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  1. One additional clarification: the points would have to have been specified as unallocated prior to the beginning of the Phase in order for them to be allocated mid-Phase like that. Here is a prior answer from Steve Long that goes into a bit more detail.
  2. To add additional clarification: you wouldn't be able to allocate additional points to a slot you'd already allocated points to. So you couldn't, for instance, allocate 15 points to the Flight slot, make a half move for 7.5 meters, then allocate another 15 unallocated points to the Flight slot again.
  3. As a Zero Phase Action, points in a Framework can be allocated at the beginning of a character's Phase, or after having performed a Half-Phase Action, other than a combat action (see 6e2 p. 18). There's nothing that states that all of the points have to be allocated at the beginning of the Phase, so yes, you could allocate as yet unallocated points in a Framework as another Zero Phase Action. What you can't do is reallocate any point that you have already allocated in the same Phase. Does this answer your question? If not, then please feel free to post a follow-up.
  4. Happy 40th birthday to Champions! Released at Origins on July 3, 1981. 🎂
  5. Just about everyone else in my group has run, and they're starting to need breaks from running. So I offered to run a "one shot" ... which I think is turning into a campaign without meaning to!
  6. Typed into and printed out from Google Docs, or handwritten into a printed out robot sheet from RW. I'm using the Robot Warriors construction rules... 😁
  7. I don't know if this counts as errata, but in CC ("The Madder I Get, The Stronger I Get!" on p. 211) the Increased Maximum Effect Advantage is applied to Aid, when in 6e1 it's specified that the only way to increase the Aid maximum is to buy more dice.
  8. I just checked, and for the record Robot Warriors does specify that an Autofire burst does only trigger one Activation Roll. Still, I'm happy with how it came out.
  9. I can't believe it's taken me this long to actually run it, and I also can't believe how well it went and how happy I am with the results!
  10. Second session went very well. We discovered a tactic: when targets with superior defenses as a result of large amounts of DEF built as Force Fields that are Hardened with 14- Activation and 15+ Burnout, the way to overload them is with Autofire attacks. Each hit triggers an Activation and Burnout roll, and eventually that 15+ is going to come up. Two of the PCs had weapons that were AVLD vs. Force Fields, so when those went down the opponents were much easier to damage. (They fought against two each of Alpha/Beta, Gamma/Delta, and Epsilon/Omega Eliminators from the book. All were 7 DEF plus 10 Hardened Force Field on 14-/15+ Burnout.) To be honest I'm not sure rolling with every hit is strictly RAW but it made a nice weakness for the PCs to exploit so I went with it.
  11. I seem to be one of the oddballs who can learn and play RPGs from a screen. I probably ought to replace the battery on my old first generation iPad so I can use it as a PDF reader again.
  12. So, I finally ran Robot Warriors! I pulled out the Destroyer of Worlds scenario from the RW book, and added the following bit of backstory: I was having a hard time getting even the minimal prep done that I would need, but fortunately what I did get done was enough. I'd built three robots; two of the players had built characters, and I was able to pull one of the RW pregens that I'd previously converted to 6th edition for the third player. I had them fight the Devourer of Worlds monster from the book. Fortunately I hadn't gone back to reread the monster before I built the players' mechs, because I gave one of them a weapon with AVLD, with force fields being the defense. And the monster didn't have force fields. That ended up being the weapon that took it down. The rest of the session was spent with them learning more about the so far mysterious aliens that cloned three random Earth people and turned them into mecha pilots. They had fun and want to keep playing!
  13. 6e powers haven't changed enough to make them irrelevant. If you wanted to simulate them through 6e powers, you'd pretty much use the same route as you would have used in 4e. I'd also recommend the Incomplete Character rules by James Jandebeur, which can be seen in Digital Hero #10 (or on the Wayback Machine here. He started with the Spirits rules as a basis, looked at what they had in common with Vehicles, Bases, Computers, AI, and so on, and synthesized them into a pretty decent rules package.
  14. I'm damn proud of my Zoomer son! I respect them a hell of a lot more than my own generation (X) or any of the ones that went before. They're going to save the world if the rest of us will get out of their way and let them. I'm not even joking.
  15. Here's another one. Burned out wizard: This is someone who knows a lot of spells, but has lost all of their magical ability in some way. They probably have a lot of knowledge of magic-adjacent subjects: magical theory, magical creatures, spell components... but they can't actually cast. May have picked up a few combat skills to protect themselves. Probably acting as a magical teacher, possibly to an apprentice-level PC.
  16. On topic... Military wizard: By which I mean, a trained wizard who is a specialist, most likely an officer, in a military unit. Might not have more than rudimentary weapons training; might be highly trained in strategy, tactics, and logistics. Medical wizard: By which I mean, a wizard who specializes in forms of magic that would be useful in medicine. Tissue repair spells, disease curative spells, diagnostic spells, an x-ray vision spell, spells for sterilizing an operating field or cleansing a wound. Assassin who knows a few spells: This person makes their living via murder, but has learned a couple of (what would, in D&D, be considered fairly high level) spells such as invisibility and teleportation, which would be extremely useful for a person whose profession is murdering for money.
  17. If radiation is an environmental effect, then Change Environment ought to be able to fix it. By analogy, Change Environment can reduce or increase the local temperature, but that does nothing at all against attacks with heat or cold as special effects (unless they are specifically using increasing or decreasing the environmental temperature as SFX). So I'd say that even if the environmental radiation causes damage (analogously to extreme environmental cold or heat) Change Environment could change it.
  18. Meant for the political thread?
  19. Just got Pfizer number 2. About five minutes and I can go.
  20. Damn. One of the few songwriters I've been a fan of just for his style. RIP.
  21. Wishes are not open ended, but have a monkey's paw element to them. Things often come in sets of three or, less commonly, seven. Trying to take shortcuts of any kind opens you up to consequences.
  22. I think I saw this on RPG.net, but there seems to be a principle that the less literary merit a work has, the more gameable it is. Like Dean said, a Team Knight Rider game should practically write itself.
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