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  1. One of my players sent me this... "Another good defense against arrows is a shield. Shields were used by archers and varied from the small Arabic round shield on the bow arm to the large Assyrian wicker shields carried by a shield bearer or the pavise of the crossbowman. The archer's arm shield is an excellent defense. You can use it to actively block arrows, and sometimes it will manage to block arrows you did not see. But in light battles(they are not allowed in mixed battles) it is limited to fifteen inches in diameter and must be marked with the light fighters device, so as not to be mistaken for a heavy's shield. Basically a 15" round shiled on bow arm? what do you think?" I think it sounds like a +1 dcv shield, requiring sheild skill, while firing with bow. opinions?
  2. Re: Help with A Spell nice job.
  3. Re: The fear of fire and gas bombs. heheheh fry'em up. human=long pig? ever hear that reference?
  4. Re: The fear of fire and gas bombs. Well perhaps I am wrong but I see fire as penetrating because armor doesnt completely cover you except for maybe full plate or a clean suit made of fire proof canvas. I know you can see people running thru fire blazes in the movies but well heck, thats what we heroes live for
  5. Re: The fear of fire and gas bombs. thats a bit too complicated. something simpler?
  6. I had an epiphany... put the fear of fire back into the game. Make it d6 killing penetrating for any one stopping in it. same thing for a poison gas bomb continuous 2 minutes... ls:breathing or ?... take damage!!!! How long can you hold yer breath? those with high speeds take damage faster how does one hold breath or save versions poison gas?
  7. Re: Potion and items You might want to look at killer shrikes thesis and options on Ephemeral magic. It covers disposable magic items. Ive decided to use it a form of it and comments from others Rune Science
  8. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page do you have any run reports etc I could read? current characters? current villains?
  9. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page what ever you did, fixed it. thanks.
  10. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page how bout starting a google group for your world. I have one for mine groups.yahoo.com/group/AtirCampaign you could put your files up there
  11. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page THE PLAYER'S HANDBOOK: also damaged and cannot be repaired
  12. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page ah thank you very much. One more thing: THE LOST CASTLE points to a broken pdf. it says file is damaged and can not be repaired
  13. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page In your handbook, the thief and warrior title and paragraph are over the wrong skill sets.
  14. Re: Fantasy Hero Resources page that is one amazing site. Im a big fan of your stuff. Gratz to you on the nice work.
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