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  1. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Yep, that's me. *bows* Michelle aka Samuraiko
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Got my usual videographer character name on Exalted, no problem. And of course, it wouldn't be an issue of COH without an ad from moi to ring it in... YouTube Version is . Downloadable Version is here (and it's ~135MB). Michelle aka Samuraiko
  3. Re: Your character's theme song would be? Neat! Here are mine! And in true Samuraiko fashion, they include both soundtrack and score listings. Michelle aka Samuraiko TaraLeila MacIntyre (7th Sea) - "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack/"Rogue Highlands Outtake" by Matt Uelman (the Diablo II score) Kakita Nasami (Legend of the Five Rings) - "Flash of the Blade" by Iron Maiden/"Calling Wisdom" by Karunesh Genevra Adair (Star Wars) - "Born for Adventure" by Styx/"The Asteroid Field" by John Williams (the Empire Strikes Back score) Christian Apollyon (Mutant Chronicles)
  4. Re: Your Character's Room at the Base Midnight's room? Zen Decadent. It might be simplistic in its looks, but you can bet she's got silk sheets, the most expensive wall scrolls money can buy, a REAL daisho from Japan (you know, the kind that's normally in a museum somewhere), and so on. And she's probably fairly close to the base kitchen, and if it doesn't already have one, it's a safe assumption she put in a wine cellar. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  5. Re: Character to Critique - Savage! Interesting that he's got Luck and Unluck, I guess he could see that as "Survival of the Fittest," and well, sometimes he's just not the fittest. To my very uneducated eye, he looks a tad unbalanced, at least in terms of power, but it is a very nifty concept and I think well done. Maybe I missed it, but is there anything in there about the chances of him ever becoming feral? (forgetting his human self, as it were) Michelle aka Samuraiko
  6. Re: Your favorite PC vs.. Hmmm. Other source... Three-way tie. My character (Midnight - martial artist/mentalist) vs. the Shadow - she'd probably kick his butt (but if he goes first and starts messing with her Psych Limitations, she'd be in trouble). Midnight vs. Ian Nottingham (with or without the Witchblade) - they have an awful lot in common, but those swords give him a major advantage. Midnight vs. Jackie Estecado (the Darkness) - now THERE'S a battle of equals, but if he brings those guns to the fight, well, she'll just have to take them away from him. Marvel... M
  7. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes Actually, they don't, not according to most of the New Adventures novels... they have a genetic loom that they use, as now-accepted-as-canon history has it that ever since they developed time travel, they lost the ability to reproduce normally. Yeah, I know, there's the whole Susan's-his-granddaughter thing, but I'm not totally buying it. "So, do you have a girlfriend?" "No." "Boyfriend?" "No." "Model railway set?" "Somewhere." (Bernice Summerfield and the Doctor, Love and War) Michelle aka Samuraiko
  8. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes *shrug* Not everyone appreciates brilliance. *grins and sprints off* Michelle aka Samuraiko
  9. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes The idea was that the Doctor, the Master, and the Rani were all in the same class at whatever passes for "University" (Romana was a younger class apparently). The Doctor was the crusader, the Master the megalomaniac, and the Rani the amoral scientist. As for any kind of "relationship" between the Rani and the Doctor, as nifty as the idea sounds, the Time Lords are not known for that kind of relationship (unless you remember the really cool computer commercial that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward did as the Doctor and Romana, I've got it on VHS). And the
  10. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes Personally I loved the Rani as a villain. Watching her mock the whole Doctor/Master rivalry was great in "Mark of the Rani." I would really enjoyed seeing her used more often, or even better, can you imagine pitting her along with the Valeyard against the Doctor? *shudder* She does get some great lines... (on the Master) "He'd get dizzy trying to walk in a straight line." Doctor: "Can't say I appreciate your taste in clothes, doesn't do a thing for you." Rani: "Your regeneration's not too attractive either, but unlike me, you're stuck
  11. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes Okay, Samuraiko's geek factor shows through here... The "Give me some of that Nitro-Nine you're not carrying" comes from the episode "Remembrance of the Daleks," while my quote on "acceptable safety standards" is from "Battlefield." I love Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor... Michelle aka Samuraiko
  12. Re: [Humour]SciFi TV Quotes Some of my other favorite Doctor Who quotes that aren't on the IMDB list: (Hugh Fitzwilliam, his mother, and Turlough are chained up in a dungeon) Hugh: *thinking Turlough is a demon* "Can you not call on Hell?" Turlough: "I could. But then so could you, with a better chance of success, I fancy." Captain Cook: "Number one rule of the intergalactic explorer, Doctor. If you hear somebody talking about 'good vibes' and 'letting it all hang out,' run a mile." The Doctor: "Suppose I refuse to go?" Guard: "You die." The Doctor: "It was just a
  13. Re: The Truly Evil GM Rep to you, Kirby! Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Michelle aka Samuraiko
  14. Re: The Truly Evil GM How about... King Phillip Came Over For Great Sex? Rep to the first person who knows what THAT stands for! Michelle aka Samuraiko
  15. Re: The Truly Evil GM Let's see... what have I done to my players? My character (half Sidhe, half human) hates all Sidhe and hunts Unseelie down like dogs (17 credited kills so far), and to make matters more interesting, she's pretty much immune to Glamour. The Sidhe Ally that Slim (our Inish Glamour Mage) has is the "wife" of my character's father (my father was a Sidhe lord who dallied with a human woman, with me being the result), so she hates my guts... and Slim didn't find out about it until we ended up in the Land of the Fae and the Queen of the Sidhe maliciously told him abou
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