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  1. Also, can you tell me where in the 6E books it talks about removing Speed? I can't seem to find it, even on a search, in my 6E books or Champions Complete. Edit: Never mind, I found it in the "Speeding up combat" section.
  2. Yeah, the Advantaged Strength and DC addition is kind of a headache for me. As it is, I'm not even sure how you factor in "6.25 points of Strength" to begin with, you know? I really think there's gotta be an easier way to deal with this issue, but at any rate, maybe if I get to see it and use it in action it'll make things easier to grok. Interesting. I like that idea, though! She, first of all, is looking for ways to help mold HERO into what I want it to be. And no, you're right, congratulations. You've unsold me on HERO and by extension the group I was tryi
  3. This is where it loses me a bit, figuring out how to add DCs with Advantages. That sort of thing is quite difficult for me to process on the fly, and I often don't like feeling like I'd have to stop to calculate something if a player grabbed, say, a sword off of a fallen enemy and used it. At least improvised weapons rules are fairly easy, and I like the way they do that. I'm not anywhere near 100% on adding DCs with Advantages, though. Maybe if I did it a bunch or saw it in action. And see, this sort of thing is what makes me want to get rid of SPD. Chris Goodwin's suggestions abou
  4. Are there any quirks in the math to be wary of? As far as adding DCs, what about picking up a knife, a sword, a chainsword (why not)? The book (Champions Complete is what I'm reading) leaves me sort of confused on how it works, especially when Advantages are involved.
  5. And I disagree with the idea that modifying one part of a toolkit system (indeed, touted as the toolkit system) is somehow fundamentally altering the game. That goes against HERO's core aspects, really, and is no more changing HERO into a different game than removing Attacks of Opportunity would be changing D&D into something completely different. Worse still, this kind of pushback is what's going to turn away a lot of players. If I'm a new player looking to get into HERO, and a bunch of grognards try to dismiss any idea of modifying a toolkit system in any significant way, I'm going t
  6. Poor time and turn management by players is lethal no matter what you do, definitely. I still have some problems (and they're just preference) with certain mechanics, but slow players can't be fixed by any trick of the rules, that's for sure! As far as the game becoming inscrutable, I suppose so. It's very intimidating to a lot of new players. Combine that with the general trend toward more simplified and streamlined mechanics, and away from heavily-detailed simulation systems, plus tons of alternative options for supers gaming or whatever genre, and you have this perceived difficulty with get
  7. Hi there! I would like your help in coming up with some alternate/streamlined rules for HERO. While I don't necessarily want to strip away everything and make it into a different game, I would like to see what options we can come up with that won't require rewriting vast chunks of the system. Also, this stuff is pretty much all subjective. I'm not really interested in a debate over the necessity or lack thereof here; mostly I want to see what options are doable, and then go from there. Roll-Under to Roll-Over Purely an aesthetic thing, but I really dislike roll-under. I especially dislike
  8. This kind of dismissive nonsense is part of the problem. When your tribe is already small and not exactly growing, dismissing any alternate ideas or desires that don't align with your own as "Might as well go play FATE or D&D or something" is killer. If just removing the Speed Chart makes the game not worth playing, or completely changes it into a different game, then there's a big problem with the game. However, I don't believe that's the case, and that the problem lies with the perception that such a change is fundamentally the same as not using HERO at all. So, you roll 3d6 + y
  9. True, and while I get the need to charge for it, I wonder if Hero Games isn't shooting itself in the foot a little by not making HERO Designer free. It is, after all, a great way to help people just learning HERO learn how to build things and see it in action. At the least, I think offering it for free to anyone who buys the HERO books would be a good idea.
  10. Yeah, and I played it. I have some fond memories of it. But ultimately it breaks down, because it wasn't that great a rule system. I want to use something much more robust, like HERO, to really capture the feel I'm after. I forgot one more item: roll-under. I actually hate roll-under. One option I wish was in the game? An option to convert the system to roll-over. But anyway, I guess I would have to get some more experience of the game in action, particularly when the Speed system is stripped away as I touched on earlier. The thing is, finding a HERO GM is very, very difficult onl
  11. D&D combat is agonizingly slow, I think, especially 4E. I've never known it to be fast. I can understand the "myth of HERO" phenomenon. I've been struggling with it myself, trying to get my group into the game, and having issues with various parts of the game. In fact, I even made a thread about it, but that thread seems to have vanished. I may make another, but in the meantime, here are some issues that apply to the "myth" for me. Front-Loaded Character Creation This part is never the problem for me. Yes, if you want to really get into detail, character creation and ability desig
  12. Thank you for the links! And so far, no questions. Sounds about right. Of course, I'm not exactly the best judge of something....
  13. I have two I'd like to see. One is Mantis, my original hero, who is sort of like Spider-Man in terms of powers, only with those of a praying mantis rather than a spider. She's very, very fast. Quicker than Spidey, even, but similar in other ways: wall-crawling, low-level flight/enhanced leaping, superhuman strength, heightened senses. The other is high-powered. So I can wait on that if the other is easier to do.
  14. Hm. Interesting. And thanks, folks. I'm still pretty lost, but I will keep trying. Right now, all I have is Champions Complete. My copy of 6E1 is somewhere in storage, and I was never able to get a copy of 6E2. Anyone feel like walking through character creation with me in this thread? We could create one of a couple concepts, get a feel for what it's like in action, along with some guidance from more experienced HERO players.
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