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  1. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Good luck with the job. I guess we'll see ya around.
  2. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Though if SOMEONE was to start a PbP Fantasy hero campaign... I will be checking e-mail daily so I could post as needed (not so suttle hint)
  3. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Thats a good thing cuz you don't want to mess with the big red suit
  4. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign I am glad to hear all is good. As for a roller coaster ride, I am game so long as I get to raise my arms and scream like a girl... oh yeah and toss my cookies Seriously though, commencing the 16th of December Terrie and I will not be available until after the new year. The 16th is my daughter Crystal's birthday, and the 18th we are going to Arizona for an extended Christmas with family. We return the weekend of New Year.
  5. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign I hope all is well with you and yours...
  6. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign I have completed a Generic Soldier, Generic Sergeant, Generic Liutenant, and a Generic Colonel. One thing came to light when editing the Skill List macro you made for us... It needs to be edited in two places, and it does not autocalculate the roll based on the appropriate characteristic (they are hard coded in). If you don't mind I might take a whack at modifying the macro to do the base roll calculation based on the token properties/character stats. That way if a PC or NPC raises INT for example the roll automatically adjust and you don,t have to manually adjust them. Of course this does not work for familiarities (base 8-), proficiencies (base 10-), or background skills (base 11-)
  7. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Hiya two things... First the most immediate... Since I have today off (Veteran's Day), I am hard at work on those generic tokens for Nol. I hope to have them mostly done before game time tonight. Second... It looks as if Maptools build 1.3b62 is to be the final build for version 1.3. I would suggest that we give build 1.3b62 about a month of street use and watch the reports from other users before we even consider jumping to it. Then once we make the move to 1.3 the final release, we should stick with it untill 1.4 becomes very developed and stable, unless by group consensus there is some earth shattering release in 1.4 that we just can't live without, and I don't see that being the case anytime soon. To me personally though, that start of version 1.4 will mean that I can get into the meat and potatoes of Java programming and have the gaming world drive my motivation to learn
  8. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign In other news I had just started on my NPC token for Nol when I got interrupted by post Halloween company, and they just left. By the time I get dinner, a shower, and brush my teeth, it will be my bedtime. I may not get them all done before Wednesday, but I will at least have some of the soldier mooks ready.
  9. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Yep that is the one. To bad its not a PC item. Laslo, the guy that is behind Faceshop, is getting set to release a new app called FaceAge that ages models and will work on almost any model, including Daz, Poser, Apollo Max, etc...
  10. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign WOW those are great. I think I have a freebie that ages the V4 model and you control the extent of the aging with dial spins. I will see if I can find it. If I can and it in in fact a freebie I will send you a copy of the installer GA. I do have one that I recently purchased from Daz though, and I think it is a PC item. Are you a club member?
  11. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Ok I will build a bunch of generic mooks and some custom/elite mooks as RPTOK files. I will have some of them ready for this Wednesday. I was thinking generic soldier, generic seargent, generic junior officer, generic senior officer, generic corpsman, to start with. Then some generic ship crewmen, gneric engineering tech, generic chief engineer, generic pilot, generic navigator, generic weapons operator, generic comm tech, generic sensor tech, generic science tech, generic security/intelligence specialist. What do you think, is there any thing else you might want or need? or any specific things you want?
  12. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Hey Nol, the other day you asked about an assist creating some canned NPCs... Gove me some specifics and I will work on it. Are you looking for Hero writeups (HDCs), MT Tokens w/macros (RPTOKs), or both? Also I found a great model if you want to use it to retcon the physical form of the insectoid race of Vrusk... http://market.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/index.php?ViewProduct=74090&vendor=126832 One last thing Happy Halloween everyone
  13. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Stoopid universe... Lets Attack!!!
  14. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign I guess it was just not destined to happen last night... perhaps next week.
  15. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign well I think I am going to call it a night and head off to bed. See ya all next week.
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