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  1. A few suggestions for the character if I was playing it. Increase the Stun to 40 I know it doesn't sound like much but if your plan is to dive into the center of Combat then the extra stun will help keep you on your feet. Increase the Con to 18 at a 13 solid blows are going to stun this character also a problem if you want to dive into the thick of battle Increase the Dex to 15 at a 13 he is going to be one of the slowest characters most likely and it is going to be tough for him to do much (I know because I just finished playing a Sword and Sorcery style game where my character started at a 13 dex and it was the 3rd thing he bought up after getting his sword skills to a +4 and buying off some bad limitations on his spells. Increase the Int to a 13 a 9 means he won't see much which can be very bad for a character as not knowing what is happening is likely to get you killed. After that skills like Tactics or Teamwork are good, and Martial Arts are never a waste of 10 points.
  2. Hi fellow Hero users, I have an energy blaster with electric based powers and after running into several guys in power armor am realizing that a way to take down their suits power would be very helpful in defeating them. My main question is would you recommend building the power as a drain or a dispel and what would you target so far all I have though of was a drain vs end with the goal of making it so the suit has no juice to run on. Or a massive dispel to make the suits pool no longer work (although that maybe too expensive...). Any other thoughts are welcome. Darkarus
  3. Thanks for the ideas they will definitely go into the weapon when it is written up after its reforging assuming the party allows that to happen... Also to anyone coming across this thread latter I will throw in my own addition the use of a spear adds a charge to the counter which when that counter hits 20 the wielder becomes the spear lord. It is built as a transform that cannot be healed back.
  4. Hi everyone I am running a Turikan Age campaign and was wondering had anyone build the Graven Spear as an item? Or if anyone had suggestions for what kind of powers it should grant the wielder positive and negative. Thanks, Darkarus
  5. Hi Steve, I was wondering if a character has a mental attack say mind control or a mental entangle and he uses it on the back of a horse does he suffer the usual -2 to OCV because he is on a horse.
  6. My Hacks were as follows Change the history of Auralia so that it had appeared to worthy men in the Drakine wars, during the fall of the Lord of the Graven Spear and to my players as they took on the Ravager in the year 5000, I changed the curse on the Ulronai to only effect them as a nation, and I changed the magic system to a VPP
  7. I am trying to set up a balanced magic system for a high fantasy setting where magic is powerful yet not so far that in order to survive the whole party need magical defenses and items to balance them against mages. And I was wondering if anyone has a system that has worked in the past and tips to keep traditional fighters happy with their role in the combat.
  8. Re: Electricty based characters Thank you very much I would have never though of some of those Ideas
  9. So the premise for the character is he was an electrical worker and was out on the lines one day only to slip and accidentally touch the power line. However, the radiation from the power plant had unknowingly changed his DNA so he did not die from touching the wire. The question is what kinds of attack powers could he have I know lightning bolts, chain lightning, and like a 'taser' punch looking for other ideas.
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