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  1. If the villain made it too easy to capture him, it's a trick. If you chased a villain into a nearby dead-end, it's an ambush.
  2. If strategic planning and precision movements are not your thing, volunteer to be a diversion.
  3. But, wait! Does that mean "All wrestlers are Mexican Superheroes" or "All Mexican Wrestlers are superheroes?" Inquiring minds want to know!
  4. Thinking about that: When sales are low and writers have hit a wall, have the heroes fight each other!
  5. If your superhero has a Public ID, you might consider purchasing a base and call it "home."
  6. Sidekick is just another name for Superhostage!
  7. No clue who she is and don't care. One super out of thousands doesn't ruin an aphorism post.
  8. You must wear the same hero outfit every day. People cannot recognize you in civilian wear.
  9. If the villains just want to capture you, they'll be 10x as accurate as when trying to kill you.
  10. The training room is just a training room, especially when your team lacks teamwork. Don't over-analyze it.
  11. Just because you can destroy it, doesn't mean you should.
  12. Underwater villain base = death trap.
  13. This isn't D&D; NPCs are not villain fodder.
  14. Trying to resubscribe. Has nothing been added since June 14th? (I've been unable to receive e-mails and browse/post here since February.)
  15. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. I must state that I'm a bit surprised that Death Tribble hasn't commissioned an Octopussy yet - A cat (or cat-hybrid) with tentacles. Many a James Bond films could provide something clever.
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