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    I've been gaming for about 22 years, and have been running games for pretty much the same length of time.
    I've pretty much tried every FRPG system that's out there, excluding the OD&D clones that have popped up in the last half decade or so.
    I'm new to the HERO System, at least in terms of running or playing the game, as I have been purchasing, reading and brainstorming using the system for over a decade.
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  1. Re: Fantasy Hero Companion: Heavy Fighters The term issue is a good example of the negative aspects of trying to create an extremely detailed package, as was done in the OP. Many players would perceive the term "heavy fighter/warrior" differently, and assume it allowed them the type of warrior they wanted. In this example, I believe Killer Shrike has some good examples on his website, where you start off with a simple, generic template (say one that focuses on STR, CON, and STUN/BODY, with a small "standardized" skill list, which is added to by additional templates (like one focusing on l
  2. Re: Fantasy Race Bloat? In this situation, the GM failed to meet the burden of multiple races, imo. Yeah, he was focusing on the race/culture/etc. but that is no reason to limit the player's options. If player 1 wants to play an elf, and doesn't like the "culture" the elves have in the GM's setting, then he can, feasibly play a different type of elf, but by doing so, he is playing an elf who is shunning his own culture, and would suffer negative reactions from other elves, more so than members of a different race, imo. These negative reactions may even trickle over into members of
  3. Re: Fantasy Race Bloat? And oddly enough, you just validated my entire argument with this post, even after you "attacked" it (not really upset, everyone has their own opinion, was just pointing this out)
  4. Re: Detailed (mundane) armor I'm not sure if i could justify to myself a reason to have a different level of rPD than PD for armor, since rPD applies to Killing Damage, and that's the whole reason to wear armor in FH . . . but since I'm using the Hit Locations in my game, I did vary the level of protection provided to the various locations depending on the suit of armor. Now, since I'm running a simplified game (nothing really more than an extended dungeon crawl with a single town to sell loot) to introduce new players to both role-playing and HERO, it's not as complex as it could be . .
  5. Re: Fantasy Race Bloat? Exactly. There's no hard-set number of races/cultures/species that, once exceeded, suddenly makes the game unbearable, or whatever. My post you quoted was not stating anything about it becoming burdensome to the GM at a certain point, at least not as I'm assuming you took it. My reference to " . . . the burden of the GM" was in regards to making sure the number of races/cultures/species doesn't become too much for both him/her and the players. Once the game world becomes so inundated with variations of humanoids that it becomes difficult for the GM to
  6. Re: Fantasy Race Bloat? Just throwing my two cents into the ring . . . for those of you who don't like the idea of non-human races in your world, the op could be changed to "how many cultures/different societies become too much." As you've been apt to point out, a new race is nothing more than a huyman with a different veneer, which I disagree with when done right, so it comes down to this: How many different race/species/culture/society options becomes too much in a fantasy game setting? And like my original post, I'll posit that it becomes a burden of the GM, and that the answer i
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