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  1. Best quote from tonight's game, from a Holy Warrior regarding a emotionally-repressed PC: Father Winter: "You know, I have Cure Disease. Does it work on Asperger's?" - Lonewalker
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... More quotes from QuerySphinx's Teen Champions game. --- Player Characters Magni the Mighty: Manny Thorson is the son of the Norse god Thor sent to Midgard to learn humility and mortal morality, as well as to lead the football team to the state finals. Ladybug: Sadie Miller gained insectoid powers thanks to a genetic experiment involving the alien Metrolix. Her role as class president, gymnastics captain, and science team lead was her own doing. Melt: Yvette "Ivy" Durden is one of the loner, a punk goth who gets ignored because she's weird. It might have something to do with her ability to kill you if you look into her eyes. Visionary: Zachery Shin is a computer expert with the ability to project quantum energy from his eyes. This doesn't protect him from being shut into his locker by the jocks though. Seraphine: Luci Fontaine was once the most popular cheerleader until she sprouted monstrous wings. Now she hides behind a suit of power armor and a false devil-may-care attitude. Night Spider: Carter Macall was the son of super-villains and inventor of a combat suit and designer drugs that give him spider-like abilities. He's a super-genius - just ask him. --- Ivy: Show us on the doll where the cat licked you. Manny: I'm fond of my neck. Ivy: Then why do you keep sticking it out? After Magni is used to bludgeon Melt during a superbrawl... GM: Magni is not a Killing Attack. He's not that sharp. Skuld is one of Manny's three ancient aunts with very old-school Norse beliefs... Auntie Skuld (NPC): You don't want cunning and intelligence to be the hero - only the big and strong can be the hero. Ivy: You voted Republican, didn't you? Referring to Zach's prescient powers... Luci: Wow, dude, you're like a ouiji board. To Magni, regarding their bromance... Zach: I'm either gay or your sidekick. Ivy: Or both. Janessa "Boom Boom" Spinner is one of the normal students, save for her possessing the "Most Common Superpower..." Sadie: Why don't you just ask Manny out. Boom Boom (NPC): I'll do it if you ask Zach. Sadie: Deal. Zach (a couple miles away): Why did my Danger Sense just go off? Ivy: But I don't wanna end the world! Luci: Why am I getting a dial tone in my head? After Melt reveals a prophecy involving Magni and the fate of the world... GM: While they didn't outright say so but the Norns [Magni's aunts] strongly implied that you weren't supposed to reveal the prophecy to Manny. Ivy: The Norns haven't dealt with teenagers much, have they? Manny: What did you do? Ivy: I didn't do anything! Manny: What didn't you do? Manny: I am NOT in Camelot!! Manny: They called it Destiny. They don't call it Options. To Magni regarding his cousin... Ivy: You know how I know you're not going to kill Rolf? I'm going to get there first. Ivy: You'd kiss Boom-Boom, but you won't kiss me? Manny: Well, I like you! Regarding Visionary's seemingly obsessive habit of Tweeting/texting everything, including secrets... Ivy: Don't you have a Complication against this? Zach: My Complication involves not using my powers for wrong reasons. Nothing about using my iPhone for wrong reasons. Enjoy! Lonewalker
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Most of us playing in QuerySphinx's game also played in the "Agents of the Agency" campaign as well. That quote from Clubber has become something of a catchphrase with our group. Lonewalker
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Tight. But doesn't that exceed the campaign point limit on Complications....by about two or three hundred? Lonewalker
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... QuerySphinx has started a Teen Champions game with our local group. The basic premise is that the characters attend a secret metahuman school called Sanctuary that operates beneath Cherry Creek High School in Denver (a la PS238). Denver is right next to New Capital City, the appropriately named new capital of the United States following a terrorist attack that took out Washington DC. Sanctuary teaches young metahumans how to properly use their powers and hopes to instill a level of morality in its students, though none are expected to become superheroes. --- Player Characters Magni the Mighty: Manny Thorson is the son of the Norse god Thor sent to Midgard to learn humility and mortal morality, as well as to lead the football team to the state finals. Ladybug: Sadie Miller gained insectoid powers thanks to a genetic experiment involving the alien Metrolix. Her role as class president, gymnastics captain, and science team lead was her own doing. Melt: Yvette "Ivy" Durden is one of the loner, a punk goth who gets ignored because she's weird. It might have something to do with her ability to kill you if you look into her eyes. Visionary: Zachery Shin is a computer expert with the ability to project quantum energy from his eyes. This doesn't protect him from being shut into his locker by the jocks though. Seraphine: Luci Fontaine was once the most popular cheerleader until she sprouted monstrous wings. Now she hides behind a suit of power armor and a false devil-may-care attitude. Night Spider: Carter Macall was the son of super-villains and inventor of a combat suit and designer drugs that give him spider-like abilities. He's a super-genius - just ask him. ----- During Ethics class, popular superheroine and instructor Argent doles out homework on morality.... Argent (NPC): For Monday, decide how you would calculate the value of a life and be prepared to defend your position. Manny: Is this going to be on the test? Zach: Do we have to show our work? Manny's cousin Rolf Lokison [aka Fenris the Wolf] takes great pleasure in demeaning Manny, though sometimes the insults just roll of the big lug.... Rolf (NPC): So you continue to play the game [football] with slightly better strength...slightly better stamina...slightly better speed....? Manny: Well, yeah...they don't let me play if I don't help them win! The young heroes stumble onto a dead man and Carter, trained in forensics, determines the cause of death.... Carter: From the looks of the body, the victim was killed by something ripping his throat out with its mouth. The mouth appears to be human sized and shaped but with shark-like teeth. Zach: So...a lawyer? A conversion between Visionary and Melt.... Zach: Would you please not read my mind. Ivy: I can't do that. I can only really, well....melt your mind. Zach: Yeah, I'd appreciate it if you didn't do that either. During the investigations, Ladybug finds a strange pucker-like mark on the ground and calls Night Spider for help.... Sadie: Come on - we need you to examine a pucker. Carter: I'm not studying for that kind of doctorate. None of the characters has a communicator, but as teenagers, they do have smartphones.... Sadie: I'm going to text my teammates for help. The heroes find out about a breakout by a trio of dangerous supervillains.... GM: There are known as the Masters of Mayhem. Ivy: They're called "M.O.M."? The team splits up to pursue different leads with plans to rendezvous later.... Sadie: Let's meet at the chinese buffet... Manny: I'm not allowed in there anymore. Visionary has trouble keeping up on the story, explaining it as.... Zach: Sorry, I was texting - what did I miss? Magni punches a powerful villain knocking him off his feet and putting him down and out.... Manny: Booyah! I mean...Have at Thee! Reference to another game in which a character tended to pick up the plot threads of other characters.... Luci (OOC): So this character doesn't have Absorb Complication? The young heroes find themselves needing to break into a ritzy club, something none of them is particularly skilled at.... Sadie: I hate to say this, but I wish Rolf were here. Manny: Zach: I'm sure she didn't mean that personally. Visionary describes a beautiful metahuman club owner named Goldilocks, detailing her form-fitting, low-cut gown, but.... Zach: I didn't mention the mask? I must not have made it that high up. Fighting a mercenary meta called Pipeline, Magni gets teleported to the Nevada desert.... GM: You appear over a desert. Manny: How far over?? Magni gets into metahuman speech, making his father proud.... Manny: If thou knowst what be benign to thee, thou shalt stayest down! During a metahuman fight, Magni is on the receiving end of a beatdown by a pair of villains.... Ivy: Huh. Magni getting his @$$ kicked is trending on Twitter. Unknown to the rest of the team, Carter is the vigilante Night Spider, who has a reputation for murder. Despite this, the group has teamed up with Spider to stop another group of villains, though they plan on getting answers from the mysterious meta.... Zach: While we're out scouting, you need to figure out what his deal is. Manny: Yeah, what's your deal, dude? Magni warns off Rolf.... Manny: After this, you and I are going to have words. And by words, I mean fists. Night Spider resents the notion that he is a savage creature with a vicious bite.... Carter: I'm not going to bite off his face - that would be wrong. However, I am going to wrap him up in webbing and drink him like a Caprisun. Surrounded by a duplicating meta called Roadie, Melt releases psychic energy in a cascade around her, striking a half dozen of her foes.... Ivy: I'm just a small little thing. Zach: So are grenades. During the final fight, Night Spider keeps drawing aggro.... Carter (OOC): Night Spider has Striking Appearance. Every time he appears, someone strikes him. Random tactical thinking from Magni the Mighty.... Manny: The best thing to hit a bunch of roadies with is a giant elephant... Visionary cuts loose with a powerful optical blast that sends the deranged (but hawt) mentalist called Mad Madame Meme through a wall, ruining her plans to turn Las Vegas into a bunch self-eating cannibals.... Carter: Did you just hit a girl? Zach: No, I hit a psychopath. --- Enjoy! Lonewalker
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I've delved into my own Rogue Trader campaign just to try out something new. So far the player seem to be enjoying themselves, though they could just be humoring me. Dramatis Personae Lady-Captain Morgan D'Stayn - Reluctant leader of her family Dynasty following the death of her father and brothers. Clueless about the duties of a Rogue Trader but good with people and surprisingly talented in battle. Lady Janessa - Loyal seneschal to Captain D'Stayn. Savvy and clever with an unhealthy fascination with Xenos (particularly Eldar). Vesperevasaraphangeline - Hard-living helmswoman who was born and raised aboard the Dynasty flagship, the Tyrant Sun. Morgan's bastard half-sister with a penchant for insane flying. Tryft NaLiptik - Career Battlefleet officer who served on a D'Stayn ship until it was lost under mysterious circumstances. Las-marksman, tactician and the official second in command. Eurydice Magdalene - Former Sister of Battle banished from service for the sin of falling in love. Rescued Morgan from an Ork attack and became close friends with the Lady-Captain. Pulveria Nocte - Astropathic songstress pressed in service by the Imperial Black Ships. Went freelance until she and Eurydice saved Morgan from an Ork attack. Maretek Omnus - Explorator tech-priest with dangerous ideas about innovation and heretical curiosity about "how stuff works." Hoping the Adeptus Mechanicus won't track him down. ----- “Praise the Emperor and Pop the Clutch!” - Vesper, with what passes for her battle-cry “You know what planets are? They’re just very slow moving spaceships that only go around in circles.” - Vesper, indicating her disdain of planet-born folk “Only sixty million more payments and this sucker is mine!” - Morgan, regarding ownership of her family’s flagship the Tyrant Sun “It’s actually Little America.” - Tryft, regarding Port Wander “Would it have killed you to show some leg?” “It may have killed someone.” - Vesper and Eurydice, following a failed contract negotiation with a junker salvage team “Have you even heard a smile?” “I have read about them…” - Vesper and Eurydice, discussing Eurydice’s aloof demeanor “So…just her foot, right?” - Janessa, when told that Lady-Captain D’Stayn must be the first to set foot on a salvaged ship “I’m already halfway to my first insanity.” “Normally not a character development goal.” - Vesper and the GM, discussing starting insanity points “You really don’t need to wind up the ex-Sister of Battle.” - Vesper, lecturing Pulveria on constantly teasing Eurydice “Lady-Seneschal, what does the captain tell us to do?” - Pulveria, recognizing who is really in charge “I assume that you’re all going in armed and armoured. Unless you’re completely incompetent.” “Captain, do you have your arms and armour?” - The GM and Vesper, before the Explorers ventured into a derelict starship “We’re one blood test away from a new Dynasty.” - Vesper, secretly Morgan’s illegitimate half-sister “You data may be damaged if you do not first safely remove your Tech-Priest.” - Maretek, when he is forcibly unplugged from a cogitator console “Ready?” “0! 0! 0! 0000!!” - Vesper and Maretek, just before Vesper hurls Maretek into the open void “I wear both boxers and briefs. Just to keep the enemy guessing.” - Tryft, with a random comment “Don’t do that! I only have four senses left!” - Pulveria, after Eurydice fires a bolter over the Astropath’s shoulder “Where you born in a primitive construction made of wood and plaster? Perhaps one used for storing animals?” - Maretek, attempting to insult Vesper “We lost her at fisting.” - Eurydice, during a discussion about Captain Morgan’s power fist “In my experience, cannibals always attack.” - Pulveria, showing her wisdom in all things “I switch to hellpistol and give them a little high-wattage love.” - Tryft, switching weapons in battle “I’m attached to this leg.” “Not by much.” - Pulveria and Vesper, after a monster nearly slices Pulveria’s leg clean off “I’m not wrong. I’m just less right.” - Morgan, showing her razor-sharp Captain’s wit “Maybe if one of our acquisitions had been for fire extinguishers…” - Vesper, after three simultaneous fires break out aboard the Tyrant Sun “Prepare for the cleansing backhand.” - Eurydice, typical retort “Vesper, bringing peace to the universe, one airsick bag at a time.” “Motion sickness makes strange bedfellows.” - Vesper and Tryft, regarding how both mutants and missionaries fear Vesper’s flying “You’re like a sentient alcohol-soaked scar tissue.” - GM, regarding Vesper “Gretchin and squig are just Ork sliders.” - Tryft, regarding lesser Ork species “Look, I landed it. I even used landing gear.” “Yes, but you didn’t use ours!” - Vesper and Pulveria, following a forced crash landing of a gun-cutter “I’m going to subdue him by killing him.” - Eurydice, showing typical Battle Sister tactics “Have a few less Wounds and maybe I’ll come help you.” - Eurydice, when Vesper complains that she never assists her in battle ----- Lonewalker
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... More random quotes from teh Bunneh's Fantasy HERO campaign. ---- Dramatis Personae Lady Isobelle Hawthorne: Noblewoman and duelist from neighboring Shelinsibeau appointed Captain of the Baron's Guard. Takes her responsibilities very seriously. Lieutenant Niahm O'Derry: Professional warrior, medic, and officer serving in the Epotic Corps of the Demorian Draconians - the elite police force of the kingdom. Damien Wrathchild: Blademaster and expert procurer of information serving the Baron of Foxton. Outwardly charming but hides a cunning, ruthless streak. Quion Rake: Taciturn and emotionless (by choice) alchemist serving as records clerk to the Baron. Tortured by guilt over a perceived crime from the past. Wythri Majaera: Young Elf exiled from her homeland of Pasion and working as an apprentice sage in Foxton. Slightly mad due to the influence of her Wild Magik. Wallace Gunn: Humble and simple druid and woodsman hired on as the Baron's Forester. Slow-witted and uneducated but dedicated to his duty. Sergeant Will: A very personable and friendly jack-of-all-trades - everyone likes Will - second in command for the Draconian night shift. Officer Uri Barechest: A powerful warrior originally from Valorsheim - a tough fighter with a soft side for his family, a love of a good brawl, and no line between his brain and his mouth. Officer Candor Silverstone: An Elven wizard from Pasion - curious, analytical and infinitely proper and polite. Officer Radley "Tunnelmouse" Jones: A Hobbit ex-thief now on the side of the law - still finds old habits hard to break - has an immense appetite. Trainee James Jameson: A young priest of Durom, from a long line of cops - still in training, but with the potential to be a great officer...if he can overcome his nervousness and fear of blood. ---- No one would call Isobelle Hawthorne a meddler but... GM: Isobelle doesn't have her own subplots. She takes subplots from other characters when she doesn't think they're doing them right. During a tutoring session with a local young Giant... Gunn: This is your alphabet. There are many like them but this one is yours. During a discussion Damien is having with Rishi, the local "madam" within the town of Foxton... Rishi (NPC): You know, when a man and a woman love each other very much, he doesn't stab her with a knife. Hawthorne: Well, he does...but not with a knife. Damien: No wonder my relationships have all ended badly. In reference to Hawthorne's propensity for trying to "fix" her companions' problems... Damien: Hawthone is like Jiminy Cricket with a sword. In reference to the Captain of the Draconians, the local military policing force... Jameson: He does run a tight ship...until the night shift. Then it's a loose collection of rowboats. Thunnelmouse: Leaky rowboats. Uri: With rats. One of Damien's underworld contacts has heard rumors that Damien is employed by the Baron's Captain, Lady Hawthorne... NPC: I hear you're working for The Man these days. Damien: I wouldn't call her that to her face. Random suggestion... Quion: Always take the job - you can always betray your employer later. During a routine patrol, Niahm is attacked by an undead ghoul and takes a savage hit to the torso... Jameson: No one bites the lieutenant in the chest and gets away with it! Candor: Really? I thought that adventurer Benedikt did. Uri and Tunnelmouse arrive to the ghoul fight but may be too far away to take part... Candor: Quick! Throw the halfling at the ghoul! Tunnelmouse: What? Uri: That was the plan! Tunnelmouse: WHAT?! teh Bunneh lets characters with Luck make one roll per session per level of Luck and save those results to replace any 3d6 roll that directly involves the character. Wythri rolls a 4, a 6, and a 9... Wythri: These Luck rolls are like nuclear missiles. You never actually use them, you just threaten to use them. During a divine consecration that Gunn performs when the group discovers a days-old corpse in an isolated shack... Gunn: Body, this is Ground. Ground, this is Body. I hope you two will be very happy together. Hawthorne: It's a burial not a marriage. Damien: So? Both indicate an end to life. Random comment about Quion... Damien: Now he smells like pickle and bubblegum. While staying the night in the dead man's shack, Hawthorne's watch is alerted to a scratching at the front door....which after many a tense moment turned out to be a tree outside blowing in the wind... Hawthorne: I am going out there and cutting it down...and all its friends. Quion: You mean...all of its fronds. What passes for dramatic speech during one of Gunn's attempts to rebuke undead attackers... Gunn: I step outside and tell that undead monstrosity in no uncertain terms to return immediately to whatever misguided hell kitchen gave you that hall pass and STAY there! Random Quion comment... Quion: I'm looking forward to this in a dismal way. ---- More when I get 'em. Enjoy! Lonewalker
  8. Re: The Chronicles of Foxton (This was compiled and written up by BunnySue - all rep should go to her.) Session 34: Against the Giants, Part III 11 Sunsheat to 12 Sunsheat, 960 RM Valley of Steading, 11 Sunsheat, 960 RM While the rest of the party moved the horses to a new campsite, Errol and Keinan stealthily moved toward the stronghold to gather more information. By the time the two reached the fortress, it was past dark. Keinan saw two or three figures walking around the watch tower. Errol cast an invisibility spell on himself and Keinan. The two moved closer to the stronghold. Keinan noted that the walls were made from very large logs. The main door was twenty feet high. There was a gap between the ground and the bottom of the door that Keinan thought most of the party could crawl under. While Keinan climbed over the door to get a better look around the complex, Errol climbed under the door. Keinan saw light spilling out into the courtyard from a big double door and light coming down from the watchtower. Keinan saw two more doors, one next to the front door, which had no light coming from it, and another at the base of the stairs to the watchtower. Keinan listened at the main doors and heard over a dozen different voices, it sounded like a feast was taking place. He listened for any human voices, but did not hear any. However, one of the giant’s voices sounded like it had a Kalonese accent. He also noticed several bags and clocks hanging on pegs in the courtyard. Errol and Keinan then climbed the stairs to the watchtower. Keinan saw three giants playing dice by a fire pit. He also spotted a ballista sitting by one of the windows and a large dog curled up by the fire. Errol got nervous around the dog so the two moved to leave the compound. Keinan checked the small door by the gate and found it was unlocked. Pushing the door open, he saw a dark hallway leading into the main building. Once Keinan and Errol returned and made their report to Captain Hawthorne, the group headed out. Moving stealthily, the group approached the fortress. As they drew near, Benedikt inadvertently caused a load noise that drew the giants’ attention. Captain Hawthorne ordered everyone to scatter as ballista bolts started flying at them. Benedikt was hit in the chest by one of the giant’s arrows and fell to the ground. When the giants exited the fortress, the others used Benedikt’s “distraction” to enter unseen. They quickly entered the main building via the first door and followed the hallway. The hallway ended with a passage leading to the right and the left. Damien scouted the left hand passage and found a door with a light spilling out under it, further on the hallway ended. Returning to the group, they then headed down the right hand passage. Again, Damien scouted ahead with others a safe distance behind. The first door that Damien came to had no light spilling out from under it. Listening at the door, Damien heard someone snoring. Moving down the corridor was another door; this one had light spilling out from under it. Damien could hear something, but could not make it out. Wythri used her magic to allow Damien to be able to see through the walls, and Quion did the same thing on himself. Both men saw a well-appointed room with trophies on the walls. Randell pushed open the door. The group searched the room and found another door. Damien, Keinan, and Brictius moved to open the door. When Damien opened the door the group was attacked by a large bear. The bear managed to injure Damien before the group killed it. While Gunn healed Damien; Captain Hawthorne, Randall, and Errol searched the room the bear had come from. That room was a bedchamber which contained a coffer filled with cash and gemstones. To their surprise, Captain Hawthorne let the monster hunters keep the coffer. Tatiana took the lead in scouting ahead this time. The group came across a large set of double doors that were barred closed; they discovered that this door was an exit from the stronghold. Continuing on, they entered another room. This room had a crude map of the barony on one of the walls. After studying the map, Quion determined that is was thirty years old. Keinan found a large skin hanging on another wall that concealed another door. Randall carefully opened the door and found a stairwell leading down. Keinan carefully replaced the skin before following the others down the stairs. The stairs continued down for quite a ways and lead to a large cavern that look as if the walls had been worked rather than being of rough stone. Along one wall was a door that had been smashed down and lead into what appeared to be a store room. The corridor continued into a large room. The magic users could tell that this room contained magic. Captain Hawthorne asked Errol to illuminate the room. The room was large and square shaped with a prison type area in the back. Quion determined that the magic was coming from that area. Approaching gates, Quion heard someone muttering, but could not make out what was being said. The rest of the group approached the area and saw a red headed woman chained to the wall. Captain Hawthorne recognized Bri, and ordered Damian to open the gates. When the second set of gates were opened, Errol shouted out that he though some type of alarm had gone off. Captain Hawthorne and Damien unchained Bri, and saw that she was in a weakened state. Brandwyn took charge of the injured Bri while the others prepared for the arrival of the giants.
  9. Re: The Chronicles of Foxton (This was compiled and written up by BunnySue - all rep should go to her.) Session 33: Against the Giants, Part II 10 Sunsheat to 11 Sunsheat, 960 RM Valley of Steading, 10 Sunsheat, 960 RM Once the battle was over, the first order of business was to hide the bodies. After that Captain Hawthorne sent Keinan and Gunn to scout out the stronghold at the center of the valley. She sent Damien and Tatiana as one group and Brictius and Benedikt as another group to find campsites and food. Wythri linked the scouting parties and Brandwyn and Hawthorne. The two groups looking for campsites found several likely spots, with Benedikt’s being the best. Keinan and Gunn stealthily made their way toward the stronghold. They saw several small groups of giants patrolling the valley, but not in any regular fashion. Keinan realized that security was good, but not great. The stronghold had a watchtower that could see all the way around the complex. There were two entrances, one in front that was regularly used and one in back that looked like a stockade gate. There were no trees in the valley, but the grass was very tall. Gunn talked to a bird who told him that there were big dogs and big men in the stronghold. The two men scouted around the fortress to see if they could find a water supply or herd animals. While the scouting parties were out, Wythri, Quion, and Errol analyzed the Flow of the area. Brandwyn sang a song to help the mages concentration. Quion and Errol saw that the valley was flooded with magic, but a type that Quion was not familiar with. The magic had an old taste to it, very primitive with a touch of theologic taint to it. The three thought it might be grimerist magic. Wythri told the others that she had seen the magic flowing into the valley this morning. Captain Hawthorne asked if one of Nosrea’s magic items could have caused the magic, but the three mages thought that would not be possible. On the way back to the others, Benedikt noticed that the stronghold was made from a great many trees, but there were no signs of major deforestation in the valley. Keinan and Gunn continued to scout around the perimeter of the stronghold. They did not see any cultivated fields, although they did see some wild sheep and mountain goats. The two thought that was strange as they thought the animals would have been severely culled by hunting by now. After the two scouting parties had returned with their reports of campsites, the party moved to the site Benedikt had found and waited for Keinan and Gunn to rejoin them. It was well past dark before the two men returned to camp. The first watch passed without incident or those on watch falling asleep. During the second watch, Wythri noticed that the magic in the valley was beginning to fade. Those asleep had bad dreams, similar to the previous evening. During the last watch, Quion noticed an influx of magic entering the valley. 11 Sunsheat, 960 RM After breakfast, Caption Hawthorne asked Wythri, Quion, and Errol to continue to study the magic in the valley. Keinan, Gunn, and Damien went with them for protection. Studying the area, Quion and Keinan noticed that the foliage and insects were from the late summer or early fall, but the Summer Solstice had past just last month. Wythri tried tapping into the magic by creating a fireball, which had all the normal effects and effort usually associated with casting that type of spell. Errol suggested she try casting an illusion spell. Wythri created an illusion of Captain Hawthorne. Errol pointed out that the spell seemed very easy for Wythri to cast and that he could actually touch the illusion and that the illusionary Captain Hawthorn reacted to his touch, both things that should not happen with this type of spell. Quion then created an illusion of a raven, which ended up being better than his level of skill should have produced. Wythri then summoned an earth elemental, with the same effects and effort usually associated with casting that type of spell. Errol and Quion noticed that when that spell was cast, the flow rippled with the energy. Captain Hawthorn had decided a night assault on the stronghold would be strategically wise, so the rest of the afternoon was spent resting. The first watch was uneventful. The second watch had trouble staying awake in the warm afternoon sun. Captain Hawthorne kept herself awake by constantly patrolling the area. She heard something approaching the camp and sent Brandwyn to wake the rest of the party. Captain Hawthorne and Tatiana spotted a giant stealthily moving toward them. The giant threw a boulder at Captain Hawthorne, but Wythri had prepared a spell that deflected the boulder away from the Captain. Suddenly, Randall was hit by a second boulder that had been thrown from a different direction. Tatiana ran toward the first giant hitting him in the arm. Hawthorne drew her swords and yelled at everyone to look lively. Brandwyn starting chanting a song of fighting to aid her companions in the battle. The rest of the party rose from their naps and prepared for battle. Wythri was struck by a boulder and Brandwyn pulled her back out of harm’s way. While Quion bandaged Wythri’s wounds, the rest of the party attacked the two giants. After several blows had been exchanged, the two giants started to flee. Errol caught one in the edge of a fire ball, stunning him and Gunn hit him in the vitals, dropping him. Brictius and Tatiana chased down the last giant, killing him. While Benedikt healed Wythri, the unconscious giant was bound. When the giant regained consciousness, Brandwyn, Hawthorne, and Quion questioned him. They learned that Baylor was a giant with “big magic” who had come from far away. The giant could not remember how the stronghold had been rebuild, or how long Baylor had been in the valley. They learned that Baylor was planning on attacking the humans, but that he was still gathering together the rest of the tribes. They also learned that the giant had been impressed by Baylor’s magic, including making the dead talk; he had seen Baylor do that to the giant Orda, after killing him for disagreeing with Baylor. The giant had also not seen any other “little” people in the valley other than the party. The party moved the bound giant into the cave they had been sleeping in and moved to a new camp site. The giant had confirmed Brandwyn’s suspicion that Baylor was not a local giant. Wythri, Quion, and Brandwyn discussed the different types of giants that could work magic. There were the Fire and Ice giants to the north and the Carraig Daoine, or Stone Giants, and the Formorian giants from Kalon.
  10. Re: The Chronicles of Foxton (This was compiled and written up by BunnySue - all rep should go to her.) Session 32: Against the Giants, Part I 1 Sunsheat to 10 Sunsheat, 960 RM Prelude: Gray Haven 929 RM Link du Clef looked at the five people standing before him. They had answered his call for help fighting the giants attacking the outlying villages and mining camps. The leader had introduced himself as Dragun, a paladin of the Trinity. The Baron felt as if he should know the young man, but could not quite place from where. The big warden was called Balph. The Baron had never met an Osiran before; the extremely tall and thin man wore a hawk mask and his skin was as black as ebony. The man calling himself the Black Rat came from Kidbod and was apparently a Jack. The woman said her name was Bri O’Derry and she came from Kalon. The Baron was not sure if she was a fighter or a spell user, or perhaps both. “The trouble started when a giant chief named Nonsra started gathering together the different tribes.” Link explained. “Before him, they would group together in family tribes, were mostly nomadic and kept to the far hills. The reports tell us that Nonsra is a fierce fighter and very intelligent. He has made the more powerful chiefs his lieutenants. He has built a stronghold in the Valley of Steading that is far more advanced that anything we’ve ever seen the giants construct before. He also is reported to collect magical items, although I’m not sure how much stock I would place in that.” Link added seeing the expression on several of the faces of the adventures. “I have already lost several good men and Demorian soldiers in this fight. I fear if Nonsra is not stopped, Foxton and Crow’s Head Mountain will be destroyed.” “We will not let that happen.” Dragun assured the Baron. And so the heroes joined the fight and eventually took the fight to the giants themselves. They attacked the stronghold at night, killed Nonsra, and burned the fortress to the ground. With Nonsra dead, the giants disbanded and returned to the far hills, leaving the people of Foxton in peace. Gray Haven, 1 Sunsheat, 960 RM “So what do we know about the current situation?” Isobelle asked, looking up from the records. “As far as can be determined,“ Mathieu du Clef replied, “There are three large clans. The Bearhunters lead by Sinja, the Firelighters lead by Orda, and the Snow Mountain clan led by Zind. Sinja is a young fighter full of fire and said to have many wives. Orda was one of Nonrsa’s subchiefs and lost a hand and eye in the final battle. He’s much respected due to his age and experience. Zind is said to be the smartest of the three and is held in awe as he is rumored to know magic, although how much of that is true, who can tell. If you start with these three, the smaller clans might follow suite.” “What do you know about their culture and customs?” Isobelle asked. “Technology wise, they are still pretty primitive.” The Baron explained, “They know how to use metal weapons, but can’t make them. They work mostly in stone and flint. They like our processed foods, like cheese, and wine. Oh, and the leaders are always male and show their status by how many wives they have.” “What about this magic lute the old bard sang about?” Isobelle looked at Wythri, who was studying another book. “From what I can tell,” The young elf looked up from the tome she was reading, “The Lute of Doss was created by the founder of that Bardic College. It’s rumored to contain all his knowledge and power, as well as being able to, I believe the quote was charm the birds from the trees. According to the reports, there was a cave system under the stronghold, if the lute was in Nonrsa’s possession, then it could be there.” 3 Sunsheat through 8 Sunsheat, 960 RM Early the morning of 3 Sunsheat, Captain Hawthorne led her group out of Gray Haven. Wythri, Gunn, Quion, and Damien had become the standard troubleshooting group. The Deadly Seven arrived, ready to go, Lucky George the goat in tow. The trek into the hills was not easy. The roads were not well traveled and the few mining camps the group passed through were far apart. At each camp, the group inquired after Bri and any information on the giants. Bri had apparently passed this way as all the camps reported her presence. All the camps also reported no contact with the giants, which Hawthorne took as a good sign. 9 Sunsheat, 960 RM The day had begun sunny but changed to cloudy skies, developing later into a dense fog that descending on the travelers, then sleet driven by heavy winds pelted the travelers. Keinan found the group shelter in a large cave just off the trail they had been traveling. Watches were set for the night with Brandwyn, Benedikt, and Randall on the first watch. Brandwyn started to compose a new song about this current adventure to keep herself awake, but she kept thinking about the Taleweaver competition held during the Baron’s Festival. She should have won; she just knew it, so why had she not even placed? 10 Sunsheat, 960 RM The fog had cleared by morning when everyone woke. Hawthorne demanded to know why she had not been woken for her watch. Quion reported that the first watch had fallen asleep, although he had not slept and knew no one had entered the cave. Gunn checked their equipment and verified that nothing was missing. Hawthorne ordered Errol to discipline his teammates; she then brushed Night to calm herself down. Errol pulled Brandwyn, Benedikt, and Randall outside to talk to them. Brandwyn explained that she had not realized she had fallen asleep, her mind had been focused on something else, and then it was morning. Errol admonished the others to start behaving professionally; otherwise their reputation would start to suffer. Brandwyn interrupted Errol to point out that below them in the valley was a large fortified structure. “I think we’ve found the Valley of Steading,” Brandwyn commented, “We’d better tell Captain Hawthorne.” While the others were packing up, Wythri checked to see if there was any magic in the area and noticed a residue around the cave receding to the valley below. Keinan and Tatiana were scouting out the surrounding area when they heard loud footsteps approaching them. Investigating, they spotted three giants approaching the cave area along the path. Tatiana warned those in the cave and everyone began preparing for the encounter. Damien, Gunn, and Errol moved out to form a perimeter around the giants and provide backup. Wythri, Quion, Benedikt, and Brictius stayed in the cave with the horses and Wythri concealed the entrance. Brandwyn and Captain Hawthorne went to intercept the giants and talk with them. Before actually talking to the giants, Brandwyn listened in on their conversations. The three were joking and in good spirits. One of the giants told the others, “The world is agonna change. Chief Baylor will bring back the old days.” Brandwyn relayed the information to Lady Hawthorne. Wythri linked minds with Hawthorne, Brandwyn, Gunn, Damien, Quion, and Errol. Brandwyn and Captain Hawthorne approached the giants. Hawthorne instructed Brandwyn to tell the giants that they had come to pay their respects to Baylor. The giants seemed surprised that the women had heard of Baylor. Brandwyn tried to flatter them, saying Baylor was known far and wide. The lead giant approached the two women, holding out his hand, but reaching for his club. Keinan let loose an arrow at the lead giant, hitting him in the head. Tatiana ran past the other two giants, hitting both of them. Damien moved up behind the second giant. As the lead giant swung at Brandwyn and Hawthorne, Hawthorne leaped off night and kicked the giant in the shoulder, but he still hit the two women. The third giant chased after Tatiana hitting her in the shoulder. The second giant attacked Damien but missed. Errol shot the lead giant in the head with a wizard’s arrow. Gunn cast a flash on the lead giant, blinding him for a short time. Tatiana recovered from her injury. Wythri boosted Brictius, Benedikt, and Quion’s speed and strength. Keinan, Hawthorne, Brictius, and Damien all attacked the giants. The lead giant kicked Hawthorne away, the landing knocking her out. The second giant attacked Damien, hitting him in the shoulder, but he was missed by the third giant. Brandwyn told a joke to the lead giant, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. Benedikt and Randall charged the lead giant. Errol hit the lead giant in the chest with another wizard’s arrow. Gunn and Quion moved to help Hawthorne. Tatiana leaped over the second giant, hitting him in the shoulder. Keinan jumped out of the tree he was in and shot the third giant, hitting him in the hand. Hawthorne regained consciousness. Brictius did a moving attack on the third giant, hitting him in the vitals. Wythri cast an aid on Hawthorne, helping her recover quicker. Damien rolled under the second giant and hit him in the foot. The lead giant broke out of Brandwyn’s spell and stopped laughing. The second giant attacked Damien, hitting him the chest, stunning him. Brandwyn started chanting a song of strength. Benedikt and Errol attacked the lead giant, Errol’s wizard’s arrow dropping him. Randell and Gunn both attacked the third giant. Quion picked up Hawthorne and throw her towards Damien. Tatiana did a running attack against the two remaining giants. Tatiana and Keinan attacked the second giant as a team. Hawthorne jumped up to attack the third giant in the chest. Brictius charged the third giant, hitting him in the vitals dropping him. Wythri cast a fireblast in the shape of a dragon at the second giant, dropping him. While Benedikt tended to the wounded; Randall, Brictius, and Errol looted the giant’s bodies but were disappointed with what they found.
  11. Re: The Chronicles of Foxton (This was compiled and written up by BunnySue - all rep should go to her.) Session 31: A Visit to the Good Doctor 19 Lightening to 28 Lightening, 960 RM 19 Lightening, 960 RM Captain Hawthorne, Wythri, Damien, Niamh, and Gunn traveled to Hill Rose. Gunn went ahead to try and locate Featherlight. He found her a few hours later and the two of them headed back toward the rest of the group. 20 Lightening, 960 RM Gunn and Featherlight meet the rest of the group on the road. Featherlight reported that Dr Rothbury had six large, not very bright men working for him. They performed various tasks around the grounds, and she had never observed them talking to each other or Dr Rothbury. She also had never seen Dr Rothbury without his two large dogs and she had only ever seen him going back and forth from the house to the barn. She also thought there were more than two dogs as she had heard barking coming from the barn. There was always someone on guard at the house and at the barn when Dr Rothbury was working in there. Several of the cattle had been slaughtered and taken into the barn. After dark, Damien and Gunn approached the barn to see if they could get a look inside without being spotted. When they got within fifteen feet of the barn, they heard a dog start to bark and was answered by more barking from the barn. One of the men came out of the house with one of Dr Rothbury’s large mastiffs. The man checked on the cattle while the dog sniffed around the barn. The dog looked at where the two men were hiding and started to approach. Gunn tried to convince a night bird to distract the dog, but the bird refused. As the dog continued to approach, the two men moved back deeper into cover. The dog found their trail, but did not pursue them. Gunn and Damien returned to Hill rose to report to Captain Hawthorne. They realized that the barking started inside the house and then was picked up by more than one dog in the barn and that the barking stopped when the door to the house was opened. 21 Lightening, 960 RM First thing in the morning, the group approached Dr Rothbury’s house. The men were already outside working when the group arrived and one of the men went into the house. Knocking on the door, they were lead into the kitchen. Dr Rothbury apologized for not having breakfast ready for them, but the group explain they had already eaten. Captain Hawthorne asked Dr Rothbury how his research was going, and he went into a long technical conversation that made everyone wish Quion was with them as he was probably the only one who understood what Dr Rothbury was saying. Captain Hawthorne told Dr Rothbury about the other creatures the two groups of monster hunters had found. Wythri asked if the squid creatures could fuse with something else. Dr Rothbury admitted that it might be possible, although he had not been able to test that (but was very interesting idea). It could be possible that a budding creature could attach to something else and fuse with it. He had discovered that the smaller squid things tended to eat each other, much like spiders. Dr Rothbury sounded doubtful that a new creature had been discovered, and suggested that the monster hunters had fabricated the creatures in order to gain more money. The group doubted that the monster hunters would be smart enough to pull off such a hoax. Niamh asked if Dr Rothbury had any reports ready that they could take back for Quion to review and Dr Rothbury retrieved his notes for her. Captain Hawthorne was convinced that something was going on, but could not gain any concrete evidence to prove her suspicion. After leaving Dr Rothbury’s house, Gunn found a mouse to talk to. The mouse told Gunn that the smaller creatures did not like the barn because it smelled like death. They also did not like the dogs. 21 Lightening to 28 Lightening, 960 RM The group set out to find where the Deadly Seven had claimed to fight the owlbear creature and spent several days tracking through the woods. Finally finding the spot, they discovered that not much was left of the creature after the monster hunters had burned the body and scavengers had picked through what was left. They also found the den and Gunn confirmed that it had only recently been dug out. 28 Lightening, 960 RM The group returned to Foxtown. Niamh checked in with a very irate Lieutenant Tower who was not happy she had been gone for so long. She also learned that Captain Waggoner had not returned from Crow’s Head Mountain. Captain Hawthorne reported to the Baron, who had also been concerned they had been gone for so long. Captain Hawthorne gave her report and her conclusion that Dr Rothbury was hiding something, but there was no hard evidence to act on yet. The Baron agreed and suggested she prepare her delegation for the trip to visit the giants. Captain Hawthorne and Wythri spent the next few days researching the subject, delighted that the Baron’s library contained a wealth of information on the subject. Niamh informed Captain Hawthorne that she would be unable to accompany them on this trip. She was needed on duty in Foxtown, especially since Captain Waggoner was still gone. She did suggest that Captain Hawthorne enlist Bradwyn, the Deadly Seven’s taleweaver, as the bard did speak giantish. Since the Deadly Seven would not let their taleweaver go on a dangerous mission without the whole group, Captain Hawthorne was forced to hire the entire group of monster hunters. Very strict ground rules were established to keep them on their best behavior.
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Catching up on months of quotes from teh Bunneh's Chronicles of Foxton campaign. Some of these gems are from a while back so I may be guessing about some of the context. But at least my fellow players will stop nagging me to post these! ----- The Baron's Court Lady Isobelle Hawthorne: Noblewoman and duelist from neighboring Shelinsibeau appointed Captain of the Baron's Guard. Takes her responsibilities very seriously. Lieutenant Niahm O'Derry: Professional warrior, medic, and officer serving in the Epotic Corps of the Demorian Draconians - the elite police force of the kingdom. Damien Wrathchild: Blademaster and expert procurer of information serving the Baron of Foxton. Outwardly charming but hides a cunning, ruthless streak. Quion Rake: Taciturn and emotionless (by choice) alchemist serving as records clerk to the Baron. Tortured by guilt over a perceived crime from the past. Wythri Majaera: Young Elf exiled from her homeland of Pasion and working as an apprentice sage in Foxton. Slightly mad due to the influence of her Wild Magik. Wallace Gunn: Humble and simple druid and woodsman hired on as the Baron's Forester. Slow-witted and uneducated but dedicated to his duty. The Deadly Seven Errol Wanderfar: A Goodfellow Hobbit, battle wizard, and team leader. Very dedicated to making the team work. Brictius the Gray: Gray Elfin Preliator (spearfighter) from Pasion. Cool and collected with only a hint of superior snoot. Tatiana: Green Elfin Jill also from Pasion. Mistress of the hand axe, the swift attack, and the inability to sit still and shut up. Benedikt: Human Seeker (priest of the Cold Gods). Pragmatic, aggressive 'worshipper' for Cromm - god of war and strength. Randall Stowes: Human Warrior from Demoria. Academy trained swordsman and budding knight. Strong-armed but slow thinking. Keinan Murdoch: Human Warden (holy warrior of Adrom - Druidic god of the hunt) from Nekia. Expert archer and tracker. Brandwyn Wright: Human Taleweaver from Demoria. Bright, cheerful, friendly, and wondering why she's with this group of misfits. ----- Benedikt can be a little crass and direct. Just a little... Benedikt (OOC): Roleplaying Benedikt is like trying to roleplay blunt trauma. The Deadly Seven has been hired to protect a party of the Baron's court on a diplomatic mission to the Giants' lands. Things turn south quickly... Errol: We're not at war with the Giants. That wasn't part of our contract. Dammit. Lady Hawthorne has a certain degree of pride but not unjustly so... Brandwyn: Does Lady Hawthorne know that the world doesn't revolve around her? Wythri: No, because the the world's been to scared to tell her. While making a Presence Attack to intimidate a group of giants, Hawthorne overshoots just a bit... Hawthorne: You can surrender at any time. Tatiana and Wythri: Okay, we give up! Wythri, never the most durable of Elves, gets hammered by a thrown boulder... Errol: You look like you've lost weight. Wythri: Yeah, it's over there. As part of a peace bargain with the Giants, a couple of young Giants are "adopted" by the Baron. Hawthrone naturally takes charge of them... Wythri: These kids need a strong father figure....so they called for Lady Hawthorne. Regarding the lack of overt crime and disorder in the Barony thanks to two of the more ruthless members of the Baron's Court... Hawthorne (OOC): You see, Damien handles the night shift and Isobelle handles the day shift, and between the two of them, the town is scared into inaction. Some people know the dark rogue Damien better than others... Hawthorne: You don't have to append every statement about murder with "I didn't do it." Niahm: Yes, he does. Making accusations about who was at fault... Damien: Well, you didn't hold the knife, but you did jiggle the arm. Discussing assigning the Deadly Seven adventurers the duty of delivering a message to a neighboring town... Gunn (OOC): It's like sending the Dukes of Hazzard out to buy milk. Elves can live for centuries and take a long-term view of events... Wythri: Elves don't farm - they terraform. A typical adventurer trait...? Tatianna: The Deadly Seven have a drinking game .... whenever we take a drink, we take a drink. A statement about Master Rake's outlook on life... GM: Quion, no one comes to kill you. Quion: Drat. To Wythri after she'd been possessed by ancient Elven spirits... Gunn: A little disoriented, are you? Understandable, since you've been mostly insane all day. An epiphany...or just another typical aspect of adventurers...? Tatiana: I just realized why we're called the Deadly Seven - each of us is our own sin! Conversation between two members of the Baron's Court... Hawthorne: Politics elude you, don't they? Quion: No, they follow me around. Speaking of Errol, leader of the Deadly Seven... Benedikt: You're like a kidney stone! Randall is the Deadly Seven's heavily armored warrior... Randall: I can't even think without clanking. The dogma of Cromm perhaps...? Benedikt: Never die sober. Regarding the team of Randall and Benedikt of the Deadly Seven... Tatiana (OOC): Ren and Stimpy go adventuring. More adventurer logic... Tatiana: How do you just pass through the middle of nowhere? Randall: Well, when we're going nowhere, we must eventually pass through the middle of it. Facing down a troll, Tatiana wants to send in the team mascot... Tatiana: Go get Lucky George. Trolls are scared of goats. Meta observations about the Deadly Seven... Brandwyn (OOC): I'm like the group's Intelligence stat. Benedikt (OOC): I'm like the group's dump stat. When Tatiana mistakenly called Kienan "Randall," he gets upset... Kienan: No wonder we don't like you - you can't keep us all straight. Tatiana: Oh, I can get all of you straight. ----- I've got some quotes from my Gamma World games that I'll be posting soon. In the meantime, enjoy! Lonewalker
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... WAAY behind on my quotes-posting duties for Bunny Sue's Chronicles of the Agency game (Golden Age superheroes). So here's the vast memory dump: ---- The Agents The Patriot - Mild-mannered Army Captain Tom Jefferson transforms in the star-spangled powerhouse when he shouts the magic words, "By the Dawn's Early Light!" Rocket Ranger - Aviator and inventor Brett Tucker uses his murdered uncle's advanced rocket pack and weapon gauntlets to protect the innocent. Clubber - Folk musician Charlie Varens uses his superhuman strength and nigh-invulnerability to defend the common, working man. Havoc - Mysterious Annabelle Leonard gained ghost and luck powers and gave up the thieving life to seek new, more worthwhile challenges. The Mighty Huntress - A blood transfusion gives mousy librarian Elsie Ashby the ability to take on a half-tiger and all-woman feline form. Nightwatch - Texas Ranger Jeb Kane utilizes his dark shadow powers to deal with kind of threats even Rangers cannot handle. Artifact - World-traveling archaeologist Esther Rausch is determined to protect the unknowing public from dangerous magical devices that don't stay lost and uses some of those devices in her quest. ---- Random comment about visitors from another world... Clubber: They can't be tentacled monsters, they aren't ripping people's clothes off. The Syndarians - a race of beautiful woman from the edge of the solar system - meet with the Agents and are particularly interested in Rocket Ranger's weapons and technology. Ranger walks in the meeting a little late but his teammates get him caught up... Patriot: Brett, these women want to examine your tools. Nightwatch: So you going to let them touch your junk or what? Nightwatch has more than a passing interest in Agent Libby Belle - the team's government liason - but when she starts acting more secretive than usual, he considers following her around to see what she's up to. His teammates advise against it... Rocket Ranger: When you're romancing a woman, you want to stop at the point of illegal. Patriot: Yes, stalking is not sexy. Nightwatch and Clubber share a personality trait in common... Nightwatch: Does any of this strike you as suspicious? Clubber: Everything strikes me as suspicious. The Syndarians have traveled the length of the solar system on a mission of peace and cross-cultural exchange. As a sign of good faith, they are even willing to share some of their advanced technology with the Earthlings. Clubber is dubious... Clubber: You don't trust chocolate cake falling from the sky; you don't trust space babes showing up with high-tech gifts. While explaining why the Agents refuse to follow the Syndarians around the city or try to break into their spaceship... Rocket Ranger: We're far too law-abiding to around stalking people or intruding on their property. That's why we hired Havoc. The armed and dangerous Radio Marauders are robbing a bank, holding a number of employees and customers hostage. The Agents arrive on the scene and make a plan - with Patriot and Rocket Ranger dominating the scheming as usual... Patriot: I say we charge in. Rocket Ranger: I'm with Patriot on this. Patriot: That's two against... Rocket Ranger: ...no one who matters. The Agents battle the Radio Marauders, making short work of them, but the high-tech crooks continue looting valuables even in the midst of the fight... Rocket Ranger: You've got to admire these guys' confidence; they still think they can get away. Patriot meets up with a mysterious woman who claims to have knowledge of the origins of the Radio Marauders. Her speech pattern and dress mark as not from around here... Patriot: Are you from the future? Mysterious NPC: Um, no. Patriot: Are you from another planet? Mysterious NPC: What? No. Patriot: Are you from the center of the Earth? Mysterious NPC: I beg your pardon? Patriot: Sorry. It wouldn't be the strangest thing we've heard. Left to her own devices, the Mighty Huntress decides to sneak into the hideout of the Radio Marauders. Unfortunately, her plan involves changing from her daring and overconfident half-feline form back to shy and reserved Elsie Ashby... Mighty Huntress (OOC): Huntress finds a secluded spot and turns back into Elsie.... Rocket Ranger (OOC): ...and promptly realizes this is a crazy idea and runs away. Mighty Huntress (OOC): Yeah, pretty much. The Mighty Huntress' plan sort of backfires and she ends up captured by the Radio Marauders... Mighty Huntress: That worked out much better in my head. Havoc: It usually does. The Agents meet back up and discuss how to find and rescue their missing teammate... Nightwatch: Do we know where Mighty Huntress is? Havoc: In New York? Nightwatch: Can we be more specific? In the middle of their search of the Mighty Huntress, the Agents get word over their radios that some sort of disturbance was occurring at the World's Fair... Patriot: Well, wherever there's a disturbance, we can expect to find the Mighty Huntress. There may be a bit of bias in this statement... Rocket Ranger: Nothing says progress toward the future like rockets! After helping defeat the Radio Marauders, the mysterious woman casts doubt upon the Agents' loyalty to their mission commander, Agent Libby Belle... Mysterious NPC: Do you trust your Agent Belle? Patriot: Well, we did...up until she started showing interest in Nightwatch. Nightwatch: But she hasn't shown interest in me! Patriot: Oh, really? Well then...yes, we trust her implicitly. Random pulps era comment... Rocket Ranger: Never underestimate the evil of evil-doers. During an encounter in which the Agents are breaking into a warehouse, looking for evidence of illegal trafficking of stolen museum pieces, Havoc's player forgets which figure on the hex map is hers... Havoc (OOC): I'm so sneaky I can't even keep track of myself. Havoc and Artifact devise a scheme to meet with a Tong leader named Doctor Fang. They intend to use some of Artifact's magical devices in a false sale to Fang, though Artifact becomes concerned about letting dangerous items out in the open... Havoc: Don't worry. Any sales can be totally temporary. If we want it returned, it'll get returned. Another standard Patriot credo... Patriot: When in doubt, knock it out. While investigating the disappearance of several animals from locals zoos, the Agents find that the creatures have been transformed into anthromorphic imitations of themselves! Patriot's double is a gorilla clad in a red, white, and blue uniform, which promptly offends his sensibilities... Patriot: You beastly abomination...take off those colors or I'll take them off of you! And I mean that in a totally non-sexual, hetero sort of way! Clubber's animal double grabs a hold of the Mighty Huntress and Nightwatch wonders if the creature also knows Clubber's tactics... Nightwatch: It's going to realize that the best thing to hit a hero with is another hero. The Mighty Huntress springs onto the back of Clubber's bear doppelganger... Mighty Huntress: I'm riding a bear! And that's not a euphemism! During the fight with the bestial duplicates, Havoc is instructed to search for Francine Ashby, evil twin sister to the Mighty Huntress... Havoc: I'm looking for someone who looks like Elsie but crazy. Wait...that wasn't clear enough... Rocket Ranger shouts at Patriot to go and assist Nightwatch, who has drawn the attention of two of the beast-men along with a couple of Tong warriors... Patriot: What's attacking him? Nightwatch: Everything! The battle with the beast-men goes poorly for a number of the heroes, especially Patriot, who gets punched, kicked, tossed, stabbed and shredded to an inch of his all-American life. It's a far-cry from how most of the Agents' battles go... Rocket Ranger: Damn it, Patriot. You're supposed look good while Nightwatch takes the damage. Get it right. Patriot: Hey, that's right - Jeb, get over here! Nightwatch: I can't. I'm too busy looking good. Finally, when Patriot is in turn surrounded by opponents, the oft-abused Nightwatch offers... Nightwatch: Are you going to get your star-spangled knickers in a twist if I save you? Seeing a wave of Tong warriors coming toward him, Clubber cracks his knuckles and grins... Clubber: Time to get cinematic. While the Mighty Huntress is tackled by a half-dozen Tong fighters, she is also assaulted by her white tiger doppelganger. Her teammates protest that the picked-on Huntress could take as much damage as she does... Rocket Ranger (OOC): But she has a protective shells of ninjas! Thanks to his Rocket Ranger Rocket Pack, Rocket Ranger manages to avoid the worst of the combat by flitting about the battlefield. Nightwatch wonders when the high-flying hero is going to draw some of the fire... Nightwatch: How about you take one for the team for a change? Rocket Ranger: I'd like to...but you and Patriot keep hogging it all. Only a couple of the beast-men are still standing. Rocket Ranger tries to decide which of the two to attack next... Rocket Ranger: Let's see, the gorilla is based off of Patriot and the bear is based off of Clubber...and Clubber is the bigger threat... Patriot: Hey! Having just used her "luck powers" to heal Artifact, Havoc rushes over to do the same for Patriot, only to have Clubber take a bad hit as well... Havoc: C'mon, guys, there's only one of me! While looking around for which teammate to help next, Havoc is called by Artifact for some backup... Havoc: You only have the one ninja now. You'll be okay. With the bear-man dazed and the gorilla-man still nearby, Clubber decides to give the bear the boot, driving it straight into the gorilla... Clubber: Let's try soccer...that's a real working man's game. Bend it like Charlie. Patriot turns his attention to the attacking Tong warriors, shouting at them with his usual pro-America rhetoric... Patriot: Get out of my country, you foreign devils! Tong Warrior (NPC): What are you talking about? My grandfather came here in 1840 - I'm a third-generation native! Patriot: If there's one attribute that Clubber has never lacked, it's self-confidence... GM: You're surrounded by two ninjas. Clubber: What a coincidence...I have two hands. ---- Whew! Sorry of the long post! Hope you enjoy! Lonewalker
  14. Re: Chronicles of the Agency (Golden Age) The Furry Doppelganger Throwdown While the rest of the Agents were conducting their varied investigations, Nightwatch had chosen a different avenue to pursue. His suspicious nature and amorous fixation on Agent Belle led him to tail her after she left the last briefing. He trailed the mysterious Agent back to her home – a rather nice home on the outskirts of the city – where she collected a large travel bag and left for the airport. Making impromptu arrangements as he gleaned information on Belle’s movements, Jeb took a flight to Denver and rented a car to drive down to an isolated town called Roswell in New Mexico. Having caught up with Belle, he watched as she entered a nondescript complex on the edge of the town. Stepping into the shadows, he teleported into the building but found himself in a dark room filled with exotic and unearthly machinery. Agent Belle was nowhere to be found. After a few haphazard attempts to figure out what the equipment was for, Jeb ended up calling back to Agency headquarters, where he eventually reached Tom Jefferson and Brett Tucker. Brett admitted that the technology that Jeb was described sounded similar to the Syndarian devices, but he wouldn’t be able to tell for sure without hands-on study. Tom informed Jeb that trailing Agent Belle was not the priority and that he needed to arrange transport back to New York as soon as possible. Nightwatch had a sneaking suspicion that the machinery was some sort of teleportation technology…and that his would-be paramour was being less than honest with the rest of the team. The rest of team, used to trusting Agent Belle, scoffed at the idea, which grated on Nightwatch’s nerves. Meanwhile, since Annabelle and Esther’s plan to meet up with the Tong boss Doctor Fang would take a few days to arrange, the team chose to focus their investigations on the disappearances of various zoo animals. Elsie was still certain that her conniving sister Francine was involved in the crime and was eager to get on the trail. So the Agents did some recon of the three likely sites for a hidden animal preserve. The first spot they investigated was the actual animal preserve east of the city. They took a two-pronged approach with Patriot, Rocket Ranger, and Clubber arriving publically at the front door while Artifact, Havoc, and Mighty Huntress sneaking around to see what was behind the scenes. The men were met by one Safari Sam, the boisterous head of the reserve. When the Agents explained that there had been a rash of animal disappearances and that they simply wanted to make sure all was well here, Safari Sam welcoming them cheerfully. He told the Agents that his preserve catered to the rich and influential who wanted a chance to hunt without the inconvenience of traveling far from their urban homes. Occasionally, Sam got requests for specific quarry or situations but most of his customers just wanted the feel of a safari hunt. Safari Sam showed off the public facilities and the animal pens, which were stocked with all manner of creatures. He also told the Agents that there had been no disturbances or problems on his property. The Agents thanked Safari Sam for his cooperation and asked that he contact the Agency if any trouble cropped up. The Agency ladies, easily avoiding the security around the preserve, searched the grounds and the storage areas, but found nothing incriminating. Mighty Huntress could detect the old scents of numerous prey and predator animals that lived in the preserve but she did not find the specific creatures that had gone missing. In the end, they concluded that Safari Sam ran an honest business and probably wasn’t involved in the animal thefts. The Agents took a break from their recon for an outing to the World’s Fair. They saw many cultural and technological wonders (with Annabelle working very hard to keep her sticky fingers to herself) and sampled a variety of foreign cuisine. Martha Washington (Tom’s ladyfriend) tagged along and mentioned that she’d been keeping tabs on the Syndarians’ movements and that their numbers didn’t add up right. There seemed to be far more Syndarians spread out around the country and Europe than their ship seemed able to transport. The next day (after Nightwatch had arrived back in New York) the Agents resumed their investigations. They first paid a visit the Sorras farm, which had recently been purchased by a German family named Von Hammersmark. When no one answered the front door, the Agents naturally became suspicious. But a stealthy search of the grounds revealed nothing other than a building full of chicken pens. There was no sign of any animals on the property beyond poultry. That left the large estate located north of the Von Hammersmark farm. Like the previous location, there was no answer at the front door to the expansive manor. Mighty Huntress scoured the grounds around the main building and Elsie soon picked up on the scent of wild animals, though there no outward signs of any beasts. Havoc and Artifact snuck into the manor itself and found the servants busily preparing for some sort of banquet. Talk among the servants revealed that Doctor Rani Shaby (the head of the newly established World Wildlife Foundation) would soon be returning…and that Shaby was something of a harsh taskmistress. Following the trail of animal scent, Mighty Huntress led the team to a cave sunk slightly into the earth. A large and secure door blocked the entrance but Havoc and Artifact were able to disable the locks and open the portal. Beyond the doorway was a large chamber with electronic and laboratory equipment on the far wall. Most startling were the seven cages along the side walls…each holding a half-man, half-beast hybrid! The creatures were obviously the missing animals, altered to possess humanoid characteristics. The lion-man, the black panther-man, and the condor-man all wore elaborate bracers on their wrists. The bear-man had a wide belt around its waist. A large ferret-like humanoid was wrapped in a hooded cloak as well. Finally, the gorilla wore a red, white, and blue vest. “Sweet Lady Liberty!” Patriot exclaimed in horror, “Are these twisted mockeries supposed to be…us??” At that moment, the cage doors all swung open and the beastmen rushed out to attack! Mighty Huntress was the first one hit, bowled over by her white tiger doppelganger. The rest of the beastmen also focused on their counterparts – Rocket Ranger dodged crude missiles fired from the condor’s bracers. The black panther teleported closer to Nightwatch and threw blast of inky darkness at the Texan. The bear ignored the closer Nightwatch to lunge at Clubber. The tiger pummeled Artifact with glowing fists. And the ferret caused light fixtures from the ceiling to crash down near Havoc. Patriot was quick to meet his own star-spangled opponent head on, though the gorilla’s bestial reflexes were quicker than the hero’s and more than one furry fist slammed into America’s Hero. Being at the far end of the room, Patriot was the first to notice a hidden door slide open near the lab apparatus. From this passageway streamed a dozen or more Chinese Tong armed with swords, knives, and throwing stars. Their intent was obvious. “Ninjas!” Patriot bellowed, warning his comrades. While the beastmen focused on their Agent counterparts, the Agents did not have the same concentration. Havoc pulled on the strings of fate to trip up the bear, allowing Huntress to pounce on the creatuere’s head. Artifact dodged her lion and closed with the panther, sending it into the far wall with a single blow from her Norse Hammer, before turning back to the lion. The heroes started out doing well, but the arrival of the Tong warriors soon tipped the balance back in favor of the bad guys. Deadly throwing stars flew through the room, whittling down the Agents with cuts and slashes. A number of the Tong closed with Patriot, cutting into him with their swords while his attention was drawn by the gorilla. Nightwatch and Artifact hurried to help Patriot – Nightwatch managed to teleport the bleeding hero away but that left Artifact at the mercy of the Tong, who swiftly cut her down. Rocket Ranger poured explosive and other area effect missiles into the clusters of Tong but the warriors were more durable than the usual thug and kept coming on. Nightwatch threw up a miry wave of blackness that slowed a large group of Tong to a molasses-like crawl. Patriot (having taken a moment to recover) started throwing Tong warriors into the morass. With its target out of reach, the star-spangled gorilla chose to pounce on Clubber. Mighty Huntress continued to wail on the bear until the beast finally dropped, stunned. But then the white tiger and the black panther (both having recovered) double teamed the feline heroine. The ferret continued to prove troublesome as it dropped more debris from the ceiling (mostly on Rocket Ranger) and moved about the battlefield completely invisible. Havoc rushed over to where Artifact lay unconscious and punched out one of the Tong standing over her. Using her luck powers, she mended Artifact’s wounds and brought the woman back into the fight. Meanwhile, the condor made the mistake of closing with Rocket Ranger, who ducked the bird’s attack and countered with one of his patented Rocket Punches, sending the creature flying across the room and into the shadowy mire. The bear started to recover from Huntress’ attack, only to have Clubber hurl the gorilla into it, putting it back into dreamland. To add insult to injury, Clubber than leapt over to the dogpile and kicked the unconscious bear into the staggered gorilla, sending both monsters flying. The Tong got themselves organized and started ganging up on Mighty Huntress, Clubber, and Patriot, injuring them all. Seeing the need to push the fight along, Rocket Ranger sent a wave of fire from his flamethrower over the large group picking on Patriot then followed up with a blinding flare into a second pack. The beastmen started following the Agents’ tactics and began switching up their target, with the white tiger gouging Clubber badly. In pain and anger, Clubber grabbed one of the closest targets (in this case, the gorilla) and hurled it into a mob of the Tong. Most of the warriors dodged, letting the flailing animal plow instead into Rocket Ranger and Patriot…and knocking the Patriot out! The white tiger lunged at Mighty Huntress again, shredding her badly, then began smashing her with heavy blows. Rocket Ranger shouted in fury and blasted the tiger with an energy beam that sent it staggering. Havoc managed to heal Clubber, who started grabbing Tong left and right and slamming them together like meat-and-bone cymbals. Nightwatch fired bolt after bolt of painful shadow at the black panther, driving it back to where Patriot grabbed a hold of it and hurled it none-to-gently into one of the cages. Several pieces of Rocket Ranger’s gear started shorting out, a sure sign of the ferret’s Havoc-like powers at work. Mighty Huntress used her superhuman senses to get a rough location of the rodent, allowing her and Rocket Ranger to concentrate their claws and rockets into where the ferret hid under its cloak of invisibility. The ferret managed to ‘luckily’ escape the first barrage but not the second…and like Havoc, it tended to crumple under physical violence. Nightwatch threw a shadow blast at the condor, who dodged aside…only to discover the Texan had maneuvered it into Artifact’s hammer range. With a mighty blow the condor was sent barreling into a bank of electronics. Clubber pounced on the barely conscious white tiger and pounded it into the ground. By now the Tong had lost too many of their number and had begun to retreat back down the passageway. The Agents, occupied with the final push toward beating their bestial doppelgangers, were unable to stop them. The Agents took a long moment to catch their breath and secure their fallen opponents. Rocket Ranger examined the electronic equipment and discovered that it was in fact Syndarian technology, though about thirty years out of date – rather like his own equipment reputed was. Comparing notes with Nightwatch, the Agents determined that this technology was very much like the devices that Nightwatch had found in New Mexico. After being healed by Havoc, Mighty Huntress tried following the escaped Tong back down their bolthole-passageway. It emptied out into the forest to the rear of the estate and there was no physical sign of the Tong warriors. Mighty Huntress searched around some more and discovered the scent of her sister – about two hours old – near the entrance to the hidden passageway and in parts around the estate. It was then that she realized that the name “Shaby” was an anagram for “Ashby.” The head of the World Wildlife Foundation must be her sister Francine in disguise! Patriot radioed the Agency, calling for a containment team to pick up both the beastmen and the surviving Tong. The manor would also need to be occupied and the servants questioned about “Shaby’s” whereabouts. When the containment team arrived, there was an urgent telegram for Tom Jefferson…
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