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  1. Our current teen hero game features a school within a school, with two rival schools, each with metahumans mixed into the student bodies, a team of trainee level villains sponsored by a master villain, multiple sets of Viper operatives, independant villain teams and personal rivals, hunteds and family business, so there's no shortage of angles to pursue. (granted, we're not using Ravenswood Academy) The setting is in New York City, so the population density of metahumans makes perfect sense. A setting out in the sticks, relatively speaking, puts some limitations on the GM, but limitations make for better art IMO.
  2. https://www.wired.com/story/anonymous-leaked-data-from-right-wing-web-host-epik/
  3. were they human hirelings or robots or what? If they were humans, I'd have some thoughts about the players' mindsets...
  4. My $0.02: Pick four random villains from an enemies sourcebook. You take one and pass the others to your players. Pick teams at random and fight. Test drive the system using rented rides, so when you break something, you don't feel any regrets. It's also a good way to find out if you like this kind of character or not.
  5. Japanese Romaji Official English Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! to You Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! to You Three Two One Ready デジタルの吐息の (come on) dejitaru no toiki no (come on) When a diva (come on) 歌姫が目覚めたときに utahime ga mezameta toki ni With digital sigh is awake 生まれる音楽の (check it out) umareru ongaku no (check it out) Messages of blessings (check it out) 数は祝福のメッセージ kazu wa shukufuku no messeeji In the name of music are born 君に会いたい (すぐにすぐに) kimi ni aitai (sugu ni, sugu ni) Want to see you (right now, right now) そばに居たいな (いつもいつも) soba ni itai na (itsumo, itsumo) Want to be with you (always, always) 何が好きなの? (What do you love?, What do you love?) nani ga suki nano? (What do you love?, What do you love?) What do you like (What do you love, what do you love?) 想いが届くこと祈ってる omoi ga todoku koto inotteru Wishing our feelings will reach you 初めて君の 声の音聴いて hajimete kimi no koe no ne kiite When we hear the sound of your voice 世界が変わる Happy Birthday! sekai ga kawaru Happy Birthday! The world changes, Happy Birthday! 小さい頃に 夢で見ていた chiisai koro ni yume de mite ita Dreamed of you when we were young エンジェルにおめでとう (おめでとう) enjeru ni omedetou (omedetou) “O-me-de-to-u (congratulations)” to the angel 時には僕が 孤独でいても toki ni wa boku ga kodoku de itemo Even when we are alone sometimes 君がいるから ミクさんきゅー kimi ga iru kara miku sankyuu You are here, Miku, thank you 繋がるよ君を好きな仲間と tsunagaru yo kimi o suki na nakama to You and friends who care about you will join together ひとつになる気持ち to You hitotsu ni naru kimochi to You The feelings of becoming united, to you 幾千の時越えて ikusen no toki koete People will go 人は君と出会う hito wa kimi to deau beyond the time to meet you ささやかでゴメンね sasayaka de gomen ne It may be small but この詩がプレゼント kono uta ga perezento this song is a present for you 初めて君の 声の音聴いて hajimete kimi no koe no ne kiite When we hear the sound of your voice 世界が変わる Happy Birthday! sekai ga kawaru Happy Birthday! The world changes, Happy Birthday! また新しい 歴史を歩む mata atarashii rekishi o ayumu Walking the paths of new history to be made エンジェルにおめでとう (おめでとう) enjeru ni omedetou (omedetou) “O-me-de-to-u (congratulations)” to the angel 初めて僕の 言葉を奏で hajimete boku no kotoba o kanade When you performed our words for the first time 心が開く ミクさんきゅー (サンキュー) kokoro ga hiraku miku sankyuu (sankyuu) You are here, Mikusan-kyu (Miku, thank you) 繋がるよ君を好きな仲間と tsunagaru yo kimi o sukina nakama to In your eyes with a shy little smile ひとつになる気持ち to You hitotsu ni naru kimochi to You The feelings of becoming united, to you 涙のエメラルド to You namida no emerarudo to You Teardrops of emerald, to you
  6. Hayabusa - japanese for Peregrine Falcon (the world's fastest bird)
  7. technically, one quarter as much of the table.
  8. If you don't come up with the details of your PC, then who will? Maybe the GM, if a detail needs to be decided upon after the fact, and maybe it'll be to your liking and maybe it won't. You never know what aspect of your character's life story is going to suddenly become relevant in game and the last thing I want is for the flow of the game to come to a screeching halt because somebody hasn't fleshed out their PCs background enough to keep the game going.
  9. Sketch is a very simple superhero RPG where you draw your character and let the other players vote on what your stats/powers are, so you need to draw your character lifting something if you want them to be strong, or with speed lines if you want to be fast, etc. Super Squadron is a superhero RPG from Australia published in the late 80s? I remember nothing about the game system, but I do recall that quite a lot of the interior artwork was traced from various sources. Stuperpowers! is a comedic RPG about heroes with less than awesome powers. Kind of the RPG if you wanted to play Legion of Substitute Heroes, I guess. Underground was published by Mayfair in the early 90s and was set in a very grim and gritty superhero world. Project A-ko RPG was published in the mid 90s. The title character turned out to be hinted to be the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. There was speculation that her rival (B-ko) was Lex Luthor's daughter... SuperWorld was the superhero portion of the Worlds of Wonder set. Designed by the recently passed Steve Perrin, it is credited with the inspiration of the Wild Cards universe. Superhero 2044 the first superhero RPG ever. Blood of Heroes from Pulsar Games used a system derived from the DC heroes system with its own setting Tiny Supers is a minimalist superhero rpg based on the Tiny Heroes minimalist fantasy rpg. Scion from White Wolf lets you play the offspring of various gods, which seems pretty much in line with main stream superheroics
  10. What really stings is that DunDraCon 44 was the last time I shared a game table with him. Had it happened, DDC 45 would have marked the 40th anniversary of Champions. (sort of) and there had been talk of trying to arrange a bunch of commemorative games and events to mark the occasion. Steve was in charge of DunDraCon's seminar scheduling and I'm sure something would have been arranged with hopefully a reunion of as many of the original Heroes as could be managed, but well, Coronavirus happened, so none of these plans panned out. DDC 45 was scheduled to be the first con back on the peninsula after a long stretch of events in Oakland and then San Ramon and it was going to be held at a hotel with much more capacity for attendees and events, too. But what really bums me out as a Champions player is that Steve ran what was kind of an old timers game with a very limited invite list and anyone from the OG hero team the Guardians always had an invite. Whenever they were available, Dove and IceStar made fairly regular appearances and once in a while we got Marksman too. The players for Force and Gargoyle had passed away some time ago and the players for Rose and Mercenary were no longer in California. So DDC 45 marked the best opportunity to gather what remained the majority of the first hero team in Champions history and due to the pandemic, it didn't happen and now it probably never will. Another thing I learned just recently - in the summer of 2019, Steve had a story published in Joker Moon, the latest collection of short stories set in the Wild Cards universe. The last convention we were at was in the spring of 2019, and while it hadn't hit the shelves yet, he had to have known that it was accepted and probably going through final edits prior to publication. He never mentioned it to us. He ran the seminars, he ran several Champions games. He was the most humble Secret Master of Gaming I ever knew. about 30 years ago, I had just graduated from UCSC. I had played at Steve's table on a small handful of occasions, as he always welcomed visitors. He could run groups of up to a dozen without flinching. He was working as a technical writer and game designer at a computer game company at that time and when an opening in the art department came up, he got me an interview there and changed my life. I can't believe he's gone.
  11. Clearly, the man on the left is afraid of the unmasked man on the right and trying to encourage social distancing.
  12. Sports team colors tend to feature color combinations that work well together. Many of the iconic team color combos are also used by iconic superheroes and/or villains.
  13. So you're calculating turn mod based on the actual number of hexes moved, not the number of flight capacity used to achieve them? But how do you know how much you need to move before turning if you haven't picked out your path yet and don't know how many actual hexes your path will stretch? What if you can't decide where you are turning because you can't see what's behind a wall you won't reach until your first turn? Is your turn mode 3 or 4? Might even be 5 if you fly downward.
  14. The Diamondbacks have what is arguably the worst pitching in the bigs. The Orioles have a worse team ERA but they have to face the DH most of the time...
  15. part of the mechanical question is how to handle vertical flight with turn mods. Can you just take a regular turn and be considered to be going straight up or down or should you have to move 1.5 your turn mod before being allowed to go vertical?
  16. so, how does this account for the immelmann turn?
  17. Is your turn mod based on inches moved or inches expended? IOW, if you are moving vertically, is your turn mod based on how many inches your character moves or how many inches of flight your character has expended, given that it will be different based on if they are moving upwards or downwards (while in a gravity well)
  18. his website has a rate sheet. http://www.denisloubet.com/
  19. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qp-palzvAJ49khb7WAzFX9DApUJdH8BF/view?fbclid=IwAR2X8Vd-QoNiPC9kBRi8gyjyJp7t2eHx0qSSOeL2oRELK_RN8WyUaC8RVug The OG heroes reminisce about how it all started.
  20. BNakagawa

    Theme Teams

    As long as the theme is open ended enough to encompass all needed roles, you should be fine. Mutants or Mystic themed characters can be nearly any type of character, so you could still have a balanced mix of types.
  21. placeholder. Replaced with a stream of the 40th anniversary of Champions presentation and group call. Hope everyone is still around for the 50th anniversary. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Qp-palzvAJ49khb7WAzFX9DApUJdH8BF/view?fbclid=IwAR19Hz8WcW_4ZXHleLZD9pM24DqE8_GtvY7OsVNMw9M2ruztCbkqcO4hol0 IYKYK
  22. I was so far back in the line that I didn't get a visit by Wonder Woman with flyers. I did get to talk to JD Ward, the guy who drew the Fineous Fingers strip in Dragon Magazine though. It boggled me that someone like him was stuck in line like a nobody like me, but the registration process for that con was awful.
  23. Hero Games turns 40 years old this year. July 3 2021 is marks the 40th anniversary of the first presentation of Champions to the public at Pacific Origins in San Mateo. This song is also turning 40 this year.
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