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  1. What tag (if any) is available to identify the powers that are contained in a VPP and which VPP they are tied to? I only see the <!--IS_VPP--><!--/IS_VPP-->, is it something contained within those? Is there a parent UID available to tie powers to a particular VPP? - Ernie
  2. Steve does not answer "why" questions (for good reason, in my mind, he would never answer anything else if he did and the arguments would not be worth it). Only thing that comes to mind for me is that you could still limit the PSL's further? Dunno otherwise. - E
  3. Do you mean for the CSL's? Steve has indicated it's not legal to buy "OCV only" or "DCV only" for CSL's, but I'm not sure why you would want to anyway. Just buy limited OCV at that point for 4 points each? It's cheaper and it makes more sense. nods. Also why I said set it to what you like for your game. Universal Translator already exists. Talents can be created for exactly the purpose you describe. Weapon Savante in my games would cost at most 10 points, 3 OCV bought as "Only to counter weapon familiarity penalties". I'm waffling between -1/2 and -1
  4. Sorry, yes. trying to do too many things at once. - E
  5. Limitations are calculated by how frequently the limitation will come into play, not by the pricing of other powers. But it's your game, set it to whatever you want. Interesting. That conflicts with what I see in Hero 6e1 on page 85. I don't use the "complete" books because they are unfortunately not complete and provide little inconsistencies like this. - E
  6. There are a number of these codified under PSL's in the book. Range, Targeting and Unbalanced / Unaerodynamic are some. Others include target size, behind cover, etc. They cannot be used to offset maneuver penalties or off hand penalties. I have not seen CSL's bought the way you are talking about and would look askance at much of a limitation since there is an existing method for doing it in the book already. If I did allow it it would count against OCV cap (PSL's don't for me generally) and would not be more than -1/4 since there is generally SOME penalty you are trying to offset
  7. I used roughly 15 points per level when I was running from starting characters. Converting from existing might be higher, but I would not worry about getting exact points and just try to get the feel close to what the player is used to and figure the points after. You still don't pay points for anything that won't have a game effect, so if your player wants to be an expert at solving number puzzles in an alien language that only they know... free! 😃 - E
  8. Mostly. They may have official rulings in 6e that were not present in 5e. As many as the GM decides exist. No. On the order of operations table halving and setting to a value occur last. There's a post by Steve on this one if you want to look it up. On 6e 84 it spells out pretty clearly that you cannot apply PSL's to more than one specific penalty. So above you would need two different OPSL's to counteract vertigo and wind, although the might be cause from a single type of power or even a single instance of a power (if the CE in question caused both wind a
  9. @John Desmarais - Let me know if you are interested in trying out the Roll20 character importer. I am close to ready for general release, although there will be bugs I suspect it will still reduce the work of getting characters loaded by a factor of 10. - E
  10. Good outside the box thinking, but I am trying to avoid having the user do manual work. It's possible to do in the javascript that will be the target, so I'll just build functions to parse the limitation adders and pull it from there. Was just looking for the easiest way, since the javascript is 800 lines and growing. - E
  11. Is there a way to create a flag that is set when a power has Reduced Endurance as an advantage? If not, I think I can loop through all the adders to find it, I was just hoping there was a way to create toggles for 1/2 END and 0 END. Thanks. - E
  12. For anyone wanting to try out the latest, you can find the most current code at: https://github.com/eepjr24/ImportHS6e Many bugs crushed, added support for Combat Skill Levels, Penalty Skill Levels and skill calculations from base characteristics. I will be ready to call this a beta at some point soon if people would like to jump in and test it. Major missing items right now are: Adding Lightning Reflexes, equipment, non-combat skill levels and detail calculations for powers. Powers currently populate the name and description but does not fill out the power wizard for s
  13. Is there a way to set a fields maximum length on export? Say to 250 or 2,000 characters? I would like to add some of the more descriptive fields to a layout but want to be able to limit the output to something reasonable for the medium. Thanks. - E
  14. What tag do I use in the HDE to get the characteristic that a skill is based on? In the HDC format, this would be the CHARACTERISTIC tag. - E
  15. eepjr24

    Urban Hero

    As RPG or in fiction? Lots before that fiction wise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_fantasy Surprised the above does not mention Mercedes Lackey with her Diane Tregarde (sp?), Serrated Edge, or Bardic Bedlam series. Those were all solidly Urban Fantasy. - E
  16. Radagast and his ilk would be difficult to do. Barbarians with any totem not represented in the rules. Tactician types who excel at setting up combats to their sides advantage but don't excel at combat themselves.
  17. So you are probably better off either PM'ing him or emailing him (killershrike@killershrike.com) than posting here. But I can tell you he is pretty busy in RL with his job at the moment. I did most of the DnD 5e spells to Hero 6e conversions for the site and not much changed from Hero 5e to Hero 6e in terms of actual cost changes. There was a philosophy change at Hero that increased points at various scales, to my mind with the goal of encouraging more background skills, perks, talents, etc. That change does not materially alter the way you convert characters from D&D (or other systems) un
  18. I'm eepjr24 (he/him) UTC-5#0297 on Discord. You can find me in the Hero-Champions-RPG (unofficial) on some days. - E
  19. As a GM, and by that I mean I have much more experience as a GM in hero than a player, I don't like (and generally disallow) VPP's that have very short periods needed to change the powers because they interrupt play, not because of the things they produce. Players need to be expert in the rules, good with math and not try questionable things for those to work at all. If you come to me with a VPP that has defined powers that you switch out quickly (i.e. no creating new things on the fly that I have to spend game time checking) I don't care if it's magic, skill, gadgets, cosmic ener
  20. As another alternative if the player is just looking for maximum sustained distance they can throw Gliding into the mix (6e1, 228). If they alternate one round of flight with one round of gliding (under the original END assumptions) they would be down 2 END per turn and travel 3/4 of combat speed (because gliding is half of combat speed). That means his or her Endurance would last 35 Turns. Note that he will need to be at least 2.5m above the ground to maintain speed and will do a slow sine wave up and down 2 meters every other phase. If they have enough height they could also take
  21. Plenty of options above, so I am just going to stick with what you asked. Wealth I would replace with Abundance or Prosperity. Filth and Disease I would switch to Entropy, or Decay or even just Death. - E
  22. I am to the point on my Roll20 character import for 6e that I would like some alpha testers. If you are interested, send me a PM. To be able to help you need to: 1. Own Hero Designer. 2. Have a PRO subscription to Roll20. 3. Use the HS6e character sheet in your Roll20 campaign. At this point I have the basic characteristics along with running, swimming and horizontal leap, continuing to work on other things. Skills are probably up next. - E
  23. Knowing things. Doing things. Teaching things. All things are Physical, Mental or Other. 6 things, 9 combinations, covers it all for me. - E
  24. I think the lower level (street level heroic to high powered heroic) benefited more from the point bumps but agree with the supers genre being a bit high for me, especially for a starting out superhero. Works well for more of the established super with a few years under their belt though. - E
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