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  1. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Hot today, for the first time this years. So far, the weather has been merely bearable. So we went out to eat at a place that allowed us to dine outdoors. It was a bit draining, but also delicious. It was like being in NC again. More lovely weather tomorrow.
  2. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Dory Doctorow. Neat concept, but the execution left something to be desired. Apparently the main character was supposed to be irritating . . .? Read a bunch lately, but I'm so far behind that I'm not even going to try to catch up.
  3. Re: The Last Word He gets very upset if I ignore him.
  4. Re: The Last Word Unless you work with an individual with autism, who wants to know why you were so lazy with your clothes. Good lord, have I grown tired of explaining myself lately.
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Wouldn't that just be mold?
  6. Re: Musings on Random Musings Buy your tickets soon. The prices go up as it gets closer to Labor Day weekend. All of the host hotels are already full, so don't even try, unless you can snag a cancellation. Basically, I start planning next year's Dragon*Con as soon as I get home from last year's. I even buy my membership for the next year there, because it saves me something like 20 bucks for 2 tickets. The popularity of Dragon*Con is insane.
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Still? Dangit. I floss and floss . . .
  8. Re: Musings on Random Musings Boxleitner is coming to Dragon*Con this year.
  9. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER What? I keep getting people waving and shouting at me whenever I post lately. You guys just want out with it, or what?
  10. Re: The Last Word The trouble is the waiting. I would've gone to bed right away, but I had to switch it. And then the one thing I asked Josh to do, he didn't. So it's going to come out all wrinkly. Argh.
  11. Re: The Last Word I am so ready to go to bed. . . . Stupid laundry.
  12. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Ew. Brownies are, like, 12.
  13. Re: The Last Word What? Do I have something on my face?
  14. Re: The Last Word No April Fools pranks pulled on me this year. Thank goodness.
  15. Re: Good resource for travel distances/day? Hey, I was surprised at the number, too, but that's what it said.
  16. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Is that supposed to be a good thing?
  17. Re: Good resource for travel distances/day? Daily Life in Medieval Europe. A book; I recommend taking it out from your local library. Off the top of my head: peasants took a full day to walk 20 miles. On horse, one could go 45 miles in a day. A ship could take one 100 miles in a day with a good tailwind. An army or large retinue generally traveled 10 - 12 miles per day; they had a lot of stuff to schlep. In the medieval ages, if there were no bridges, or there were mountains, they went around. One did not risk losing everything down the river or the side of a mountain for shaving a week off the journey.
  18. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Earth Hour was anticlimactic.
  19. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Barrytone? Does that mean you think he sounds like Manilow?
  20. Re: The Last Word Okay, what'd I miss? Oh, wait. Don't answer that. By the time I come back to this, another month'll have passed.
  21. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER We thought we'd get past the territorial issue by moving all four cats into the house at the same time. What happened was two adjusted quickly (as they usually do), and the ones that were mad about moving decided to blame the laid-back strangers. *sigh* They are adjusting. Slowly but surely.
  22. Re: The Last Word I've finished writing the first novel and its sequel. I'm 20 pages into the third. Looks like it'll probably be a trilogy; I can't figure out how to get into the deeper story without confusing everyone. It might be a stand-alone, if it's ever written at all. It may all stay in my head as, "I know why these people are different." Who knows? I keep wondering what comes after.
  23. Re: A Thread for Random Musings I dreamed last week that people were talking about me behind my back on the NGD. No, that's not why I stopped by.
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