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  1. True, but the GM saying "No" also works.
  2. Presumably because a number of way-back-when games (Espionage!, Justice Inc., Danger International, Robot Warriors) included the lists of weapons and such for their genre, but didn't include lists of powers with which to build them. ("Killing damage" and "resistant defenses" are properly game mechanics, not Powers.) "Normal" equipment was whatever was expected in-genre for a spy, or a soldier, or a detective, or a federal agent, to carry, and in those games there was no point costs applied so there wasn't any point (pun intended). It was expected that heavy weapons would need to be requisit
  3. As another option... Treat them as superheroes, only they haven't had their "origin" yet. Their origin involves gaining magic items. Have them write up their characters as 175 points, or whatever power level you decide to start them at. Except that mentally, you've decided that their power level is "really" 400 points. Alternatively, why not either let them write their characters up at 175 points, and you add magic items to bring them each up to 400 points? Or let them write their characters up at 400 points, including magic items of their choice? I
  4. I'm making my updates on the Google Doc rather than in the post.
  5. I'm going with Structural Metalwork, which should include metal parts as well. Do sailors come out of boot camp being trained in the professional skills (welding, etc.)? I know Damage Control and Firefighting are definitely part of basic training.
  6. Spence, do you mind if I steal your Navy template? Let me know what name you want me to credit.
  7. Awesome! That's exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. 🙂 Yep... it's AFSC in the Air Force I was USAF from 1988-1992, so in theory I'd be the one to write that... but they've added two weeks of, I'm told, actual combat arms training. When I went through we learned how to shoot AR-15's chambered down to actual .22 caliber, with one day for classroom training and one day at the range. But I'll give it a go.
  8. Dr.Device is a good writer. I recommend her story wholeheartedly!
  9. These are military templates, converted to 6th edition from my "Global Task Force Omega vs. the World Terror Front" Danger International game. I haven't run any of these through Hero Designer, so there may be errors. And there may be straight up military errors as well; feedback and corrections from other prior service members here are welcomed. (The document is here and that's what I'll keep most up to date.) Military Hero Adapted from GTFO vs. WTF. Any errors are mine; any assistance correcting them is appreciated! Stat Blocks
  10. Why not power stunting your spells? Unless it was explicitly disallowed, I would. As a player I would buy it, and as a GM I would encourage it. I've bought Power Skill for characters without a single RSR ability. Also, I've been mulling over a magic system that has characters starting out buying all spells with RSR at -1 per 5 at first, then letting them buy those down to -1 per 10, -1 per 20, and eventually buying it off completely to represent spell mastery. In that case, characters could easily have some spells without RSR at all, and others that range throughout the diffi
  11. Change Environment can be used to provide penalties to a lot of different Skills. For instance, let's say I want to build a lock that is more difficult to pick. Change Environment: -3 to Lockpicking Skill. How about a nightingale floor, one that is built such that Stealth is difficult or impossible? CE: -5 to Stealth rolls. In this case, it's providing a penalty to Magic Skill Rolls. In the event there are spells that don't RSR: Magic Skill to cast, the GM needs to have some idea of how they're going to handle it. I'm suggesting the same way you'd do an icy floor that requi
  12. In a change from my usual questions about robots, I'm wondering if anyone has any writeups for either a Boston Dynamics "big dog" or an EOD robot. I'll write them up myself (and post them here) if no one else does, but hopefully someone else has something they can share.
  13. I found the other thread, here. It was pointed out over there that per RAW, a single point past defenses from any attack (requiring an Attack Roll or Mental Attack Roll) is enough to disrupt Gestures and/or Incantations. Do with that what you will. Edit to add: To quote myself from that thread... Bolding the above in my quote, even though I didn't bold it previously.
  14. I voted sometimes, and am elaborating as requested. My answer: It depends. There was a thread in the past year or two on exactly this, but I can't find it at the moment. My response then, as now is: yes, Gestures and Incantations are Limitations for a reason, but not every single attack will disrupt them. If an attack damages or destroys the hand, arm, and/or throat, this pretty much disrupts Gestures and/or Incantations, by definition. A Grab or Entangle, especially one that affects the hands or mouth will probably disrupt them. If th
  15. In general, if spells already have RSR, then Change Environment can increase the penalty. The RSR Limitation already says, make the Skill Roll or the spell doesn't work; Change Environment can further penalize that. It gets more difficult when there are some spells that don't have RSR, or when characters can buy off the RSR Limitation on some of their spells because they are Just That Good. eepjr24, do you have all spells requiring a Spell Limitation? Something could be built into that. As one of the conditions of the Spell Limitation, even spells that are bought
  16. Change Environment can do any of the following: Apply penalties to affected characters Require affected characters to make a roll at penalties or something happens (i.e. make a DEX roll or fall prone) There have been at least a couple of rules questions asked to Steve Long specifically about Magic Skill Rolls. I can't find any of them, but I remember asking him one myself (I might have actually brought it up to him in conversation), and the answer was: yes, that's a pretty neat idea. (Here's one) If we're getting into a magic system that allows some highly skilled
  17. I've thought of different ideas for crits. Like, choose from one of the following: Maximum damage (the default) Choice of hit location Ignore some armor (maybe half, maybe all) Automatic impairing or disabling wound (making it an actual "critical hit" -- hitting something critical to the functioning of the opponent) Some other choice for the player (eye shot? Cut off arm?) Luck roll (also triggering target's Unluck)
  18. Every time we reason from effect we're going Doylist. Why should this be different?
  19. There could also be exceptions. For a species in which, for instance, the males are cute, fuzzy, mindless teddy bears, and the females are half mama grizzly, half Alien xenomorph, a gender change would easily be Major or Severe. I can see that being an argument for calling it Major in a TFOS setting, in fact, but so far no one has made that argument.
  20. With the boy/girl gun we're talking about turning a target into a gender-swapped version of their self. A Severe Transform can turn a human being into a frog, a stone statue, a shrubbery, or thin air. Severe is overkill. A Major Transform can grant a human the ability to shoot fire blasts from their hands or fly with wings. A Cosmetic Transform can turn a human into a different human. I'll stipulate that a Cosmetic Transform can turn a human into a human of the opposite gender in appearance only... Is turning a human into the same human o
  21. I've set myself some challenges, basically: how far can I twist the Robot Warriors rules? Smallest Piloted Mecha Note that the pilot's seat and enclosure takes 2 Mass Units, and the pilot/gunner controls take another +3, for a minimum of 5. So… 8 Mass Units? .5 Mass Units for Chassis & Power Plant with Capacity 8, 1 Mass Unit for 10 DEF for a Size 1 mecha. .5 Mass Units for lifters with Capacity 8. We are up to 7 Mass Units. The tables for Movement Hardware and Weapons extend down into fractions of a Mass Unit. We could get movement and weaponry. No sensors thoug
  22. A Major Transform can do things like grant or remove Powers, create objects out of thin air, or add or subtract up to 20 points worth of Complications. It would largely depend on the setting. As mentioned above, in the TFOS setting it would be cosmetic. I would say even in a Dark Champions setting, changing a character's gender -- and nothing else -- would likely be a Minor Transform. If the target was of a species with radical sexual dimorphism (such that, for instance, females had wings and males did not) then switching the target's gender might be Major, or for
  23. Duke, thank you for doing all of the scanning. I've been reading through the AC's, and there's a lot of good material there. I haven't gotten through many of the others yet, but I can't imagine there not being as much good material in those.
  24. To be honest, I don't know of any examples of play, other than the "Example:" paragraphs in the various books. I know those probably aren't drawn from actual play and are used to illustrate a single rules-piece. I've written enough both criticizing and extending the vehicle rules over the years that one might think I knew what I was talking about, but I haven't actually played with them very much. I have used the dogfighting rules (mostly haven't changed from the very first appearance in Champions II to the very last in 6th edition in the Advanced Players' Guide, p. 188) and th
  25. I'd give him a no-range electrical attack (Blast, NND, etc.), and then a few meters of Stretching through a Focus. "Entangling" with the chain could as easily be a Grab with the Stretched "limb", and then zappo with the electricity. Simplest is best IMO. Edit to add: Also, consider AC current, which tends to cause muscles to jerk (and can increase Knockback or have other effects) versus DC current, which causes them to lock in place (paralysis-type separate Entangle or other effects).
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