up, holmes figured things out. Watson shot dudes and steampunk fashion was the order of the day. American horror Story. I very much enjoyed the season ender. IT went some places I didnt expect. I am looking forward to next seasons new house and family.
  11. Re: Possible HERO System Supplement Kickstarters From Steve -- What Interests You? 1. STORMlords ($25; $50 2. Mythic Hero ($25; $50 3. Cyber Hero ($25 4. Dark Champions 6E I would get all books in a year for sure. in a 6 month period, it would be the first two. Thank you for your time
  12. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Dale and Tucker Vs evil......two hillbillys just trying to go on a fishing trip have to defend themselves against collage students that seem to think they tried to kill them, ......Gorey hijinks ensue... Community and Parks and Recreation continue a very good run this season..... Immortals.....was ok...but man every time I saw Micky Roarke in his crab claw/venus fly trap hat...I laughed out loud...
  13. Re: Megascale Movement, Lightspeed, and Escape Velocity Hey Guys and Gals....lets just cool it off a bit....OK?? Lets have some fun here with the builds... I am speaking as a mod here....
  14. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? I cant remember how many movies this song has been in.
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