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  1. If i bought fantasy hero 6E was I also suppose to automatically get the PDF?????
  2. Re: aggrovated over flash/Blindness Thank you both Binnister and Hyper-Man. I re read what you both wrote and put it into perspective that helps solve a big problem that I had last night.
  3. Re: aggrovated over flash/Blindness Straight hearing perception? 9+stat/5? no common sense thrown in? So you can keep your full DCV vs an attack while blinded in a full combat situation just by making a hearing roll? Thats borderline absurd. Lets try that in person. You cover your eyes in a noisy area, and duck the bow, or duck the spear Ill bring the bandaids and Mercurochrome. Im getting discouraged with the hero system again. Its love hate. I had other problems with the combat: attacking from behind aka running around opponents and stabbing them in the back (face palm), no zone of control for players, no opportunity attacks. It seems to work better as a super hero game. Im anxious to hear house rules for running a heroic fantasy hero game (vs super heroic)
  4. Re: Attacks of Opportunity (d20) in Hero And likewise, if you are in the middle of a hand to hand combat with some one, and you attempt to run 4 meters in combat to behind him, your target is likely to hit you while you are trying to run around him. I think if an unengaged (fantasy trip reference) person is standing in a hex, and another person crosses his path, he is likely to be the target of an opportunity attack.
  5. Re: Is Hero Resource Kit still valid? ok. so when we spend 2 points on running we get 4 meters or 4 inches. Each hex is 2 inches and each hex is also 2 meters?. 1 inch = 2 meters = 1 hex. Did i get this right??? Im sooo soo soo confused.
  6. Re: House rules: speed, height advantage, gang up bonus, facing, dodging? let me reword that for you... In hero games we have SPEED, which translates to multiple attacks in 12 segments. In TFT there were only 1 attack per turn except for the fellow with high dex and a bow. He got a second bow shot. We are not playing TFT any more but I would like to trim down the speed difference between characters. If players are speed 2, 3 and 4, which i hope they are not, i could reduce all attacks by one so that: 2 of the players gets 1 attack per turn, another gets 2 attacks per turn and the last gets 3 attacks per turn... now if i could further change that to something like... each subsequent attack would be a half action or a static action must attack where you were standing from, or do up to a full move. How does that sound?
  7. Re: Do any of you still play 4th edition and FH Circa 1990? i still use the -1/3 when i cant find the range chart, i like it because it reminds me of TFT A neat Change to -1/3 is first 3 hexes free and then -1 for every three after that. I use a combination of all the last 3 versions of the game. I am trying to move to character building using 6e, becaue i like forcing the players to buy ocv, separately, and having the combat stats (stun, body, end) not redependent on dex, str, or con.
  8. Re: question about a sword with "armor piercing" A look back in history reveals that there were certain weapons designed to puncture armor. I recal something with a beak... bec? maybe? francisa. later on bullets did a very nice job against tin can armor. I would go the deadly blow add-in as suggested.
  9. Re: A Question of Balance & Lethality i So what are your guidelines for putting points in characteristics, skills, powers talents? I recall that fuzion/champion which i use to have laying around some where gave x in stats, y in powers, z in skills.
  10. Re: A Question of Balance & Lethality Hum. I feel your pain. I use to run with the fantasy book in the late 80s. IT was great. Here's my advice. Just keep doing the way you were doing it. No kidding. I cant see handing out a deadly blow, or martial combat maneuver, just 'because'. I think the combat maneuvers are terribly unbalancing. Only 5 points to do an extra 2 damage classes? Go back to your old books and Stick with it! BTW, if you can find original Justice inc, staple bound, theyve got great magic abilities (the medium) and great simple boxing maneuvers, for hand to hand non weapon dam.
  11. Re: Yet another D&D to Fantasy HERO conversion one of my players is doing a lizard man from fantasy trip. He chose strong, criminal, warrior, fighter. The combat stats were through the roof: Str twenty something, 6 ocv 7dcv 4 speed. Can you fix that? What else are you changing in your doc? I cant wait to see it.
  12. Re: Yet another D&D to Fantasy HERO conversion well im glad to see you are still here. I made up a half elf, criminal, rogue, and something else, and came up with 7 contacts Can you fix that one, also? There is a 'PR' listed as an attribute on one of your pages. Im sure you meant either PD or PRE. I made up some more characters, and I must say even though Im a long time fantasy hero I really liked your creation book. Its not JUST for novices. I have some serious beefs with 'hero' experts making up characters because some, not all, tend to max out characters rather than just build good working characters. Sixth edition has taken care of most of the point shaving problems.
  13. Re: d20 feats in .hdc format markdoc and susano: Did you find your HDC files? or have you put then together yet? Can you send it to me?
  14. Re: Yet another D&D to Fantasy HERO conversion I have a question about building character under your supplement. I have a wizard built from your: Half Elf race package , Defensive attribute package, Wizard Class package, Commoner background package, No specialty package. I noticed that inside backgrounds there is a package called ARCANE background but not for wizards... Who would use that? Same thing for divine calling. Does any one else have any supplements like this? (aside from killer shrike<-honorable mention
  15. Re: Campaign Classics: Vikings Michael: Your contributions are always AWESOME and right on the mark. Hope you are doing well. Regards. I have never seen the pirates book. That should be a hoot. All these books you are rep'ing for us, are version 6 compatible?
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