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  1. Re: Naked Advantage Question You can do naked advantages on the power pools, its just not recommended. If I could fork up the cost of 0 End in a VPP, everything created by the pool is 0 End (which is the example they use). But if I had a 10 pt pool VPP for instant minor gadgets, would 0 End be so bad? You aren't supposed to put naked advantages as slots in a pool, such as a MP, but in TUB they rewrote some villian bricks from CKC and did use naked advantages as slots in an MP, because it better fit the concept. When it comes to naked advantages, I believe its all down to maturity, role playing, and concept. I wouldn't forbid them, I would just want to see how they are used. Jim
  2. Relentless? If he can keep changing and coming back for more, then he would be Relentless.
  3. Dark Champions Hey Rechan, No normal gang, even Mafia, should ever be able to stand up to PC's, even Dark Champions (though Dark Champions are supposed to somewhat fear common weapons). It sounds like you have a real nice story going, but unless the NPG finds a way to stand up to the PC's, they'll never be much of a threat. Some things you could do: 1) Hey, we need special ammunition for our machine pistols! 2) Traps, as Monolith has suggested, but you don't need to give them special weapons, just tactics. It's hard to dodge a falling wall that's just blown down or fake room with napalm furniture. 3) Do what other groups do: Hire someone who can take them on. In the old Dark Champions supplements, that was what many groups did, otherwise they'd be cannon fodder. Or, since they've got cybermind, have them extort someone, or just "finger" them to a know hunted. 4) Have them approach a bad guy for help, only the have the bad guy turn on them (DEMON turns them into Demons, or the Steel Commado thinks he's taken care of the heroes so then he wipes out the gang so he can have the spoils for himself). Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps!
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