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  1. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Yep, that's me. *bows* Michelle aka Samuraiko
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Got my usual videographer character name on Exalted, no problem. And of course, it wouldn't be an issue of COH without an ad from moi to ring it in... YouTube Version is . Downloadable Version is here (and it's ~135MB). Michelle aka Samuraiko
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? t.A.T.u. - "30 Minutes" Michelle aka Samuraiko
  4. Re: A Thread for Random Videos You could always watch mine, I've gout four up on YouTube. Just search for SAMURAIKO. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  5. Re: A Thread for Random Mooings Moo. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In our Dark Champions game, it has been said on more than one occasion that Midnight, my... whatever she is (mentalist/mystic/martial artist)... should have the Psych Lim: Must Mouth Off at Vastly More Powerful Opponent. But she really does get off some of the best taunts in the game... We are fighting the head of the Night Dragon Clan (or rather, the guy who usurped the position). Big. Bad. Powerful. Damn near impossible to hit. He nearly kills Midnight in a single surprise attack (although she survives by the skin of her teeth). Startled the hell out of him ten seconds later when she plowed him with a 3x Rapid Fire 5d6 Ego Attack. Tengu: "What... how did you survive?" Midnight: (weakly but still laughing at him) "I thought... you knew... only a true ninja... can kill a ninja..." (He was ready to rip her spine out after that one.) The head of PSI (aka the most powerful telepath in Dust Raven's version of the Champions universe) HATES Midnight with a passion. He has an ego the size of Montana, which she delights in deflating. Zephrem: *bellowing in fury* "I AM THE MOST POWERFUL TELEPATH ON THIS PLANET! I COULD TURN YOUR MIND INSIDE OUT WITH A THOUGHT!" (He attacks Midnight, who sloughs off the Ego Attack with her 25 pts Mental Defense.) Midnight: "Delusions of grandeur do not qualify as a mental power." Michelle aka Samuraiko
  7. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Bishonen and Bishoujo are the pretty boys and girls of anime (the guys are almost femininely attractive). Hence the cry of "BISHI!". Will send you a PM on anime recommendations. Also give Susano a shout... Michelle aka Samuraiko
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... From last night's DARK GUARDIANS Champions game... Midnight and Avatar (one of the PSI agents, with a COM and PRE of 20 and 25, respectively - we have taken to calling him the "PSI Bishi"... I liken him to Vampire Hunter D in BLOODLUST), along with a few others, head off to Babylon for "the quintessential latte" (don't look at ME). After an entertaining interlude where we nearly got eaten by three carnivorous pick-up trucks, Avatar looks at Midnight. "Want to find a dark alley with me?" (Now, YOU tell me what you thought when you read that. That's what Midnight thought, too. Nope, not quite.) Off we go, leaving the others behind. Now imagine this - a tall, gorgeous red-haired woman in a black trenchcoat, and a tall, gorgeous black-haired guy in a white trenchcoat. We practically SCREAM "Bishi" as we stroll down the alley (we also apparently scream "TARGET"). As it turns out, Avatar's idea of a good time is watching the would-be muggers out of the corner of his eye and then scaring them off with a single glance. Midnight is vaguely amused watching him do this, but to take his ego down a notch, she stops in mid-stride. "So am I just along to break into applause each time you do that?" Avatar looks back over his shoulder, and sees over HER shoulder that lurking in the shadows, there is yet another mugger getting ready to pounce on Midnight. He shrugs and says, "You could do something about the guy behind you." Without missing a single beat, and without turning around (and thanks to a beautiful Clairsentience roll, following by five rapid-fire EGO attacks), Midnight snaps her fingers, and the would-be mugger drops in his tracks, unconscious. Midnight shrugs at Avatar and says: "You can applaud now." Avatar grins and offers her his arm, and off they go. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  9. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Three from this past Saturday's DARK GUARDIANS Champions game... Midnight: "Whisper did not die with intent to defraud!" On the GM trying to remember the other name (the actual Japanese name) for the legendary chain-whip weapon called the "Tail of the Night Dragon": John: "The Whip of Ouchiness!" *much laughter ensues* GM: "No, no, no... it's..." Michelle: "... the Miracle Whip?" *chorus of groans and laughter* During our previous session, a PSI agent named Bodyjack had successfully taken over our brick Qurria'al, who was subsequently taken down by Midnight (in her civilian ID, no less) thanks to rapid-fire Ego Blasts. After she knocked Qurria'al out, Bodyjack reformed into his own body and decked Midnight, then vanished before she could hit him back. As it turned out, the Dark Guardians and a team of six PSI agents now must form an alliance of convenience... and one of the PSI agents is Bodyjack, who suddenly realized that the Dark Guardians' mentalist is the woman he decked in combat earlier that day. Bodyjack: "So, um... no hard feelings, right?" Midnight: "Don't know yet, but I'll let you know." (Shortly after that, the two groups reconvene at Midnight's penthouse suite at a nearby hotel, where she demonstrates her invisibility technique to the PSI agents... by scaring the living CRAP out of Bodyjack.) Midnight: "Nope, no hard feelings." Michelle aka Samuraiko
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Random quotes from the Dark Guardians Champions game over the last month or so... GM: "Come on, you know it's not really a real combat for you guys unless Midnight's money is being thrown around." Midnight: "Hey, for all I know, Whispering Death has the erotic drive of a strand of kelp." Whispering Death: "Touchstone got laid! Who wants pancakes?" Touchstone to Whispering Death: "Just because YOU haven't got laid since BEFORE you were killed..." GM: "Okay, so Midnight and Whispering Death are seated in the waiting area, Touchstone's over by the table, Rhyanon's in the potted plant..." Midnight: "Well, if you're going for being ignored, you could always stand outside wearing your robes, holding out flowers, and asking people if they've accepted Christ as their personal savior. Not only would no one want to talk to you, but they'd probably go out of their way to pretend you weren't even there." John: "Qurria'al will just dive through the skylight." Marianne: "There isn't one." John: "Yet." DeAnna: "You just got kicked in the nads by BodyJack!" GM: "So you're going incognito?" Michelle *sotto voce*: "If you can call a well-dressed knockout redhead with a Yakuza bodyguard pulling up in a Ferrari and walking into a downtown bank 'going incognito...'" GM: "Well, Qurria'al is now strolling toward the back of the bank to go rip the vault out of the wall..." DeAnna: "Oh, s***, BodyJack just took over the brick!?!" Marianne: "Great, anyone here strong enough to take Qurria'al down?" GM: "John, what's Qurria'al's Casual Strength?" John: "35." GM: "Then no." *the whole group stops to think for a minute, then everyone looks at Michelle, whose character Midnight is physically the weakest member of the group* Shane: "Okay, Midnight, he's all yours, take him!" Michelle aka Samuraiko
  11. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Well, I did a new music video... not funny, but damned cool! http://www.zazaza.net/Colors.wmv You will probably need to open this as a URL in Windows Media Player. Rather large, but very, very cool. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  12. Re: A Thread for Random Videos Does it have to be Google Video? I've found some great ones on YouTube... *reads farther along* Oh, guess not. Okay, then, when I get to work and can find the links, I've got some amusing ones. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  13. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "Ghost Love Score" by Nightwish Michelle aka Samuraiko
  14. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Law of Logical Argument: Anything is possible if you don't know what you are talking about. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  15. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... (from last week's Champions game) Midnight and Whispering Death, the group's two ninja, are planning on how to take out our latest foe, a staff-wielding, spell-slinging, pain-in-the-backside mentalist, who is standing behind two lackeys, waiting for the rest of the group who is hiding in the corridor to emerge so they can blast them. *using Night Dragon clan hand signs* Whispering Death: "Okay, you get behind him and distract him, and while he's focused on you, I'll attack." Midnight: "Sure." Midnight promptly goes invisible - and I mean INVISIBLE... like "to Sight groups, Mental groups, Mystic groups, Danger Sense, Combat Sense, Spatial Awareness, and Detect Minds" type INVISIBLE - and teleports to stand directly behind our foe, who is completely oblivious to her. Midnight: *still invisible, leaning forward to whisper right into the mentalist's ear* "Boo." Michelle aka Samuraiko
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