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  1. I really wanted to thank archer, drunkonduty, and vondy for the WONDERFUL replies. I have read this thread multiple times and agree with it completely. Thanks!
  2. Hi Hero Peeps: I run a regular Hero System game in a monster hunter genre. I am having tons of fun running it but I have a problem... My players are constantly getting distracted by their mobile phones. I have talked to my players about it but it does not seem to be sticking. Now some questions... Would you be offended if I hung a sign in my gaming room about turning off your mobile phone? Would you be offended if I asked everyone to turn off their phones before each session? Am I being too sensitive? Thanks gang! :D
  3. I have all the Fear Itself stuff but a great recommendation. Centered in New Orleans. Exactly like the Supernatural TV show. Independent group of monster hunters who keep everything under wraps because...you know...regular people can't handle it. Globetrotting will definitely NOT work! Nearly anything where the adventure is set in a focused environment...city or outdoors...will work great. The PC are a mix of redneck hunter to corporate security expert...
  4. Hi Hero Geeks: Hope this is ok to post. Noble Knight Games is having like an 80% off sale on some products. There is a BUNCH of great Hero stuff for sale! https://www.nobleknight.com/ClearanceItems?CategoryId=1&ManufacturerId=39 Check it out!
  5. Great suggestions! [ John updates his list. ] GAME ON!
  6. Hi Hero Gang! I am currently using Hero to run a campaign similar to the TV show Supernatural but maybe a bit more serious... Can folks recommend some products from ANY system that I could buy that I could lovingly convert to Hero? Yeah...not MHI specific but I thought it best fit this forum... *GAME ON!*
  7. In Heroic style play with HTH weapons my group usually has a Critical roll that works vaguely like this...don't have my notes with me right now... If you roll half of what you need to hit rounded down then you Critical. On a Critical you do the max damage for your weapon. So if I need an 11- then if I roll a 5 or less I critical. It actually works fine because I like to encourage HTH attacks but the Hit Location has always "kept it honest" if you understand the meaning. More great replies...thanks gang!
  8. FYI. I am starting a Godlike Hero (WWII Lower Powered Superheroes) filler campaign as a break so I can work on the second campaign arc for my Monster Hunters (Heroic) campaign.
  9. Hi BigDamnHero: This line scares me. Changing Hit Locations or granting an attack sounds crazy. That is why I decided to add damage instead of allowing changes to the Hit Locations. That is also why I specify Success Rolls only now Hit Location rolls. Could a person move a hand to a head??? Great thread gang.
  10. I could pull back on Overall Levels and Penalty Levels I guess...I have had some bad experiences in the past but that was another group. Must noodle. Since equipment is so important and will be assigned to the team I am covering it in a different post...now saying that...I should at least add a note that it will be covered in another thread. Great reply. Thanks.
  11. Our group does this naturally because we have character building sessions where we talk only about the character ideas before putting pen to paper. My players are really great and will alter their ideas so as not to step on toes.
  12. A version of the HAPs used above was tested over a 17 session arc where the PC were monster hunters. It worked ok but I needed to make some tweaks...the above version has these tweaks. The TAPP part is brand new. I adored playing Masks and immediately wanted to rip off the team mechanic from it for Hero. That is where TAPPs come from. This mechanic has NOT been tested. No idea if it will work...going to start testing it out soon.
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