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  1. Yes, I'm right there with you. I'm one of those people who fell in love with the idea of HERO years ago, but have had a hard time converting that into practice. This obviously has a number of reasons, but it certainly does not help that I know not a single person who already knows HERO (which means that I'll likely have to GM), that I am a very inexperienced GM, and that I have not had a regular gaming group for a long time. Sitting down with 6E on your own without previous exposure to the system is quite the task. I'm beginning to think that one reason for that is that 6E was written for peop
  2. That's fair. My thoughts on similarity mostly pertained to the generic/multi-genre presentation of it - rather merely as an alternative approach to simulating the high fantasy of D&D (and Ptolus). Definitely! The reputation of the Ptolus setting as such likely also plays a big part, so it is not like it would be simple for DOJ to do something similar. But it's still an interesting approach. As I said, I had never heard about the Cypher system before. The setting looks cool, so I've thought of backing it, and if I do, it would likely be at a level, where I'd get both v
  3. At this point I'm probably only halfway through this thread, so I'm not sure where the discussion has moved by now, but I just wanted to share this: Earlier in the thread there was some discussion on the importance of setting in promoting a system. I think Monte Cook's kickstarter is an interesting example of that. First of all it indicates that good settings can sell well, as there is quite a good interest in it (and there are still 16 days to go). Second, it has a very interesting model, where they sell two versions of their setting. One updated to D&D 5E
  4. I think I have only ever once come close to something that was 'immersion breaking' to the point of taking me out of the game. We were playing in my GM's world, where he had designed a few different religions. One was modelled after the medieval Catholic Church while another was basically a powerful sorcerer-god and ruled his nation of worshippers as king. I played a D&D barbarian and had decided to play into a kind of zealot with a long term goal of uniting the religious leaders of the former religion to bring order to the world - and perhaps eventually invade the neigbooring heathen nati
  5. Thank you for all of the replies so far. These are really useful considerations. I hadn't thought about that. So some characters might buy extra DEX to get an advantage in the same segments, but you could get a similar advantage by buying extra speed, without spending points on DEX. Oh, that's interesting. For some reason there is something very appealing about rolling for initiative in D&D, instead of the static, but consistent start of HERO, but I suppose it only really works if you have differing speeds.
  6. That's a really useful description. I'm gonna save that for later.
  7. I've never been much into superhero stuff, but from my time here on the boards, I've gleaned a thing or two about the genre - particularly the 'speedster' as a character trope. The character with superhuman speed makes a lot of sense (in as much as anything does) in the superhero genre, but I was wondering how people are dealing with variable speed in fantasy. Skimming through the board I occasionally see the advice to either ditch the speed chart entirely or keep everyone at the same speed (2 or 3), perhaps because this is what is expected from the systems that other players are c
  8. That actually looks like a nice way to do it. I did notice the Damage over Time modifier, but somehow it didn't occur to me, that I could apply it to a healing power. Thank you!
  9. I've never been quite fond of the concept of the healing spell in fantasy rpg's but at the same time it is very useful to have some sort of healing capability from a gameplay perspective. One way that I've been considering is to tie healing up with herbalism and alchemy. Healing is possible, but slow and clumsy, so it is not suitable for use in combat, but does allow for someone to get back in the fray within a few days instead of lying in the hospital for a month. The use of herbalism or alchemy would not be an instant heal, but would enhance the natural healing of the body to rebuild and res
  10. Sounds good. I've been looking forward to this one.
  11. There is also an actual play podcast from Drink Spin Run. It might be helpful. It also has a link to a video in the comment section there.
  12. You might also include (or publish separately) a collection of all tables in the core books. Or perhaps of all books at all, or maybe several thematic collections. If I ever get a group together to try Hero, I would definitely print out a copy of all tables to each player for easy reference, but I would gladly pay a few dollars for a formatted version, so I won't have to copy-paste all those pictures into a word document to print. But this is more of a nice-to-have than need-to-have.
  13. Over the past few years there has been a number of threads similar to this one, and they have always been fascinating to read through. This time I thought I might contribute to it. I have been a Hero newbie for a several years now. It is not because I am particularly dense that I haven't moved beyond the newbie stage yet, but it's just been a while since I had a gaming group, so I mostly just play around with the system at regular intervals. For the purposes of this thread I do not have FHC, so some of my suggestions might be void due to the change in layout from the core books, but they might
  14. That actually makes a lot of sense. So giving it a limitation (Self Only) would in a way negate the nature of the power by applying it to the individual instead of an area as it normally would,
  15. Thanks for the responses so far. That was also my first thought, but won't it require the tracked character actively trying to conceal their trail? It seems to me that there is a distinction between actively hiding your tracks (Tracking Skill) and the environment making it harder for someone to be tracked (Change Environment). Or am I just reading too much into the descriptions in the books? I really like this one, thanks.
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