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  1. I know I am not far into the thread, but wanted to comment here that we match on 2 and disagree on 1 and partly disagree on 1. It does not feel like Hero at all to me if you get rid of the Speed Chart, especially in higher end FH or over 250 pt Champions. And while I agree that the 3d6 bell curve is the bomb, I don't find "rolling under" to necessary for the system. I use roll over for folks with a background in d20 systems since it is more familiar. The results are the same, you just subtract from 21 and roll over that instead.
  2. Absolutes are rough in Hero. I would take a look at my campaign and see what value I would assign to that. Generally, it would not be that high, but I would also look at things like: 1. Does this character or their teammates have a way to induce dizziness? 2. What exactly IS dizziness? Is it the same as vertigo? How about sea sickness? What about nausea more generally? Off the top of my head I would probably give it something like a 5-10 point value. In my life I have been dizzy more times than I have been oxygen deprived, even spending several months at a time on the ocean. And as mentioned above it would cover a large group of powers but only for a very narrow special effect. I would likely come in around 10 points for modern Champions type settings and 5 for Fantasy Hero type. - E
  3. A few snips to give context: 6e2, 18 (emphasis mine) Summarizing, the four types are: Full Phase Actions, Half Phase Actions, Zero Phase Actions and Actions which take no time. 6e2, 18 again, Actions which take no time And finally, 6e2, 19 So your answer here is that they would end up in a contested DEX Roll. There is obviously room for some interpretation, for instance if the character was declaring the PRE attack in the segment BEFORE the phase in which the attack was supposed to occur. But at that point the two would really be unrelated since she would not know that an attack was being launched for sure. I think this is another minor way in which DEX does justify it's 2 point cost. As always, YMMV. - E
  4. In FH I find it matters more, especially for more ranged types who don't want to get into HTH range. I have players that don't buy up Dex, but do buy up lightning reflexes with their primary attack. I also have players who have a character concept that has them as faster than most and prefer Dex and some LR. I don't find Dex overpriced, but I can see how some people might. I think if I was to implement initiative as a characteristic I would start it at zero and just use LR to buy it up, disconnecting from Dex completely. And since I have a lot of ex-DnD players, I'd probably make it added to a d6 roll, with ties broken by LR level and then GM decision. - E
  5. I did not rebuild them, but his points looked pretty much in line except for the 3 point thing. - E
  6. 6e Martial Arts, pg 92 The bold and size there are not my interpretation or emphasis, they appear that way in the book. So while each of us can do whatever we want in our own campaigns, the official rules do not allow it. Also, as far as I know there is no martial equivalent of the Flail element. While Bind is introduced as a zero point optional maneuver in FH 6e it does not add STR. Flail is not zero points in 6e FH, it is bought as a naked Indirect advantage with limitations for the weapon (6e FH, 193). - E
  7. I might use some of these that were common in a particular genre or time period. Outside of a Marital Arts campaign they seem to be a bit overpowered for default maneuvers that you can add DC's and grouped CSL's to via martial arts (for which they have paid nothing?). Just to compare a few: Free Legsweep versus Trip standard maneuver: Trip is -1/-2. Legsweep is -0/-1. Both cause target to fall, Legsweep does strike damage as well. Free Shove versus Shove standard maneuver: Same except martial gains 10 STR for shove. Free Grappling Throw versus Throw standard maneuver: Same except martial gains +1d6 to damage. Also, Killing Strike versus Killing Throw: Why are these the same penalties with different effects? Another one that seems too easy is Weapon Bind, I have friends who do various types of martial combat tell me this is a pretty difficult maneuver to pull off against an opponent of similar experience. -2 DCV does not make it seem difficult at all. In any case, these seem to be generally better than the standard combat maneuvers which are the default, it's good to see the variety but I would not make them defaults. I realize these are completely optional in any case since they violate the standard rules for creating martial maneuvers (minimum 3 point cost), just wanted to caution others who might not have the Martial Arts source books. - E
  8. 6e1, 184: Personally, I find that rule to be an excellent compromise. If you for instance have several of these that apply through different foci and the attack has multiple special effects for instance. But generally for DR without limitations I would have some questions if you had more than one on purpose. - E
  9. I think you are going to want to create a new character template? I would read Character Templates chapter and then come back if that does not make sense. - E
  10. I have always considered the Sacrifice Throw to be the "Tackle" of the martial arts world: Sacrifice Throw ½ 3 +2 +1 STR Strike; You Fall, Target Falls However, Tackle and Flying Tackle are used interchangeably in the Hero System Martial Arts (6e). As far as a standard maneuver, Trip is about the closest you get to that (6e2, 83). For DogPile, that to me would just be a grab and squeeze or slam, with +5 STR (or 1d6) for additional attackers. - E
  11. eepjr24

    Super Hero Masks

    HMO? And if you have a Secret Identity in my games you can expect it to come up once in a while. Otherwise it would be worth no points. - E
  12. I believe what dsatow was indicating that if you took the additional +1/4 limitation, your activation ends your action. Otherwise, you are free to use your action. - E
  13. 1. Vacuum tubes are less susceptible for a variety of reasons. Voltage tolerance, larger surface area to disperse across, less complex nature means less to go wrong, etc. https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/264738/why-are-vacuum-tubes-more-resistant-to-electromagnetic-pulses-than-solid-state-d 2. Long term ELF exposure can lead to a susceptibility to cancer and other abnormalities in humans. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/10/001016073704.htm 3. EM has not been shown conclusively to cause cell mutation, but the physics on that world really are up to you. I would find it more likely that the denizens of this Earth would be more resistant to EM. 4. On the Empress, you need to decide how you want it to play out and then put the appropriate steps into place. Is she nearly prescient? Then position troops. Is she thorough but not prescient? Perhaps monitor XDM everywhere that she knows about, but light exploratory missions might not set off alarms. Uber-narcissistic? Ignored it, since nothing can harm her in the long run. Etc. - E
  14. The adder is correct. And yes, after the advantages are applied, the Mental Defense for Mental Paralysis (6e1, 217) would be 3*2.25 = 6.75 per point of mental defense, making is slightly more expensive than standard defense (assuming no other advantages or limitations), likely to account for the fact that it is actually working to make an attack less easy to break out of. - E
  15. I agree with Doc, but you are also playing weekly, which a lot of folks just can't make time for. I live in Longwood, so Winter Garden is a 45 minute drive (about the same as for my other game) but I would not feel comfortable knowing that I could make half the sessions or less. - E
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