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  1. Dreaming of the Glens in Tuala Morn

  2. Re: Was Tony Stark's player a bonehead? Hank's player went a little overboard with the Psych Lims. Got 5 extra points by changing "In love with Janet Van Dyne" to "Obsessed with Janet Van Dyne", and added an Enraged tied to his machismo. And, of course the Marvel Standard 3d6 Unluck because the editors love to have really bad things happen to their characters with every. single. story-arc.
  3. Re: Champions I'll be happy with a 6E Champions section on how best to use super-powered Apes.
  4. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Finished The Battle of Corrin which is the last of the "prequel" DUNE books telling the story of the Butlerian Jihad. I give it a B-. It's better than the post-Chapterhouse DUNE books, and as a whole I liked it a lot more than God Emperor of Dune. It does suffer from a self-imposed desire to bring the DUNE civilization to the forms recognized in Frank's original book. Slightly better than I was expecting. I also read Angels and Demons and through the first two thirds of the book I was becoming pleasantly surprised. For a brief moment I felt that Dan Brown might have the storytelling range greater than that of a leaky Daisy Air Rifle. But then the contrived "big twist" hit and "OOOoooOOOOOoooohhhhh, the Catholics remain EEEeeeeeEEEEEeEeViiIIIIiillll!" so, yawn. Double yawn. I appreciated the Art History lesson (and as an artist, I always appreciate seeing reference to work that I normally only encounter in Art History classes). Other than the tour around famous Renaissance Sculpture, the book was an overhyped, overblown let-down. Better than Da Vinci Code, but not much. C-
  5. Re: Who would be the Super Villians of your area? Mechanon Prime The "Brain" of a former Mechanon Unit that was captured and handed over to PRIMUS in 1996. Recently escaped, built a new body and is waging a cold war against Mechanon over who should assimilate who's intellect.
  6. Re: Superhero Images My best advice is get thee some reference. I used to suggest the ol' tried and true girly magazines for drawin wimmins, but it put me in the habit of making all my women "super-booby!" Rather, draw from life if possible, or grab a nice selection of model books (IMO, the best are those which simply have page after page of poses, no instruction, no explanaition).
  7. Re: Superhero Images Been working on illustrating the female form lately, so in that effort I give you Wonder Woman!
  8. Re: Order of the Stick When I saw the patch, my first thought was "setting up for the expected Pirate joke".
  9. Re: trying to build Spawn Before hauling out the Cosmic VPP, take a look at what Spawn does in the comics. Use those powers to create a much simpler to manage Multipower. Find those elements that he uses All the Time (you know, the chains, the undead toughness, gliding/flying etc...) and break those out into powers all of their own. Remember that Disads and Limitations are only worth points if they come up in play with regularity. Having the Physical Disad "Dies permanently at the end of the week" while tragic, isn't worth any points. It doesn't hinder the character, it simply makes the character unplayable after Saturday. That's what I see the countdown timer doing. At some point it reaches Zero and Spawn gets pulled back into Hell for Eternity. End of Story. Worth no points. However, as people have mentioned, being Doomed to Hell is fertile ground for disads and limitations. Spawn has Social Lims and Hunteds all over the place. He's got a whole plethora of Psych Lims, and a few DNPCs that are in constant Danger. Spawn from the comics is a real high point superhero. Probably closing in on 700 points or more when you combine the Necroplasm abilities, his skills as a professional Mercenary/Assassin, and all of the guns he keeps around.
  10. Re: 6th Edition Hero System Sidekick is a great intro to HERO, but I've been a Sidekick flag-waver since the playtest. Indeed it is that Sidekick is not the "basic" HERO game while 5ER is "advanced". I'd go so far as to say that Sidekick is one of the most versatile products HERO sells. The rules in Sidekick are repeated in 5ER. The rules that appear solely in 5ER are those which expand and detail as many situations and contexts that Steve and Darren could dream up. As a player, someone can make a character, advance that character, learn HERO system, then ultimately develop and GM a fully-fleshed campaign solely with Sidekick. Which begs an obvious question, why bother with the hardback rulebook? Personally, I feel both products are well worth owning. It's not a case of "either-or", but of "both-and". The big ol' rulebook adds not only situational applications of the rules, but tons of examples of builds, and characters, and advice... Things that may be intimidating (not to mention HEAVY) for someone who is just learning the game. There is no need for an "upgrade path" because Sidekick is the HERO system.
  11. Re: 6th Edition Hero System It depends on the ant. If it's one of the common northern US variety that is easily dispatched with the Sun and a magnifying glass. No problem. But if it's one of those mutant radioactive Amazon ants with the giant jaws, acid sprayers, and mind control antennae. Count me out. I ain't touching that 10 pound weight. No siree!
  12. Re: 6th Edition Hero System If it ain't broke, don't fix it. HERO 5th is one of the few systems where I've not seen consistent claims of "ultimate archetypes" or "useless archetypes". That is to say, I've seldom heard of how *every* character regardless of concept *must* have "ability X" to be useful (in past editions, that was Martial Arts), or conversely if *any* character has "ability Y" they're worthless. The HERO crew has done a fine job of keeping rules-creep to a minimum. There are no "mandatory supplements" required for play, and those supplements which are on most shelves are their because of the quality of the supplement, rather than any rules revisions it adds. Though, I do bow to the reality that sooner or later another revision of the HERO rules will come down the line. I'm pretty certain that any sort of revision will not make the game we enjoy now obsolete. I think there are a few developments and ideas in supplemental material that deserve to be added into the "Toolkit Rules Book". Making the base characteristics variable dependent on campaign theme (from Valdorian Age) is one. The "Super Skills" builds from Dark Champions is another. In my profound and well-reasoned opinion (stop LAUGHING Derek!!!) new editions of a game should be written for the potential new player rather than those players who are already bought into the game. Thus, at this stage in HERO's development, a 6th edition should be as backwards-compatible as possible, and streamlined for the new player (which, will make it attractive for us established HEROs).
  13. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game @Brightmantle All on Champions Server Brightmantle - Lv6 Defender Electricity/Kinetic - Hero Blackmantle - Lv7 Corrupter Fire/Dark - Villain StarSilver - Lv6 Scrapper Claws/Reflexes - Hero Scarlet Salamander - Lv2 Tanker Fire/Fire - Hero
  14. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I finally took the plunge and am now on Champion server as Brightmantle (Hero) and as Blackmantle (Villain).
  15. Re: A Thread for Random Mooings MOOOOOOO!
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