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  1. Yeah. I've been reading a lot of older products and while they are still interesting, all the information is just so dated. Eurostar's goals really need an update. It was great 20 or 30 years ago, but doesn't make a lot of sense today
  2. If that's the case, wouldnt he and eurostar attack chinese, Russian and United states items and interests both within Europe and abroad? If it strengthens it furthers europe?
  3. Just let us know when it's ready to order
  4. Ordered a print version. Thanks
  5. That's far more reasonable for pod then I expected. I would have guessed 40 to 45 range for print
  6. Ordered a pod version, can't wait for it to arrive
  7. What exactly is generation viper?
  8. Taurus and the zodiacs. Love that group.
  9. You let off Rise of the Machines...... https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-end-of-the-world/products/revolt-machines/
  10. Is there a rough timetable of when a physical copy will be available for purchase for the general public?
  11. Entry level gets people involved. Then they stick around for the long haul(hopefully). The beginner boxes for the 3 I named get you in and let you expand on yoru own afterward- 5th edition box is great for beginners or experts. I've seen conversion that take them in various directions. Spoken like someone thats been in the game far too long. I played for almost 10 years before RL got in the way and now am trying to come back. But even with some old characters laying around as templates and many books from past and present, its STILL a difficult time. And frankly as much as I love the absolute flexibility Hero offers, I still see it as a barrier to entry of getting BACK in, much less for the first time. Saying folks dont want to read the books isnt the problem. Simple examples and ease of getting started would be really helpful.
  12. This. A thousand times this. I know this thread is a couple months old, but it pretty much sums up HERO. I'm returning after 15 year time of not playing and its almost painful to figure out the rules again, unlike back in the day where I had someone walk me through them. Plus, I've picked up the setting books around and they are interesting.....but not what I want. None of them feel what I want and I already have an idea on what teh world will be. However, again, dreading teaching people how to create characters....which is why I'll have(eventually) a dozen already made up and they will get characters for the first set of characters...... 5th edition D&D has the right idea. Pathfinder as well. Shadowrun.....beginners boxes to get you going them transition outward.
  13. Take a concept and run with it. Currently for example, I'm in the process of prepping up for a game I want to run. I was digging through storage and I ran into all my old games, one of my favorites from the 90's being Torg. In case you dont know what that was, the basic premise is other cosms invade earth, transforming areas into what their worlds were like in order to suck out the possbility energy- one being fantasy, one horror realm, pulp realm....and so on. Instead of storm knights fighting back, it struck me why not have earth fight back by creating superheros from the possibility energy? Go from normal now earth to an eventual supers campaign, with all sorts of fun stuff inbetween traveling to fantasy lands fighting ogres and orcs to weird machines in the desert or mummies....Given one of the old world laws was the Law of Hope from core earth, what better what to produce hope then a super?
  14. Ok so for us newer folks(or folks coming back) what IS the current rule set books? i picked up champions complete but its not the current ruleset?
  15. Prove it. Burden of proof is on the law side. Just because one is walking down the street or flying overhead doesnt mean its patrolling. You get a much better view above, but on the other hand there is no traffic.....
  16. Thank you. Next question is where is the information on primus. I assume primus and demon has some, but is there another book for them?
  17. Where is the information for SAT located? Which product(s)? Thanks
  18. because you go into the game knowing that you are the weakling vs the all powerful beings from beyond. No matter what you become, they are beyond you. its about surviving, not winning.
  19. I will in the near future, use hero to run Torg the possibility wars. Various invading cosms and hero can do it all from fantasy, to pulp to tech to all sorts of fun. Core earth with choose its champions and make them superpowered to fight back.
  20. Tough call. Grew up on the campy batman with allen west and the old superman cartoons, but collected alot of old X-men comics back when I was into comics(I prefer the graphic novels now). I'd have to say marvel right now.
  21. I would like any of the following- campaign style adventure path ala paizo. Or loosely tied together adventures. Or Just a couple of drop and play adventures.
  22. How does one appeal exactly to new players? That requires going out to more then just this forum or facebook. I don't see that really happening. There is an old saying of "Don't trample old friends in your rush to make new ones." One could look to fuzion system back at the end of 3rd and move to 4th and see how that happened(or perceived to have happened). How would you appeal to new players? Rules alone don't bring new players.
  23. Thanks. most likely 20 years of memory foggy. But that works just as well.
  24. As a newbie coming back almost 20 years, I haven't played since 4th. I have a couple of questions: has OCV/DVC changed much since then? I swear we were trying to roll high hitting and the base OCV's seem lower then I recall. Also, maybe its just memory or the group I use to play in.....are defenses lower then back then? I remember 20/25 standard PD/ED back then for 250pt characters. But maybe that's just the group. thanks
  25. Would you if Russia or china threatened retaliation? I made a post but guess it didn't go through. Look at modern UN and who and what folks get to do or not. Russia backs Syria or China's backing of North Korea or US backing South Korea.....if the villain had support of other nations for a variety of reasons left to your devices, you might not send in the marines if Russia sends in theirs.
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