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  1. Re: What do you really think of Champions Online? Gave it up. Not enough end-game content, and not enough variety.
  2. Re: Gravity well power - how to write it? Any reason not to use an entangle here, in concert with an AOE attack?
  3. Re: Clever Future Weapons Our local SO uses the MP5, with JHP rounds, and they do ok. Of course, marksmanship has a lot to do with it. In the James Bond game, they point out that Bond's first weapon was a .25 Beretta -- a purse gun -- because it was easy to conceal. Not a lot of stopping power there; you'd have to be really good with it.
  4. Just saw this movie. No spoilers. Pretty classic shoot-em-up, Thai-style. Only two interesting things, from my perspective: 1. the use of JKD by Joe (hobud from Escrima, wing chun trapping, entries into grappling) and 2. the use of spacial awareness -- "You live in a city of mirrors. Windows, polished steel. Use them to develop eyes in the back of your head." OWTTE.
  5. Re: Startopia It's from 2001. Probably pretty cheap. It's like "Sim Space Station" with a British sense of humor.
  6. Re: Startopia No interest? Then I will post them simply to PUNISH YOU! First one is the Groulien Salt Hog: "Short but proud, Salt Hogs are considered the working class race of the game. They are the simplest to appease, needing basic facilities to be kept happy. Living on a planet created by a long-dead race, these aliens are mechanically inclined. As such, they are the only alien race able to produce and recycle materials in your station. Their speech is similar to that of a pig." 3 STR +3 -2 INT -2 2 ED +2 3 Mechanics 11- 4 Short!: + 1 DCV with HTH or Ranged Combat 2 Galactic Language (basic language is Groulien) 7 Ubiquitous but oddly difficult-to-see Laser Pistol: Killing Attack - Ranged 1 1/2d6 (vs. ED), 16 Charges (+0) (25 Active Points); Independent (-2), IAF (-1/2), Beam (-1/4) Could only load the HDC, so will have to be saved from HD as a package deal once downloaded.
  7. Re: URBAN FANTASY HERO -- What Do *You* Want To See? Is this that old Metallica flap again? I think Tull are second-rate, but I don't hate them like some Metallica fans.
  8. Re: ...and now he's a werepaladin... Traditional D&D-type paladins are immune from disease, aren't they? The lycanthropy bug can't be that strong, can it?
  9. Maelstrom


    Anybody remember this game? I still play it. I'm thinking about getting racial packages together and posting them, just for fun, if anybody's interested.
  10. Re: "Slick" Hero? Sure. If I was the man. RPG in it? Would be weird.
  11. Re: How many staffers does a superhero team need? Magic hides a multitude of sins. You might not need a receptionist, or might have a golem, or mannikin, or homunculus answering phones and doors. A Magic Mouth?
  12. Re: My first character (Speedster) Very nice.
  13. Re: A campaign for my kids Good luck! I have started my oldest two girls into HERO and they love it. Don't worry too much about cliches; at this level they love the old tropes, and new ears make old jokes new again. I keep telling my wife we need a fourth child, because we need a rogue to round out the group, but she is strangely resistant to the idea . . .
  14. Re: Noob Question Wait! What about quantum tunneling effects?
  15. Re: Excel Spreadsheet for tracking Combat Order Tried this myself with the same results.
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