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  1. So here's where things got really interesting. I guess you could say I found a work around, but it is weird and odd and doesn't make any sense. To answer your first questions, yep I could see all the documents and the folders in Finder, yes I had all full file extensions turned on, I was definitely using the same document folder. So then what you told me at the end of your comment... Make a folder for myself through Finder. Did that, still didn't work. But here's the weird thing, I got really frustrated and started taking that folder and shoving it all over my computer. Screw it, what
  2. I did try your route. I created new characters in HD and saved them to Documents, Downloads, Desktop, and inside the HD folder. Still nothing.
  3. Whelp. I'm still out of luck. I actually went ahead and purchased the newest version of Hero Designer since the version I was running was from 2006. So started with a brand new fresh HD. Went in like unclevlad and didn't even try to open any of my saved .hdc files. I straight up created a new character. Built him out a little bit and then saved the newly made character to my documents folder. Nothing. According to HD when I go to "Open Character" there are no files or folders anywhere. I can click on "Documents" and it's completely empty. I can click on "Downloads", same, completely
  4. Hi guys, I double checked everything. I went into my system preferences and gave java the authority to read/write the entire disk. I went back to old legacy Java versions. I went through the terminal and checked Java. All permissions are wide open. I've installed 4 different versions of Java. I've made sure that Java is allowed to read and write all files and directories. I just don't know what else to do. Every time when I open up Hero Designer, it loads up, I go to File, then Open Character, look for any and all .hdc files when I can see them sitting right there on my desktop, but t
  5. @Simon So I double checked on my finder preferences and made sure that file extensions were shown, and I had a buddy of mine test on his computer. The files are all .hdc with no hidden file extensions. Thanks for the possible solution though! @ibenny I'm going to try this next.
  6. I fully agree with you Simon. I've been using the Hero Designer for a few years now and haven't had any problems until now. As I mentioned before, old mac died, transferred over Hero Designer to my new mac, tried opening .hdc files and they don't exist. It's quite odd. Just from my previous uses of Hero Designer I've always known (or thought) that you can only use .hdc files for character sheets and .hde files for prefabs. Is there any kind of bug report I could look to to see where the breakdown is? I'm attaching a photo so you can see what I'm talking about. When you look at the scree
  7. I downloaded Hero Designer to my new iMac as my old Mac died. Now that I have Java running smoothly, and I have the JDK installed, I can run Hero Designer fine. The problem is when I go to "Open Character" in the File menu in Hero Designer there is literally nothing on my Desktop. I click through to my Desktop and it's just a blank space, no files, no folders, nothing. Has anyone else run into this issue? What am I missing here?
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