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  1. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Phalanx explaining to the long absent Promise the situation that they are currently trying to deal with. Phalanx: Remember that Drug ring we took on about six months ago? Promise: Yeah. Phalanx: Well the situation didn't take care of itself.
  2. Re: How Strong are the Crowns of Krim In my Champions game the Crowns were the big bad of the season, along with a souped up version of Talisman. My group of supers (5 players all around 380 points because of experience) faced them three times. The first two times, they got trounced. On the third,final and most deadly encounter the team won. I wanted to have the battle be an epic thing and so I arranged it that way. The PC's were able to fight Talisman separatedly from The Crowns and then fight The Crowns sans Dark Seraph and finally put the foot down on the big man himself. By the end of the game many of the players were running on vapors Body-wise but everyone left smiling. I made sure that I knew how powerful the opponents were going in and how well the team could work together. I set the game up to run off of three encounters and then elongated the game when one of my players did something unexpected but which helped enrich the overall game. If you want to throw the Crowns at an inexperienced team, I would say to hold off and let them build to it first.
  3. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Just finished Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold. It is my yearly ritual, like how some people read The Lord of The Rings every year. Well I reread the Vorkosigan Series every year.
  4. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... The Mushashi Flex by Steve Perry. This book is a prequel to the whole Matador Series. All in all a very entertaining read but be forewarned that it is targeted at those that have read the series. I am not certain how much enjoyment I would have gotten out of the novel if I had not read at least the first three Matador books.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Not going to apologize for it. Actually felt bad for a bit, I do not want to ruin anyones pleasure on these boards. I looked over my post and decided that although it was not humorous, it was a great moment for a player that started out quite lackluster in my game and I wanted to share it. Without the history of what was going on then it would have just been whatever. Heck, it could still be whatever but it made me proud to be a GM. I will not apologize for that.
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In my last Champions game we had the final battle between my players and The Crowns of Krim. A little bit of info first, My players (5 members, all roughly about 375 points at this point) have just fought through a wave of DEMON members, 6 Demonbound, The Black Enchantress (Talisman but upped quite a bit and with a 100 point variable power pool tacked on) and The Crowns of Krim sans Dark Seraph. They had to get through DEMON and Black Enchantress to get to the Dimensional Portal that led to The Last Citadel at the Edge of The Sea Of Chaos. That was a hard fight. Standing Guard outside of the Last Citadel was the Crowns of Krim. This was an amazingly hard fight with the heroes winning but becoming broken and bloody by the end of it. With no time to rest the three members (Nightfall, Dark Wolf and Arsenal) that still were able to stand made their way into the Citadel to face Dark Seraph and to stop him from raising Tiamat. Outside The Promise is using her empathic healng to take on Prye's wounds to keep him from dying. The three heroes face Dark Seraph and it starts off badly. Outside Prye (whom just realized that he had the mythology skill and wondered if now would be a good time to bring it up) remembers that the reddish water surrounding the Last Citadel is part of the Sea of Chaos or The Sea of Change as it is otherwise known. It has magical properties and those imbued with magical powers may pass their limits if they are exposed to it. It does not work the same way on people that have their abilities given to them by some mystic artifact. He also knows that it is deadly as all get out. Wiping the blood from his mouth He drinks deep of the water and instantly feels the change take hold of him. He knows that he will probably die in 3 turns and he takes off into the Citadel. As he arrives with flames cascading around himself, he simply points a finger at Dark Seraph and says, "Burn."
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From our Fantasy game last sunday. Our characters have made a journey to The Wall, an ice formation reportedly raised by the elves to keep the lands to the south safe from the creatures of the north. A gathering of humans and demihumans stand guard at this area to protect the southlands. Those that take up the duty are said to don the black. It is also a permanent post. GM while playing the npc Ingrid: "It is a sacred duty. WE are the hardiest of fighters. Once you don the black..er..um.." Myself and Jeff, both with big grins, in unison: "You never go back." My character Green speaking to The Warden on why he should allow Ingrid to journey into the northlands with us. Jeff, whom, playing my brother was also present. Warden: "I am not certain of your motivations for asking me to allow her to go with you. She is not the strongestof the ones I have here. Why her?" Me: "She is hard and truthful. I know that if I were to win her loyalty, she would bat down the very doors of hell to make certain that I and my companions were safe." Warden: "Hmm. Very well. You may ask her to accompany you but it must be her choice. You may leave." As we are walking I whisper to Jeff: "Plus have you seen how tall she is? Man, I could climb that for days."
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... My Champions players are in the middle of a small Demonhame. Arsenal has been whining all night about how everyone is going to get killed. A battle starts and three of my players get sidelined quick. One for a good while, the other two only for a second. Arsenal: We need to get out of here! We need to retreat! Pyre: Retreat to where? This is an end of the world as we know it scenerio here. When it comes down to that sort of thing I only know how to do one thing. I stand and I fight. Pyre went on to use tactics and manuevers in the fight and they turned the tide.
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In my Champions game, Nightfall and Shadow Wolf have gone to meet Night Fall's UNTIL Handler, Jonathon Percival. Percival: Good Morning, Nightfall. It is a pleasure to meet you Shadow Wolf. Shadow Wolf: How did you know my name? Percival: (Tension building pause) I saw you on the telly. Shadow Wolf: Oh, yeah. I keep forgeting about that. (At one time the whole team was wanted for the murder of Michael Thompson, a reporter for the Adair Network. Thompson, an agent of VIPER, had faked his own death and VIPER had incriminating video footage that made it look like the players had something to do with his death. Later on, they raided a VIPER cell to stop Lady Abaddon from releasing an insane cosmic God onto the planet, had the fight of their lives, winning with only the barest of margins and found the evidence that would exonerate them. This was caught on film by Jenny Dugan, the daughter of the (in my game) late Jimmy Dugan, and was broadcast out live throughout the city.)
  10. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Delibes-coppelia Ballet music. What!?
  11. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In my last game a player, Deborah, could not make it but her boyfriend, Richard, pulled double duty and managed her character sheet. All goes well until the characters are forced to fight The Crowns of Krim and the Dark Enchantress (a magic user native to my campaign world). The PC's have an item that they want to keep away from the Crowns and the Enchantress. The fight is one sided with the Crowns laying waste to the players. Richard has his Girlfriends character, Ivy (mainly a Gambit rip) run out of the house (or what is left of it) that the battle is taking place and start to run away, he then changes his mind and has her go around to the front where Dark Seraph is dispatching two heroes that tried to get away with The Dagger of Qingu. The players get beat down and the dagger goes flying. Ivy picks up the dagger and starts to hightail it out of there but she is not able to shake the villians so Ivy attempts to charge up the dagger and destroy it. When everyone wakes up there is a smoking crater where Ivy had been. Richard: "Deborah is going to kill me isn't she?" Me: "I hope you like sleeping on the couch."
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... That is funny. It summons memory of an old DM of mine. Whenever we would cast detect magic on a sword he would tell us what plus it was by the use of very. For example a +3 sword would be very, very, very magical.
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In this week's game, I got a new player (Deborah) that was the girlfriend of one of my players and a good friend of another (Jason). We play for a little while and then Deborah turns to Jason Deborah: Hey, Jason. I am surprised that you are not playing a woman in this game. Jason: Wha...What do you mean? Deborah: It is just that you like playing those girls in online games so much. Jason: Oh..Er.. Well, I play a mix. Sometimes girls. Sometimes boys. Deborah: Oh, okay. In my game Jason is playing a woman pretending to be a man and none of the other players know. I nearly spit out the coke I was drinking and had to excuse myself to the bathroom to have a quick laugh.
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