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  1. Don't forget red shirts! They should have vulnerable to all attacks when on a landing party...
  2. Re: THE MONSTER HUNTER INTERNAIONAL EMPLOYEES' HANDBOOK & RPG Is Now Live! I'm in! This looks pretty cool...
  3. Re: Experience with Narosia I am thrilled that the kick start was successfully funded. I have played with Mudpyr8 in other games many years ago... back in my screen monkey days. He is a great GM. I was able to participate in the online quick start preview a couple of weeks ago. We went through the character process. The process is quick and easy for new players, yet has enough details and crunchy bits for us longtime Herophiles. ln spite of logging in late (I had trouble getting Google+ to cooperate), I was able to catch enough detail to create a very cool Loriya Rogue. He can turn invisible by holding his breath! All in all it turned out to be a great intro to the character creation system, and I am really looking forward to the full game book.
  4. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn I regret that due to life issues I think Terrie and I are going to formally withdraw from the game. We have enjoyed our time. Thanks fpr all of the opportunities. I will see you around the hero boards.
  5. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn I have not heard anything
  6. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn I finally got things working again. I have a brand spanking new cable modem. I dumped McAfee, it was locking up and dropping my connection even with the new modem. I had to un-install Firefox, it somehow became corrupted. I installed Norton Security Suite, provided by Comcast, and it promptly found 5 viruses (or is that Viri), 7 trojans, and 44 spyware trackers. My systems, and network are now screaming with blistering speed again. I have tested it everyway I can and everything seems fast and stable. The final test will be tomorrow night when we try to log in for the game. Wish me luck
  7. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn Posting from my laptop on the Barnes & Noble hotspot... SHITZEN BUT THIS IS GETTING OLD!!! I finally got Comcast to send a technician out to my place. He is supposed to be here by 4:00 pm Monday afternoon. I hope he can get me squared away. Terrie and I are both going into game withdrawal As soon as I can manage it I think I am going to go back to DSL. I never had any of these problems with it, and it ran about twice the speed. I will keep you guys posted on my progress.
  8. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn I am doomed!!! My router ate the big one. I am sending this from the public library to let you know i won't make it tonight. I have ordered a replacement router but Comcast is telling me it could take anywhere from one to three weeks. I am trying to figure out something before next week.
  9. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn Sigh... I can't get maptools to connect... AGAIN Still working on it.
  10. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn That's ok boss, stuff happens. Wade will just have to wait til next session to dazzle the galaxy
  11. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn Hi guys, I am sorry for the mess tonight. It looks like we aren't going to make it. I am feeling really bad. My legs are hugely swollen, and on top of that my maptools refuses to connect. If I felt better I could trouble shot, but I think I will need to get off my feet, and make it next week. Terrie was going to try and play but her connection dropped and now she can't re-connect either. I am sooo frustrated... not s good day.
  12. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn GA are you using version 1.3b80?
  13. Re: Gemini Ascendant: Reborn I have updated Terrie and I to MT 1.3b80, and am chomping at the bit
  14. Re: Tesunden Isles Hiya guys... I too am sick as a dog. I have taken some meds that are working hard to knock me out, so Terrie and I have to beg out tonight. Sorry for the late notice. We'll see you next week.
  15. Re: Tesunden Isles I like this idea a lot. Terrie has a hard time with long lists, so breaking it into two lists, one for common maneuvers, and on customizable for martial/special maneuvers would make her a vary happy camper.
  16. Re: Tesunden Isles I am not sure if you caught it or not, but Celedron also wants to explore the cleric of Kumarathin option. She has no aversion to fighting, just to using HTH weapons. She has always had a desire to be "clerical" in the D&D sense. Having said that I mentioned the Paladin thing to her and she said definatly not. She did take the other holy symbol and signet ring. You mentioned Kumarathin as being protector of the wilderlands... this sort of dovetails nicely with Celedron's elven ranger background as well. I think the Miracles idea is pretty cool. I would set the campaign clerical "spell" abilities somewhere in between with some common low level "defined" abilities, like perhaps simple healing, detect evil, blessing, holy aura (repel undead?), etc, and then a Cosmic VPP (uncontrolled, as in GM creates effects on the fly based on players/clerics "prayers" to create more powerful miracles. The amount of effect can be a reflection of both the players "roleplay" as an effective cleric, and the players dedication to the diety by investing XP in the VPP.
  17. Re: Tesunden Isles K... proposed changes to Arial and Celedron are submitted for your approval Nol.
  18. Re: Tesunden Isles I like those varied speed options... One question, if I bought the Gift of the Quickling Spell, can I add the usable on others advantage? I think it would be very cool to ba able to temporarily boost one of my team mates SPD.
  19. Re: Tesunden Isles Terrie and I are up for gaming.
  20. Re: Tesunden Isles Hmmm... No server
  21. Re: Tesunden Isles OK... Here is my suggested work around for our Autofire issue. According to 6E2 page 42, AF works like this... State your attack intention including target(s) and number of shots fired. If the AF is fired at a single target there are no OCV penalties. Roll a single to hit roll. Compare the DCV Hit rolled to the Targets DCV. For every 2 DCV higher you rolled another round hits up to number of shots fired. So if my roll hits DCV 8 and my target is DCV 4 he gets hit three times, once for DCV 4, once for DCV 6 and Once for DCV 8. You then roll damage and hit location seperately for each shot that hit. For our purposes your existing attack macro works fine. Click attack, select the target and enter the number of shots fired, and click ok. In the chat window read only the first hit roll to determine how many shots hit the target, then read the damage from those hits ignoring the extra hit rolls. So if your example attack scored the three hits just read the HITs DCV 8 from the first attack, and then read the damage ONLY from shots 1, 2, and 3, with any additional shots fired missing. If firing at multiple targets the attacker states his intention, the number of shots fired and the line of fire with at least one round going into each 2m section of the line, even if that section is empty. The attacker suffers a -1 OCV penalty for each 2m in the target line. So an AF 5 can at most affect a 10m line for example. The attacker rolls separate attacks against each target in the target line, with the OCV penalty applied to all targets. So with an AF 5 attack the attacker suffers a -5 OCV penalty for each target in the target line and must expend 5 shots once declared. An attacker can choose to declare fewer shots at the start of the attack. Each target hit has damage rolled separately. If the attacker misses one target he can still make the hit and damage rolls against the remaining targets. Again our existing attack macro will work nicely, just state the intended attack, the number of shots, and target line to compute the AF Penalty. Then use the Attack Macro normally selecting each target from the drop down and entering the computed penalty, then click OK. And repeat for each Shot/Target until all the stated shots are expended. I know this got wordy but there seemed to be some confusion on how AF was supposed to work, and whether we needed an AF macro. I think our existing macro will work just fine, as I mentioned above. Now I need some information concerning the Weapon Builder macro. I know it is GM only, but when you fire it and enter the data, does it only add information to that specific character toekn, or does it add anyinformation to a lib type token or table?
  22. Re: Tesunden Isles One quick note to add to the informaton about how to find your token. The token type has to be set to PC to see your token when it is not selected. That is what was causing my problems last week, I had somehow set my token type to NPC so whenever I clicked anywhere else on the map, my token lost focus and became invisible to me. Once I changed the type to PC my problems went away. Nol, are you saying you got the basic spell/power macro coding done and now we just need to add the character specific spells to the tokens? If so, I would be glad to jump on the server and download the campaign file, and work on the grunt work of loading data for the macros. Especially since most of the spell macros are on my token anyway. If that is not what you are saying, let me just throw out that I have completed some functional spell macros for all of my spells. I plan on tyring to get with Solron tomorrow night if he is available and work through how to use his macros. I'll let you know how it goes.
  23. Re: Tesunden Isles A slight update is progress Confucious say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step... Solron got a hold of me and said you cleared him to join the game. I will help him get a character together, and submitted. We are indeed nearly there... and I hope that is success you are tasting, the alternative is, well unpleasant
  24. Re: Tesunden Isles K... I got my detect magic macro done. I rolls my RSR and if successful rolls a PER roll to the GM...
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