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  1. Perhaps the implication is that once infected, twice shy. If even Chris Christie survives his first dance with 'Rona and learns his lesson and starts promoting mask wearing, maybe there's generally hope for long term survival.
  2. This is why it's a good idea for the GM to establish some benchmarks so players can build characters that fit into the game world in the places they are supposed to. If you envision your character to be an agility based fighter, you need to know how much CV is enough to play that role. If you want to build a damage sponge, you need to know how much DEF is enough. Without campaign specific benchmarks, how will you know?
  3. or just have a competing teen supergroup sponsored by a rival organization. Not villains, rivals. Always out to one-up the PCs and steal their thunder.
  4. Do you need to use art resources from the art packs or can you create your own?
  5. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Frankenstein's Monster Wolfman Invisible Man Creature from the Black Lagoon Dracula
  6. Re: The Ms Champions Universe contest best. typo. ever.
  7. Re: More Abusive characters I don't remember that being in the rules.
  8. Re: Music to Kill Zombies By I think you're obliged to go with "Don't stop me now".
  9. Re: Bygone Champions - Early Editions Huh. I play in an annual game where Dove often appears (whenever Ray's schedule allows) and this description seems at odds with the version he's playing currently. Perhaps he had a radiation accident or something...
  10. Re: Arrest Control You'll be better off doing the conversion yourself. Mr A hasn't been active for years, unfortunately.
  11. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I find it a little odd that the cleric is wearing darker clothing than the thief.
  12. Re: Foxbat and... Or Fishbed, Flogger and Fulcrum...
  13. Re: Fantasy Art Thread very nice.
  14. Re: What do you need to have in order to play the game? The simple reason why the other books in the Pulp Hero line aren't selling well is because they're pulp. Pulp is the media darling, market pariah of the gaming world. I don't have hard data at my fingertips, but I would bet that less than 10% of gamer hours are devoted to anything that could be solidly categorized as Pulp. So - why did Pulp Hero do well? Well, it's a great GM resource. It was hyped pretty well. There was, previous to its publication, not much competition in its genre. I mean, how many years ago was
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