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    Began tabletop gaming in the Army around 1986. Played Rolemaster, Space Master, and The Morrow Project. After that I didn't play again for probably 22 years, but always kept the itch. So when three of our four children got old enough, I started playing D&D 4e with them. That and finding a FLGS got me back into the hobby. Since then I have played Traveller (Mongoose), some Savage Worlds, mostly Hero System.

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  1. I have used lots of Heroclix/Horrorclix and still due cherry pick various ones as sets come out. As ghornet stated they are 1.5" bases, but I have always just popped them off their bases and re-glued them on 1" bases. I buy 1" circles of mdf board from a company called Sarissa, prime and paint black, and re-base the figs with E6000 glue. It is a little more effort, but the big bases drive me crazy when trying to play on my 1" hex game mat. Other good places to look at buying clix are: Troll and Toad sometimes have random lots cheap; but mostly I have picked up singles at Coolstuff, they have $
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