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    Silicon Valley High-Tech Professional, 23yrs in San Jose, CA area, originally from NW Ohio...gamed since age 14, (currently 47), and picking up RPG'ing after 15yr hiatus.

    Mostly experienced w/ AD&D, but have played Star Frontiers, Traveller, Hero System - 3rd Edition, etc.

    Motorcycle riding (when I get my bike up and going), Martial Arts (off and on 30yrs+ training--condensed to about 20yrs continual), Multiple styles.
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    Broadcast equipment, and currently Physical Security (Surveillance) at Cisco

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  1. For the short period of time I knew this gentleman, we had both heated/good debates, but he was always a gentleman with class, and we found a lot of common good things to discuss, beyond gaming. I am sad that I didn't get to know him better, and wished I could've bought him a few rounds to enjoy his company and share wisdom. His energy is now woven back into the Universe and perhaps one day we will cross paths again. Until then, fare travels and adventures, kind sir...
  2. Re: Answers & Questions Q: What would be good for Nancy Pelosi? A: ButtMonkeys, Jim Carey, Mean Latin Gang, but not Morgan Freeman.
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