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  1. I've been playing with this on and off now for, well, a couple of months now. No luck. Loaded the script into my Roll20 game. I create a blank character sheet, copy/paste the .json export from HD into the GM note, assign the sheet to a toke, select the token, run it (!ImportHS6e --debug), edit, then save the sheet - but no Hero goodness in Character Sheet.
  2. I'd love to give it a try. (Keying in characters into the Roll20 Hero character sheet has been nearly as much of challenge for the new players as creating their characters.) I'm full up at the moment, but if anyone drops I'll be looking for replacements.
  3. Planning a Standard Superhero level game (400 points, 75 in Complications). Basically using the Champions Universe (with the occasional odd tidbit ‘borrowed’ from other places). For those unfamiliar with the Champions Universe It’s a kitchen-sink type of setting, heavily influenced by the comics published by ‘The Big Two’. I favor clear distinction between good and evil (very limited shades of grey), with a feel more ‘four-color’ than ‘grim-dark’. Experience with Hero System not required - I enjoy teaching the system to new players. You can ping me here or via Discord (John Desmarais#6750) if interested or if you have questions.
  4. I’m looking to start a Champions game on Roll20. Lemme know if you’re still looking to play something. (You can also reach out to me on Discord: John Desmarais#6750)
  5. Let's say not so much discontinued as on an extended temporary suspension of publication.
  6. It wasn’t a full transfusion. He was bitten by a venomous snake and then injected with mongoose blood to serve as an antidote (still pretty silly though).
  7. I’m curious, since they started as pulp heroes, I’m assuming they all gained their powers at the same time. What was the event that spurred the introduction superpowers into the world?
  8. Yep. Just about any modern word processor can generate a PDF, and has reasonably good layout capabilities. Not as robust as an actual desktop publishing app, but the gap has shrunk a lot.
  9. Looks like the link to the Sam Bell write-up is broken, but the one to Matt Ignash’s seems to work. http://www.sysabend.org/champions/gnborh/text/Scarlet_Witch-mi.txt I’ll get the Sam Bell one fixed shortly (I need to fix a lot on that site)
  10. I think I may have asked the before - but a quick scan of the last couple of pages of this thread did find it: Any chance of it becoming a true Universal App (unique support for both phone and tablet size screens)? The character import/view ability would be awesome on a tablet
  11. In all honesty, if your focus is Superheroes, Champions Complete is an excellent book to use. It is a good example of what several folks have described in this thread as something they’d like to see done more often: system toolkitted for a specific genre and published as a stand-alone game.
  12. Didn’t see this posted, but figured it more or less appropriate. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/FH5Essentials https://bundleofholding.com/presents/FH5Settings
  13. How different would this be in play from halving the price of SPD?
  14. > Should villains be more powerful than heroes? In most of my games, the answers tends to be "yes". This is because, whenever a big "superpowered" fight occurs, I usually deliberately scale the fight so that the heroes outnumber the villains, but I still want to fight to be relatively tough. My reasons for this numerical disparity is to create easy opportunities for interesting teamwork maneuvers - which become less prevalent if the fight ends up being half a dozen, simultaneous, one-on-one fights. It's a stylistic choice, but one I enjoy.
  15. My first Champions group was a lot like this. One primary GM and three others of us ran games in a shared universe (built loosely on top of the baked in setting for 3rd edition Champions), riffing off of things that happened in the other GM’s games. Fun stuff, but will probably never happen again for me as my current gaming life makes it much more likely that - if there are multiple GMs in the group - each GM will be running their own thing, probably a different genre, possibly a different system' then the others.
  16. <snip> So, lots of answers I’m this thread, here’s one more. Is there a way to model them? Sure. It’s just points, and you can build nearly any effect if you spend enough of them. That said, actually doing so is not always the right answer - “...just because we can do a thing it does not necessarily follow that we must do that thing.” As a GM there are a few questions that automatically go through my mind when things like this come up: (1) Is this something the character is going to want to do more than once? If so, can it be built in a manner that could actually be purchased for the character? Is so write it up, apply some GM enforcement limitations, and make the character pay for it. If it’s truly a one-off stunt, see below. (2) Will this have a discernible impact on Combat? If not, and if the character has some power(s) that I can rationalize into being appropriate, I say just do it. Make the character roll a Power Skill roll, maybe. If it will have an impact, I may still just let it happen, but there will definitely be skill roll(s) and costs involved.
  17. My current game - set primarily in and around London - is one in which superpowers are a VERY new phenomenon. A phenomenon that, so far, the heroes have no idea of the cause. The heroes are part of an official government response team organized specifically to deal with superpowered threats beyond the capabilities of the regular police. From a personal power perspective, the heroes are the “movers and shakers”, although they have encountered a small number of powered individuals who’s powers far exceeded their own (these people also knew more about the origins of powers). There are no elements of the official Champions Universe (other than some villlains I filed the serial numbers off of because I was in a hurry) - nor any elements from any other Supers settings (RPG or comic). There are some elements I’ve adapted from,some (non-superhero) novels, but altered sufficiently if any of the players had read them they would not really find themselves at an advantage.
  18. Well with regards to #3, my preference will always tend towards “the currently available version”.
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