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  1. Thematically different invisibilities will have weaknesses to different types of heightened senses. Does light pass through or around? Or is it created in the mind of the viewer? Or is it just really well applied camouflage, or skillful to outrageous degree ninja sneakiness? Magic, tech, psychic. Invisisible, inaudible, unscentable, unscanable. Et. al. Solutions rely on senses at hand and goals. Combat can just boil down to AoE. If VPP is available build as appropriate. One time problems warrant a simple throw away solution. A gadget or even a hero borrowed from another team. A frequent hunter makes developing a new power advisable if that makes sense. At least get a gadget, preferably not OAF.
  2. Very well done thread. Lot of comments about templates, and yes,of course they lead to some inaccuracies. But look at all the great stuff here and how quickly it has been accomplishe . I am very impressed.
  3. Wulingyuan park in Hunan, China. The House of Winchester. Periglacial freeze thaw honeycomb formation . The Science Fiction Museum / Experience Music Project building in Seattle. Awesome thread! Reviewed the whole thing before posting. Some of the links are dead, but lots of great stuff still to be found. Some of the links lead me down interesting side path . 90 years after the flood in Boston, it is still possible to smell molasses. THAT lead to some odd story ideas.
  4. Re: Who are the really great Homage characters of the Champons Universe and beyond? IMHO, while many of these are clear homages, many more are just characters that happen to share the same set of archetypes, perhaps an homage to a specific archtype, but not necessarily a specific character. Or call them an analog of a specific character. Sometimes, a team is clearly an homage, but the specific members aren't really and are there to fill a tactical role. I guess it depends on the nuances of meaning one chooses to ascribe to the term "homage". I am meandering again (& maundering?), no surprise, but I like to pun, which means I like to parse sentences and words into fine shades of meaning, which in turn means I like to play with the potential interpretations of anything I hear or read. I'll stop now.
  5. Re: Build Help CHAR: Motley Fool Champagne Poppers could be used instead of silly string for that entangle. Then use silly string for a sticky entangle.
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