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  1. How many pages is this product? It does not say or I cannot find it in the store listing.
  2. Really looking forward to this book. I am thinking about an American folklore based horror campaign similar to something like Supernatural and I want to use Hero.
  3. Re: Shard I had a character in a game I ran that was named Shard. He was a mild mannered glass repairman. After a while he started selling glass repair insurance. His picture looked a LOT like this one. He had a RKA with high stun mod and low dice (1d6 with +5 stun mod or something like that), teleport, force field, and missile deflection. Fun character!
  4. Re: [Review] Spears Of The Tisangani Great review! Thanks! I am considering the purchase of Spears as well as several others. It is nice to get a preview of what to expect.
  5. Re: Linked or something else? Yes. That is exactly how I would do it.
  6. Hi Guys, I've asked my players to do this and the results have generated some great discussions and comments. I started with how each PC views themselves then moved to each of the characters one per week. GREAT exercise!
  7. I've recently used it to simulate the following... + Reactor's Nuclear Shockwave - Explosion and Personal Immunity on STR, only if target is touching surface. + Maria's Crackshot - AP when shooting guns. Bought as OIF gun of opportunity, not if the target has any type of Lack Of Weakness. + Maria's Silver Avenger Cyberline Enhanced Punch - AP on STR, at 2x END cost. That is what I can come up with right now...although I think there are more...
  8. Hi Herolover, My only suggestion is to ask your players what would make them excited about a sci-fi game. Maybe give them some ideas...ask about military games, intrigue, space pirates, explorers, etc. See what happens. Might help you both drum up interest and it will make your players feel involved...
  9. Hi Bushido: Fitz has a sheet that works pretty good on his site...here is a link... Fitz's Hero Stuff
  10. I guess if you used the current rules and wanted that it would cost what... +1 PD = 1 pt. +1 ED = 1 pt. +1 Power Def = 1 pt. +1 Flash Def = 1 pt. <- We'll be nice and not worry about all senses right now. Total = 4 points. Then tack on a limiation only vs given special effect. The frequency of the special effect would drive the value for the limiation. Assuming a uncommon special effect I might give +1 for 2 pts. Maybe for a more common special effect (i.e. fire) I might give +1 for 3 pts. Is this logic roughly ok? Forgot...[added with edit]...personally I would not invent a power for this and just use the existing rules but that is just my take...
  11. Alright nblade...you got me...that's pretty severe... This sounds like an idea for a post... You know you are a Hero geek when...
  12. ...and it is easier to cart around. I like the Hero System rulebook without the Champs stuff for ease of use. I have a copy at work for just such an emergency...never know when you might want to build something... Man I'm a Hero geek...
  13. Gary has the right idea. Bunch of overall levels with a limitation...
  14. I think Shadowpup is right but this is not a bad Steve question...
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