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  1. I first encountered him via Battlebots. He was younger than me.
  2. Aren't there religious schools with football teams? Just saying...
  3. Even if the death rate for Covid19 is relatively low, with the dramatic spike in positive cases and the number of unoccupied hospital beds dropping fast, the number of deaths from all causes is probably going to spike due to stress on the healthcare system. Just looking at the documented Covid19 deaths is a mistake.
  4. With the solution to this epidemic being intelligent leadership and a unified responsible citizenry, it's almost as if this virus was purpose-built to bring down this country.
  6. I've heard no reports that smite evil won't work, protection vs evil won't work or that holy word is being rewritten. What I have heard is that evil won't be a defining attribute of certain races. I don't know what you heard.
  7. not to mention possible viruses that haven't been active since before humans evolved...
  8. This is evidently the new normal. It took a little while to get used to having to store reusable shopping bags in the car all the time. Then you had to remind yourself to stop bringing reusable shopping bags because they wouldn't allow them. Storing hand sanitizer and spare masks in the car are going to be the standard moving forwards. Or they should be. Assuming you aren't one of those anti-maskers.
  9. well, they posted 88 of them and the first sentence had 14 words in it. And the graphic was a symbol used to indicate political enemies of the state, so...
  10. Not particularly. I started with 1e and have played every edition since. (not a huge fan of 6e because of insufficient playtesting) There aren't that many adjustments to make from edition to edition in play. Most of the real changes affect character building. Unfortunately, haven't encountered many new players at all recently.
  11. Wouldn't Change Environment be a better choice than Life Support? I say this because what if you chose to bubble two different aliens in the same bubble and they breathed incompatible gas mixtures? By the definition of Life Support, they could both breathe, but logically, one of them shouldn't.
  12. The ISS is creating the 5th phase of matter under conditions that allow it to last longer than on earth. http://spaceref.com/international-space-station/cold-atom-lab-creates-bose-einstein-condensate-on-the-iss.html
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