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  1. Has this approach been playtested? Against/among existing characters/villains?
  2. BNakagawa

    DunDraCon 2019

    DDC outgrew the San Ramon Marriott years ago. They have a lot of organizational inertia and finding a replacement venue is difficult. Hopefully, changing venues will help them in the long term.
  3. BNakagawa

    DunDraCon 2019

    FYI - next year DDC 2020 will be their last year in San Ramon. 2021 will be in Santa Clara.
  4. Frankly, for introductory use, I would stick with one trick ponies for the most part. If you have a Superman, you really don't need a brick, an energy projector or a speedster.
  5. Mitchie M just released his second album which includes a full length version of this song which was a promotion for an event for a mobile phone game. Insanely catchy, which is more or less his calling card as a composer/arranger
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/11/05/us/elections/results-kentucky-governor-general-election.html wow, that was close. Kentucky, a state that DT won by 30 percent, just elected a democrat Governor days after Trump stumped for the republican incumbent.
  7. Hero System games (and Champions games in particular) at DDC tend to fill up quickly. If you can't get into one, perhaps you might sit in and observe for a bit. You might find people who match your preferred style that you can talk to later.
  8. Never add insult to injury when you could be adding injury to injury.
  9. It may not be covered in the rules as written, but if it was my game, I would just run it as if every ambush predator (Lurker, Piercer, Mimic, etc) automatically went first in the first round if undetected. It's essentially assuming that they had a held action from last round...or last year. Whichever. Unless they were the type that required the PCs to perform some action that triggered the encounter, like stepping on some kinds of slime/ooze or walking under a Piercer, in which case, obviously, one or some of the PCs would have already acted in the surprise round...
  10. Happy 65th birthday to the King of Monsters.
  11. 233 if you're just using 5th edition.
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