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  1. Re: Answers & Questions Q: How did you lose your eye? A: Well, My brain is angered because it's not fried. It is tasty, so my stomach is arguing the point.
  2. Re: The cranky thread Tucson. I doubt my new managers will be any brighter, but at least it'll be a change of scenery.
  3. Re: The cranky thread Because of the way the store is not selling enough, shipment has been cut from twice a week to once a week. This means that the need for Stock Associates goes down (as does our hours) which were already low. As if this isn't bad enough, a third stock associate has come to the store. Looks like my fifteen hour weeks are going to be trimmed even more. It's either that or push to become a full time sales associate, which I refuse to do, because having mild panic attacks at work are not my cup of tea. (there isn't a lot of structure in the sales associate job and I need it or I start feeling out of control). Thank god I'm moving soon.
  4. Re: A Game Of Questions Who are the Lakers?
  5. Re: What Non-Fiction Book have you just finished? Stiff by Mary Roach Reviews the history and current use of human cadavers in science. It is humorous, but remains respectful of the dead. I have read it three times and would recommend it to anyone who isn't too squeamish.
  6. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game New mm secondary and new controller sets! Looking forward to it.
  7. Re: A Game Of Questions Are you saying you didn't?
  8. Re: Jokes It's commenting how some Vegan's attitude is extremely Holier than thou. Obviously not always the case, but still...
  9. Re: A Game Of Questions Well, was the person a she or a he?
  10. Re: A Game Of Questions What are your qualifications?
  11. Re: A Game Of Questions Isn't that a song by Pink?
  12. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Smacks Bazza.
  13. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Acoustic version (and sung by a male) of as sung by Travis. I really like it actually. Of course, I liked the original as well.
  14. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Discussing what to tell the Doctor about Lauren's strange wounds: "She tripped...alot." - Cornelues This player (can't remember who, think it was Zach) left his weapon behind. Player- "Charlie, I need a piece" Stewart(Rob): "Now is not the time for getting a piece from Charlie." During a battle with an icky demon "so are you going to abort to dodge?" - Brad (G.M) "if it's going to eat me, yes" - Rob "it just looks like it's going to claw you in half" - Brad "oh well, in that case..." - Rob Cornelues had been clawed by the demon (which Lauren was unconscious for) "what happened?" - Lauren "I tripped" - Cornelues "Alot?" - Lauren
  15. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat When you find something funny, you said, "lol" guilty -
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