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  1. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Yep, that's me. *bows* Michelle aka Samuraiko
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Got my usual videographer character name on Exalted, no problem. And of course, it wouldn't be an issue of COH without an ad from moi to ring it in... YouTube Version is . Downloadable Version is here (and it's ~135MB). Michelle aka Samuraiko
  3. Re: Holographic technology and the use of Flight... Thank you. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  4. Re: Holographic technology and the use of Flight... If the GM will let me do that... We'll see. Oh... and this is what the Sleipnir hologram looks like. Sorry, I don't quite have John's PhotoShop skills... Michelle aka Samuraiko
  5. Re: Holographic technology and the use of Flight... It's been the subject of much debate between me, John T, and Dust Raven on exactly what it can and can't do. As far as the Running vs Flight thing goes, Flight w/ the initial limitation "Only when in contact with a surface" can have the limitation bought off. If I buy Running, and later want Flight, that's a lot more expensive. (I'm trying to take the long term view.) Yes, we want a turn mode on it - the thing is not going to work like the Lightcycles do (nor will it leave the really spiffy wall trail behind it, although th
  6. Re: Holographic technology and the use of Flight...
  7. Re: Holographic technology and the use of Flight... Well (and forgive the sheer snarky wisea** sound of this next phrase), if you want to get 'physical' about it, what would happen if you were running/skimming along a surface at 200+ mph and hit an oil slick? (I imagine there's a point where you're going so fast that you're over said problem before you realize you've hit it - whereas if she were going slower, ie normal driving speeds, an oil slick would be a problem.) As for a body of water - I keep imagining Dash in THE INCREDIBLES booking it over the lake. How fast would
  8. First off, not sure if this goes here or in HERO SYSTEM discussion, but I'll start it here... I have a slightly... odd idea on how to use Flight for a character of mine, but a few logistical questions have come to mind. First, let me explain how she uses Flight. Morrigan's primary 'schtick' involves the use of holographic and computer technology. So, in keeping with that, she has Flight (Limitation: Must Be in Contact with a Driveable Surface), during which she 'rezzes' up, a la TRON, a motorcycle hologram that looks like the bastard hybrid of a TRON Lightcycle and Priss' MotoSlave
  9. Re: The Vandaleur Terror... The jokes about that one abound, too... +20 PRE attack - "[PC name], I... am your father." Michelle aka Samuraiko
  10. Re: The Vandaleur Terror... Response to both posts... At present, neither one of them knows. But can you just imagine what's going to happen if Adrian SUSPECTS that she's a Vandaleur, and tries using the Terror on her? She's made absolutely no claim to being a Vandaleur whatsoever (and if Adrian has any sense of strategy, he won't tell anyone about her true parentage either). And then WHOOSH, Adrian shuts down her powers. And the rest of the Mystic World thinks, "Holy crap, he really CAN do it to anyone!" Michelle aka Samuraiko
  11. Hello again, all, after a way-too-long hiatus (or as some wag is probably thinking, "It wasn't long enough..."). We're getting ready to start John's new Champions game soon, and I have a background question the more learned members may be able to answer. My latest Champions PC is Tarot (aka Alissandre Devereaux), who uses a really nifty Multipower based on the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. (Some of you might remember me posting her powers on another thread.) In addition to her magical abilities, she has one other major bonus - she's immortal (500+ years old). And she's the dau
  12. Re: Anime series as a campaign The whole thing with Ukyo and Ayamoro, the story of the Capital, the story of Kirara and Katsushiro, the story of Rikichi and Sanae, the story of Honoka and her sister, the relationship of Shichiroji and Yukino, etc. And regarding the dub-vs-sub debate, to each his own. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  13. Re: Anime series as a campaign It's not just about who lives and who dies (although yes, the body count is the same as the film), it's how all the original material that does NOT appear in the Kurosawa film gets resolved that's spoiler-ish. I do have to give full kudos to FUNimation's dub though (and their scripting) on this one - this is probably one of their best jobs ever. I love just listening to the show (I have the last eight or nine episodes saved as WAV files - because not all video files play properly at work - and can just sit and listen.) Yeah, I'm a geek. Miche
  14. Re: Anime series as a campaign You can skip the ads at the start - hit MENU or TITLE on your remote, and voila, you're past. Trust me, I have the entire series. It kicks major a** all the way through, the story stays strong, the characters stay cool, it is easily one of my top three favorite animes of all time. I've also done four videos for this series, which are all up on YouTube. Watch ONLY "For Glory, For Honor, For Love, For Bushido" if you haven't seen the entire series (you can find it on YouTube by entering in "Samuraiko Productions" as the keywords, all of my videos are t
  15. Re: Anime series as a campaign Two others that would make really good campaign worlds... SAMURAI 7 (L5R meets Cyberpunk) MADLAX (the war in Gothz-Sonika, the notion of the Essence, all that good stuff) Correction, three series. KIDDY GRADE (the ES members are Champions-level easily, and my upcoming tech character Morrigan is based a lot on Lumiere and Tweedledee) Michelle aka Samuraiko
  16. Re: Anime series as a campaign I love that character. Her interplay with Rosette is some of the absolute best in the show, and she is just a bad-a** on her own. Would love to have seen a few more of her stones in action, though. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  17. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? t.A.T.u. - "30 Minutes" Michelle aka Samuraiko
  18. Re: A Thread for Random Videos You could always watch mine, I've gout four up on YouTube. Just search for SAMURAIKO. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  19. Re: Anime series as a campaign TRINITY BLOOD, easily. Damn cool series, and would make great fun to run around in. And John and I are working on how to do AQUARIAN AGE (Sign for Evolution). Michelle aka Samuraiko
  20. Re: Seemingly Silly Things to Model No, the SILLY version of this power is that when YOU want to watch something, you can make whatever you want to watch appear on the TV. This power is most useful when you can't get the spouse out from in front of the TV... Hubby: "Come on, honey, they just started the third quarter-" *wife glares at the TV and the Dr. Phil episode about 'spouses who watch too much TV' comes on* Or when the kids are determined to watch pr0n, all their parents have to do is glance at the TV and it becomes the Teletubbies. You get the idea. L
  21. Re: Seemingly Silly Things to Model +30 COM, Usable on Others, OAF = Paper Bag Michelle aka Samuraiko
  22. Re: Strange But Useful Powers. (And it works both ways...) +30 COM, Usable on Others, OAF = Paper Bag Michelle aka Samuraiko PS - I take GREAT pride in the fact that I blurted this one out over lunch, and promptly made both John T and Dust Raven choke on their food.
  23. Re: A Thread for Random Mooings Moo. Michelle aka Samuraiko
  24. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... In our Dark Champions game, it has been said on more than one occasion that Midnight, my... whatever she is (mentalist/mystic/martial artist)... should have the Psych Lim: Must Mouth Off at Vastly More Powerful Opponent. But she really does get off some of the best taunts in the game... We are fighting the head of the Night Dragon Clan (or rather, the guy who usurped the position). Big. Bad. Powerful. Damn near impossible to hit. He nearly kills Midnight in a single surprise attack (although she survives by the skin of her teeth). Sta
  25. I'm wondering exactly what rating this would be on the Richter scale: Energy Blast 8d6, Explosion (+1/4), Personal Immunity (+1/4); Only affects targets on the ground (-1/4) Same thing for a 7d6 attack, same mods. Thanks! Michelle aka Samuraiko
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