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  1. Hobbies that were previously seen as useless are suddenly very useful. Sewing, wood work, smithing, making chain mail even in some areas? Cannibalism may become the norm in some areas. Or it may be a supplement that is frowned upon but not forbidden when it is outsiders being preyed upon. You'll still need to make some quick decisions about internal combustion. I would start simply with something like almost any car made after 1970 simply don't function. They can figure out the exact reasons later. Currency needs to be explained or done away with. Local currency will probably quickly evolve and barter will have certain values in local currency to allow trade. - E
  2. We use roll20 and pretty much no headsets. Everyone is on speakers and mics, which does get some background noise once in a while but no heavy breathing. I feel you on that on. - E
  3. Hrm. How do you prevent things like signal tower arrays? These can actually transmit small amounts of information over vast distances quickly. For a fantasy take on that, see Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal". Also, if you have speedsters or folks who can easily fly or teleport, letter delivery gets much faster. If you leave combustion engines on the table then planes are around and also speed transport and news. If you take it off, are you resorting to horses or does Steam Punk / mysticism step in? Additional Thoughts: If you leave electricity on the table but have a change in the ionization of metals such that below a certain volume / area they cannot carry signal you could leave internal combustion engines and many other older versions of things still working but nothing with a computer or really anything below a circuit board that has say 12ga wire runs on it? Or perhaps some other material works but it is so expensive and rare that it is basically a military or ultra elite type of thing? Generators are fine, but you can't transmit more than say 1 amp (about 1/20th of current capacity) over a 12 gauge extension cord. And line loss is higher as well. DC become more the norm because of line loss. Or make it logarithmic, perhaps an inverted n^2? The smaller the gauge, the less electricity it will carry until it reaches 0 at some size, say 32 gauge? - E
  4. Inches/turn * 0.3728 = miles/hour So 40 mph = ~107 inches per turn. If you want their combat move to be 9" their speed would need to be 12. Depending on your definition of "small arms" and if you are using Hit Locations or other optional rules. So lets assume no Hit Locations, no optional rules. Fifty caliber Desert Eagle, 2d6+1 +1StunX. Max Damage: 13 Body, 52 stun. Nope, not immune. If you are talking about things like a typical police weapon: Glock 17L, 1d6+2. Max Damage: 8 Body, 24 Stun. Yes, immune. These are calculating maximums. On averages you will fair MUCH better. - E
  5. For music I would just run a constant stream of songs with a Shadow theme. Cliff Richard and The Shadows - Move It https://www.lyrics.com/lyrics/SHADOW Shadow Waltz - Bing Crosby (#1) Chasing Shadows - The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (#1)Henry King (#7) Moonlight and Shadows etc. If you are going to a little more modern, this one may or may not be too over the top, depending if someone can recognize it or speaks middle Egyptian. Nyarlathotep Pictures can of course be Lovecraftian, even portraying Nyarlathotep if needed. Or even just silhouettes of tall thin men in top hats or the like. Perhaps scenes of moon lit nights with shadows abounding? Maybe classical artists paintings that only have the colors of red, purple and yellow? - E
  6. eepjr24

    Near future

    Link: https://surbrook.devermore.com/adaptationsvehicles/vehicle.html - E
  7. Drain did not really work differently, although it was not specific on the active points issue, as you point out. You still had to specify a power or characteristic. Champs 3 had the SFX thing, but so does 6e, see 142 for Expanded Effect and Limited SFX. - E
  8. That does not illustrate the cost structure duplication. You are buying a different thing below. <shrug> I was not arguing that you could build a more efficient structure, just trying to get close to show how the cost might have been calculated absent any other insight into the process. - E
  9. I don't think I'd go as far as adding Innate for free, I'd probably just rule it is a Defensive Power for purposes of Drain. I have ruled the same in the past for Defense Maneuver because of the outsized impact a small drain can do. - E
  10. Personally, I am fond of having the options there. As a GM you can reduce the costs for them if you don't feel they are justified. But the flexibility to have two points spread across OCV or DCV or add a DC of damage at 0 END to any attack seems to be a fair trade off in flexibility. 18 MPP - 2 All Combat Skills 2m +2 OCV - 10 AP 2m +2 DCV - 10 AP 2f 2d6 aid, standard effect (7 points), Variable Effect: Any attack that does DC (+1/2), SFX: Adds one DC at 0 End for 7 AP. That's as close as I can get to the effect without a lot more effort. That's 24 points, so +1 would be about 12. Now, if you don't want all that flexibility, you can certainly buy whatever you want instead or tinker with the costs if you are the GM. And as you already found out, Steve does not discuss why he did things, I think with good reason to avoid having people endlessly question his decisions (which they do anyway, but at least he doesn't have to read it all in the rules forum). - E
  11. Easy enough to solve, don't use what you don't like? Or simply use an earlier edition. Many folks like and use 6e, many folks like and use other versions. There is no reason to use one you don't like as well. As Grailknight said, the problem is not the limitations themselves, but the fact that they can be changed at any time and be used to replicate the effects of other powers. Again, when building a power, go back to basics. What does this power do: 1) Does damage at range 2) Tunes target types at will based on criteria not perceivable to the character Depending on whether it is area effect or not, it might also be selective. Based on those things, people are generally saying that this power needs a great amount of flexibility, such as that provided by variable limitations with supplemental detects, or an MP or a VPP. Perhaps other constructs such as I laid out in my earlier post can be used as well, at the GM's discretion. - E
  12. I agree that balance is the major concern. I just try to go back to basics and move forward from there when I have questions about how to balance. A Limitation that doesn’t limit the character isn’t worth any bonus (6e1, 364). I don't see how this limits the player in any way, in fact quite the opposite. It is an advantage to be able to narrow your targets at will, avoid hitting friendlies, identify the descendants of the ancient cursed bloodline, etc. compared with the fellow who has a equally powered blast that just jets fire. So for me, it makes sense to pay more. Simple ways to do that: VPP. High flexibility at a higher cost. Power Skill with appropriate difficulty modifiers to "tune" the spell. Spell skills for each spell modification. I am sure there are other ways to solve the problem, you just have to decide which ones work best for your and suit your sense of balance. - E
  13. So this topic spun this question off for me. If a power is taken with a Limited Power: Not versus XXX or Only works on XXX, are those limitations based on only the perceptions of the character who has the power? So to use Hugh's example, if it is Only Versus Women, would a passing (ie, undetectable to the character via normal senses) drag queen be affected? Or a more explicit example: Only affects people who are color blind. Would the player need a detect for those who are color blind or is the limitation sufficient? - E
  14. I'd generally agree with this one, as long as the player confines his limits to things he could detect with his senses. I don't see how a power with no other modifiers knows who is color blind or whose great great grandmother had an affair with a lesser noble. But it is a valid question, I'll raise it in the rules forum. - E
  15. I just wish we could have threads about a topic without it becoming "X version of Hero is best" and "Obvs, D&D is the model we need to follow". To the original topic: X being "redefinable" could be Variable Limitation, Variable Advantage, a MP or VPP. Standard limitations are not redefinable unless the GM decides they should be for some reason. Only vs UV: I would probably buy this as some version of Variable Effect. If it is just variable spectrum maybe +1/4. Only versus color blind: So how does he detect color blind people? And I don't think images can even do this, you are into mental illusions at this point. Maybe MP or VPP? Only vs Orcs : I think this is Mental Illusions again, with selective area of effect. And maybe a detect, if the user does not want to simply use their vision to figure out who is an Orc. Only vs Party members seems like mental illusions with selective. Only vs Orcs : I think this is Mental Illusions again, with selective area of effect. And maybe a detect, if the user does not want to simply use their vision to figure out who is a descendant of X. If they don't want others to even know the illusion or mental illusion is happening, then that is IPE for sure. - E EDIT: This is my 1,234th post. I am giving myself another XP for that. Yay, 3 XP! 😃
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