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  1. Re: What was that? Elvis weapon in LOTR movie. So you're saying they aren't similar?
  2. Re: Gurps Deadland Hero : Husckster Nice. Now run a good, long-lasting pbp game at Hero Central. Get it? Got it? Good.
  3. Savinien

    For FREEDOM!

    Re: For FREEDOM! A small group of guys I'm aware of did a LOT of skinning, modding, and text editting for Freedom Force. The draw to see their Champions characters battling it out on Freedom Force was too great. There was also a large force of Fanboys doing the same for the Big 2 universes. Alot of them got pissed aobut the sequel as it uses a different graphic engine and all their work had to be redone. I don't know what this has to do with anything, but I've always been impressed by their work.
  4. Re: Chronology, Continuity, Comics and Champions Who was that masked Necroposter?
  5. Savinien

    For FREEDOM!

    Re: For FREEDOM!(Freedom Force) Hey! And you're only two and a half years late!
  6. Re: CU - The Monster: Story Ideas If there were ever a thread that deserved necromancy around a particular time of year, I suppose it is this one! Everyone use The Monster in their Halloween games. Now!
  7. Savinien

    Super Names

    Re: Super Names Inktoma - Native American Spider 'god' Greenmantle - Female of legendary status with Native American's Manitou Upheaval Barn Owl
  8. Re: Magic Items Holy acts of Necrothreadmancy, Batman! I'd say... SIMILAR THREADS strikes again!
  9. Time... I put in so much time I can't finish the damn thing! I'm still stuck in all the details. I think it stems from indecision, but I can't be sure...
  10. Keith, I'd be more interested in hearing about what happened to Master Sangiyok in the city of Adala while speaking to the Merchant Bandit in the Hole Market... That sounds like a great story! Back to the topic: How come I haven't seen more mention of Magic Systems? I agree with Lezentauw and Steve... Magic changes everything... Anyone got more advice on creating orignal, theme-oriented Magic Systems? I'm ignorant of Game Mechanics and want to talk meshing the Magic System with the backdrop of the setting... Any takers?
  11. Still have room? I'd certainly be interested in this. I don't know anything about Western Shores, though. I'll also second slaughterJ's reccomendation for useing HeroCentral. As far as I can tell, that is the best place to play this sort of game. (Or any sort if you're trying to do email or play by post!)
  12. Yo, Enforcer ... any thoughts on other Hero renditions of Planetary characters? sorry for The High-jack folks. (Heheh.) Sav
  13. Odd to me, too. I have rebooted and still nothing but boxes. Thanks for the attempted assist though, Old Man. I guess I'll just have to do without... Has anyone actually mentioned some magic systems or given a URL to theirs? I've only been involved in the Hero System for a few years and building a Magic System from scratch doesn't seem workable to me at this time. I know I'm looking for a Sword & Sorcery type system. I also know that I want wizards to still be playable, though. Does anyone have any suggestions as a method or process to use when hashing out a system (s) for a
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