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    Mostly experienced w/ AD&D, but have played Star Frontiers, Traveller, Hero System - 3rd Edition, etc.

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  1. Simon: Thanks...I'll represent the others by making a 0 cost single multiform and link it w/ each respective MF persona... Very much appreciated... Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  2. I am using HD ver. 6 (current build 20171119), and creating a multipower that will have a total of four unique forms. However, I note that the "Associate File" button of course only provides a single HD Character file. Outside of me creating 0-point Multiform entries below it manually and pointing towards each, is there a more straight-forward method to do this? Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  3. Well, good I've learned quite a bit. Now, since this time, the same player started jabbing at other players on an introduction, and that was the last straw...I kicked him. I do very much appreciate everyone's input, it is VERY helpful. Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  4. All: In the end, the player is admittedly, and HAS admitted to be a power player when it comes to First-Person games, and now also in RPGs....thus, trying to buy every bang for his buck...or attack point for character point, in this case. The way it is written--thanks for pointing this out dsatow--is that it is a single attack, and if it hits the target, two individual damage rolls are done, suspect to each individually offset by defenses. I have gotten the player to admit that is what his intent was, and we are keeping it thus. Now, for Cassandra and others on their suggestions, yes, all good, but that is not what the character was wanting to do...especially no NND-based attacks...he purposefully wants only Kllling Attacks...again, power-player thinking by my guess. Anywho, this dead horse not only has been again beaten, but resurrected, killed by beating, and again as a dead horse beaten. :-p (Sorry Horse)
  5. I got the player to tell me that it is a single attack and damage is rolled separately, so defenses are individual to the damage rolled. I am good w/ that, because that is how I interpret how the power was built. Anywho, I really REALLY appreciate the feedback guys, helps me be a better player and definitely GM. Cheers until my next big dummy question. ;-)
  6. Doc: To address your observation, his hands are required to manifest the weapons, thus, if he is restrained, he cannot manifest them at all. Thanks... Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  7. Netzilla: I'm not allowing a 4d6 KA in an (40AP)8DC game...we discussd this and if you look at the 4d6 w/ STR, we did agree it was waay over and capping the attack to 8DCs for normal STR use and for any temporary/boosts that use 2xEND, I do allow a bump (temporarily) of up to 50AP(10DCs), but that is the only leeway I am allowing to keep the game balance. I tell all my players, that if they can do these things, so will the NPCs... So, as indicated, how do I interpret the power as written...is it two independent attack forms in a single motion--treat as two attacks in a phase--or a single attack that has two separate damage applications(roll damage separately)? (I'm ok with both, but just want to make sure I am interpreting this correctly? Grailknight: The way I'm going to rule on this is I will not allow this limitation, because it is tied to the use of STR Minimum for effective damage a real weapon can do. The way this is written, is that there is NO declared real weapon, as well as there is NO STR Minimum used for said weapon...it is practically weightless. To me, this is a way of attempting to buy the power for much less...not a viable limitation as I see it. In my game, even though it is supers, I am considering using a modified form of to-hit, but not the prescribed one in the Hero-level campaigns...tone it down a little, but make it so the attacks can be a little more dangerous to players and NPCs alike. Also, for all, thank you for your wisdom on these...helps me understand the implementations a lot better, and hopefully be a more effective player AND GM. Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  8. Team: Again, with an anti-munchkin question...see the attached...player is trying to claim "restrainable" on ALL of his movement powers...is this valid? Pretty sure he has to tell me HOW it is restrainable...or can he declare generically ANY form of restraint?
  9. Team: Another question on using restrainable...see the attached...player is trying to claim "restrainable" on ALL of his movement powers...is this valid? Pretty sure he has to tell me HOW it is restrainable...or can he declare generically ANY form of restraint?
  10. Team: Again, with an anti-munchkin question...see the attached...player is trying to claim "restrainable" on ALL of his movement powers...is this valid? Pretty sure he has to tell me HOW it is restrainable...or can he declare generically ANY form of restraint?
  11. First and foremost, a very well met thankyou to both of you for your observations on this, much appreciated. Now, to clarify, here is how he explains its operation/function. The power is NOT considered a real weapon, but some manifestation, similar to that of what the green lantern makes--thus the requires hands and no declared focus, AND if his hands are restrained, he can't use or materialize the "weapon"...he has a form of Cosmic powers, related to Solar Radiation. For dsatow, your comment, "Each attack is applied to the defenses and CON for stunning separately. The attacks do not coordinate with each other but can coordinate with another player as normal." ...are you indicating I SHOULD define these as two distinct attacks in a single form? If they are considered two distinct attacks, and as he indicates one for each hand, is it then considering as the rules as two independent attacks? (To me, he is just trying to justify buying higher DCs than I am allowing) If so, how do I go about treating the attack? (Making him roll two separate rolls, or a single roll, but as you say, two separate attacks for determining how defenses go against each attack.) The one thing I can thank him for making me understand the rules better AND GM conventions. Any other advice on my response above is greatly appreciated if possible. Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  12. Team: I have a player who created a power but not sure how to rule on this or play it out. I set the Max APs of the game to 40AP or 8DCs attacks(with normal STR), or optionally an additional 10AP or 2DCs if the character was using a temp power that costs 2x END. So, on one specific power, I have this: Now, Ignore the second part (example 4d6 w/ STR), as the player has Density Increase, which we agreed it would put him waaay over the 10 DCs, so he wrote the notes in below. "2d6-1 w/o DI | 2d6+1 w/ DI" - That is for EACH attack in a "Dual Whip", which if you look, he calls up and configures two independent attacks in a compound power, using Hero Designer. Something tells me this number is WAY out of whack with the attacks he is trying to justify...furthermore, or perhaps this is the clincher...is this to be called a Dual or Double Attack? (Even though he claims ambidexterity as well as a single attack this way, it puts him way over if he counts it as a single roll) - If he claims it is a single attack but with dual items, he is then claiming he can now do 2 x 2d6-1 w/ normal strength...is this right? (and what would the actual attack roll look like?) He has a single attack mode, which of course he is off by 1DC but ends up to me at 3d6-1(8 DCs as I informed him before)...
  13. Folks: All good ideas and great implementations....just to make sure to explain my effect...the character(s) I would be targeting are the likes of Kryptonians or others who can absorb solar range radiation for their strength and/or boosts of strength. Now, seeing some power-builds--and perhaps I am interpreting them wrong--are more of an individual psychic/mental effect to block their senses...I am literally looking to block ALL usable radiation in this spectrum from reaching their body, rendering them almost practically useless. I'll read through these again to make sure I am understanding the effect and implementation of said powers. Thanks thus far for all of these ideals...great stuff! Chuck D. aka "Jujitsuguy"
  14. I am looking for a power like a globe of darkness, but it blocks ALL forms of the light range spectrum, from IR through visible through Ultraviolet. I was wondering if Darkness blocks ANY forms of radiation that would be visible and solar radiation. Also, how to make it "stick" to a target--person. My thinking is "sticky", and also "Conforming", unless it is a form of AoE and moves with target.
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