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  1. It sounds as if they wear slippery ones. - E
  2. I don't think anyone is arguing you should not be able to accomplish it, that I have seen. Even in the current system with no modifications you can buy extra dice limited to just raising the maximum roll. - E
  3. And thus we demonstrate why I don't miss the Increased Maximum Effect. =P In example 2 if you went with my tentatively suggested modification of +3 to max for 2 CP you would pay 18 points get to the max of 4d6+4 (x4 Increased Max). That would put the Active cost at 72 AP which seems much more reasonable to me for something that raises DEX by 10, OCV by 4 and DCV by 2 for no END. Of those listed only DCV counts as a defensive value for adjustment purposes. - E
  4. I mean, if you are the GM, just reinstate the old way of +2 to max for 1 CP. Or set it to some other number that seems equitably priced, like +3 for 2 CP. If you aren't, then either talk to the GM about it or buy the dice limited as you suggested. It may not be ideal from a meta perspective, but you don't have to look at it after you write it up. 😃 Personally, I don't care for Aid bought in this manner in most genre but I get the appeal. I just have to reminder the players what's good for the goose is good for the gander, so don't be surprised when the enemy does this as well. - E
  5. Here is a set I am building for my current campaign. There may be some duplication with above potions, I did not curate the list. Potion of Fire Resistance This clear liquid with a orange tinge gives the imbiber protection from heat and flames for an hour. 50% Resistant ED Damage Reduction [30 CP] AND 6 ED Armor [9 CP] Only versus Heat and Fire (-.5), OAF Fragile (-1.25), 1 Charge lasting 1 hour (-.25), Nonrecoverable (-2), Costs End to Create (-.5), Restrainable (-.25) Potion of Fire Breath Foul tasting oily liquid which gives the imbiber the power to breath fire. Minor Healing Potion Irridescent white liquid that swirls constantly and restores some health to the imbiber. Antitoxin A thick, slightly green liquid with black chunks that when swallowed removes any remaining symptoms of poisoning. Potion of Lightsleep A small dropper vial of viscous milky white fluid. When drops are put in each ear with your head turned sideways for a few seconds it provides extra alertness to sounds while sleeping. +6 Enhanced Perception for Normal Hearing (6 CP); OAF: Dropper Vial (-1), Restrainable: Must be Applied (-.25), Extra Time: 1 Turn (-1.25), 7 Charges lasting 8 hours that never recovers (-2), Costs END to create (-.25), Only to wake up (-1) Incendiary Oil When the flask impacts a target and breaks, the oil creates a tremendous fireball-like explosion in an 8m radius. Those within 2 meters of the impact take full damage. Subtract 2 body for each 2 meters after that. 1d6+1 Ranged Killing Attack [20 CP]; Area of Effect Radius: 8m Explosion (+1/4); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge (-2), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25) Dust of Sneezing This vial is filled with what looks like fine white sand. When thrown it bursts into a 5m radius cloud, affecting all creatures that need to breath in the area. Change Environment: Long Lasting (1 Turn), -2m Running, -2m Leaping, -4 Smell PER, -1 to all DEX based rolls, -1 OCV and DCV until next phase if you fail [18]; AoER: 5m (+1/2); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge (-2), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25) Blinding Dust Mara's Door Goop The alchemist Mara sometimes found herself in need of a moment to escape a tight situation and designed this goop with that in mind. Smashing it against a door will make the door resistant to being bashed down for up to 5 minutes. It takes a second or so to fill the doorway with a green glowing goop. 2m x 2m x 1/2m Barrier, 5 PD, 5 ED, 10 Body [27]; OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge (-2), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25), Only usable on existing door (-1), Range By Strength (-.25), Time Limit: 5 minutes (-1.5), Delayed Phase (-.25). Climbers Friend This tube of grey tendril like liquid is used by a wide variety of professions, from scouts to adventurers to troops assaulting castel walls. When opened at the base of a wall it shoots a spray of grey liquid onto the surface which assists anyone attempting to climb the surface. +5 to Climbing Skill [10]; Persistent (+.25), AoEL: 30m (+.5); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge (-2), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25), Time Limit: 5 minutes (-1.5), Delayed Phase (-.25), Must have a surface to attach to (-.5). Wasp Repellent This glass flask contains a mostly clear aerosol that when broken discourages wasps from coming close. It is popular both among the outdoor crowd as well as adventurers who meet the giant variety of these insects. It is less effective against summoned insects if the controller makes his EGO roll to control. Change Environment: -2m Flight, -1 to EGO and EGO Based rolls, failure means moving outside radius of cloud [6 CP]; AoER: 8m (+1/2); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge lasting 8 hours (-0), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25), Delayed Phase (-.25), Only versus wasps / vespids (-1) Bear Repellent This glass flask contains a mostly clear aerosol that when broken discourages wasps from coming close. It is popular both among the outdoor crowd as well as adventurers who meet the summoned of these animals. It is less effective against summoned animals if the controller makes his EGO roll to control. Change Environment: -2m Running, -1 to EGO and EGO Based rolls, failure means moving outside radius of cloud [6 CP]; AoER: 8m (+1/2); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge lasting 8 hours (-0), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25), Delayed Phase (-.25), Only versus bears / ursids (-1) Scents End This slightly irridescent liquid has an overpowering smell mixing musk, jasmine and hint of decay. Often used to throw off the scent of pursuers who track by smell. Change Environment: -6 Smell PER [18 CP]; AoER: 16m (+3/4); OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Charge lasting 8 hours (-0), Nonrecoverable (-2), Restrainable (-.25), Delayed Phase (-.25) Vitality Restoration Dust A small vial containing a slightly shimmering white powder. The common name for it is "Sigil Dust" by those who use it. The effect of inhaling the dust is both euphoric and potentially addictive as well as painful. After taking it the user will be incapacitated for about 5 minutes and somewhat euphoric for an hour or two, less if they are a frequent user. 3d6 LTE Healing [30 AP]; Achieves maximum effect in 5 minutes (6 LTE gain) (-0), OAF Expendable, Fragile (-1.5), 1 Nonrecoverable Charge (-4), Restrainable (-.25), Concentration 0 DCV throughout, unaware of surroundings (-1.5), Extra Time: 5 minutes (-2), Side Effect: 1d6 Blast, Add Complication: Craves Sigil Dust [Com, Str] for 1 day, 3d6 Major Mental Transform: Dependence on Sigil Dust (-2)
  6. I am able to find the drop down to switch between them, just not the advantage that indicates to use either. I am able to find it in the 5e template. This was also verified by 2 other people in the Discord chat. - E
  7. Using HD ver 20210301. In the 5e template I can find the advantage for Power can draw END from Character or END Reserve but in 6e I cannot find the same, using the same steps to create the END reserve and a power to draw from it. It is also not listed in the Unavailable Advantages. Another one that I don't see either in 5e or 6e is the Double Endurance Cost (-1/2) limitation from 6e1, pg 206 which causes the power to draw from both the personal END and END reserve, not sure if that is intended or not. Thank you. - Ernie
  8. I already implemented this (a bit more than -1/4) in my current magic setting. Here is the "Spell" limitation: Spell The Spell Limitation covers the ground rules under which spells operate in Aralun. This includes the following limitations and guidelines that apply to all spells: > They must cost END > They draw from an END Reserve > The END Reserve can only recharge in certain circumstances > There are powers (drain, dispel, suppress, etc.) that can affect all magical powers by SFX > There are things which spells cannot do > Cannot be bounced without GM permission > All researched spells require GM approval It also includes the limitation requirements for spheres and sub-spheres and things like the ability to add skill roll requirements to powers via Change Environment and the fact that most sigils cannot be pushed. The Spell limitation is worth -1/2 to offset these various requirements and penalties (and others as identified).
  9. In 6e Skills, pg 54 an alternative is suggested of treating skills as Defense Powers and having adjustment powers only have half effect on them. For Characteristic based skills (magic rolls are often, but not always, characteristic based), you can drain the characteristic itself, either with or without the limitation "Only for calculation of skill base" (which I would value at -1 generally). Personally, I use a mix of CE and Killer Shrike's "GM Fiat" method. If the effect is imposed externally (another caster creating a field that disrupts the ability to call magic) then I generally use Change Environment because I prefer to have mechanics available in case the players come up with something innovative to offset or mitigate the effect via their own magic. If the effects is self imposed (Side Effects or other penalties built into the system itself for improper materials, rushing, etc.) then I generally lay out those penalties for myself and don't worry about mechanics. If a situation comes up where someone has a great idea to work around it and it works for the flow of the story I just go with it. - E
  10. General release is now available here: https://github.com/eepjr24/ImportHS6e Still working on getting approval for One Click installation, it is a bit more complicated than initially expected and they only migrate once a week. - E
  11. You could call whatever serves as a dump or trash yard the Ballast Field or similar. A fancy neighborhood or one with ostentatious aspirations could be called Coxcomb (a name for fancy knotwork on railings to prevent hands slipping). Another could be Crows Nest. The road adjacent to the wharf areas could be called Stantion Way or the like. The widest or largest courtyard could be called the Beam. A large central road could be called Keel Way. If you have an area that handles machinery you could go with Capstans Circle. Lower class neighborhoods could be called Bollards.
  12. What tag (if any) is available to identify the powers that are contained in a VPP and which VPP they are tied to? I only see the <!--IS_VPP--><!--/IS_VPP-->, is it something contained within those? Is there a parent UID available to tie powers to a particular VPP? - Ernie
  13. Steve does not answer "why" questions (for good reason, in my mind, he would never answer anything else if he did and the arguments would not be worth it). Only thing that comes to mind for me is that you could still limit the PSL's further? Dunno otherwise. - E
  14. Do you mean for the CSL's? Steve has indicated it's not legal to buy "OCV only" or "DCV only" for CSL's, but I'm not sure why you would want to anyway. Just buy limited OCV at that point for 4 points each? It's cheaper and it makes more sense. nods. Also why I said set it to what you like for your game. Universal Translator already exists. Talents can be created for exactly the purpose you describe. Weapon Savante in my games would cost at most 10 points, 3 OCV bought as "Only to counter weapon familiarity penalties". I'm waffling between -1/2 and -1 on that, probably start with -1/2 (10 points) and if that did not unbalance up it to -1 (7 points). - E
  15. Sorry, yes. trying to do too many things at once. - E
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