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  1. Latest update: Hyperman is in the hospital, but out of ICU and recovering. He should be moving to physical therapy in the next day or two. He asked me to post pics of his latest HERO acquisitions.
  2. Hyperman, who is a good friend of mine IRL, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. Since then, he has had surgery and is doing much better. He will likely be transferred to physical therapy in the next day or two. He asked me to let everyone here know because he isn't really able to type at the moment, but we expect he will be back soon.
  3. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting Absolutely! Aside from the old saying of judging a man by his enemies, its those points where a character isn't perfect that make him interesting. After all, who wants to hear a story about a hero who has no weaknesses and can't even possibly lose? I haven't been able to create many characters starting from disadvantages, but I have found that the more you flesh out a character's disads the more you feel like you "know" him.
  4. Re: Help Make Energy Projectors Interesting And the winner of the award for Best Use of Ranged Stretching is...
  5. Re: ST: How Not To Do Homages (Trivia) How could humans have ushered Vulcans into space when the pre-Romulans had already left centuries before?
  6. Re: PA hero interest: Life Without People I doubt that. Historical population estimates have 60 million or more people (1/100 present) as far back as 500 BC. I doubt a collapse of civilization would go that far. And there were more than 6 million estimated before the invention of writing and possibly much further back. To get below that level would definitely take a lot more than just a civilization collapse.
  7. Re: Need a reasonably well known charcter idea Sometimes I think they killed off Adric rather than having him just leave the Doctor, just to try to make people feel less comfortable cheering his exit.
  8. Re: [Character] Winter I like Winter, more the history/description than the point build, although that isn't bad. I also like Hyperman's Peregrine, but where is her background? I know we had this when she was in our game. If I had it handy, I would post it myself. She was an equally interesting character who was also more than the sum of her points. You can see some of it in the point build but I remember there was a lot more detail at one time.
  9. Re: Shared Damage So far this build is the closest to what I was looking for. The mind link works and is simplest, but doesn't handle the extra BODY and STUN without just buying more. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.
  10. I have recently started running a new campaign and one of my players had an interesting idea that I don't quite know how to stat in Hero. The idea is that two characters are joined such that each is now tougher than they were separately but when one is damaged, both are. As I recall, the original characters he is basing this on were in D&D where they simply added their hit points into a common pool. This does not work in Hero, so I need a different mechanic. I was thinking of using extra Stun and Body with a limitation and a disadvantage that each takes damages when the other does. Does an
  11. Re: World encyclopedia And what does that say about "red states"? They've infiltrated the Republican Party. We really are in trouble now.
  12. Re: World encyclopedia And informed your superiors.
  13. Re: Answers & Questions Q: Why are you borrowing money for a flight to New York? A: It turns into a pumpkin.
  14. Re: The Perpetual Motion Machine - Does It Work? I always enjoyed exploring the limits of the system, stretching it until it breaks. Of course I would never try to PLAY a character designed like that, but sometimes creating such a construct is enjoyable in itself.
  15. Re: Making colonization attractive? Why should they bother? Many of them are already more powerful than most governments.
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