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  1. Latest update: Hyperman is in the hospital, but out of ICU and recovering. He should be moving to physical therapy in the next day or two. He asked me to post pics of his latest HERO acquisitions.
  2. Hyperman, who is a good friend of mine IRL, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. Since then, he has had surgery and is doing much better. He will likely be transferred to physical therapy in the next day or two. He asked me to let everyone here know because he isn't really able to type at the moment, but we expect he will be back soon.
  3. Re: ST: How Not To Do Homages (Trivia) How could humans have ushered Vulcans into space when the pre-Romulans had already left centuries before?
  4. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Why are you borrowing money for a flight to New York? A: It turns into a pumpkin.
  5. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So why did you write in "Satan" for every race in the last election? A: Yet another malfunction
  6. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Aren't you taking this "I think therefore I am" business a little far Descartes? A: Nowhere, but not quite the middle of it.
  7. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Why shouldn't I make up a question about Tim's desk? A: Because my desk just disappeared.
  8. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Whats wrong with my persocom? She just doesn't seem interested. A: A bowl of ramen, half a pack of Camels, a broken TV set, and a copy of FREd.
  9. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What is an example of a miracle in the modern world? A: That was the next to last straw.
  10. Re: Haiku Hero Almost a thousand He celebrates his post count Go Hyperman, go!
  11. Re: Haiku Hero Roll for no reason Look at the dice roll and smile Make players nervous
  12. Re: Haiku Hero Counting syllables "Haiku" is two in English Three in Japanese
  13. Re: Haiku Hero Mightybec scares me When he writes about lesions Or just about sheep
  14. Re: Answers & Questions Q: So, how many times have you had amnesia now? A: a platypus, 3 magic cards, and leather pants
  15. Re: Answers & Questions Q: ?rorrim eht ni gnidaer ouy era koob emag oreH tahW A: the next Star Wars film
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