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  1. Re: The cranky thread Some nut-job says he hacked Bloomsbury Publishing and posted death spoilers for the new Harry Potter book over at insecure.org. My kids came across the spoilers because the site information was given on scifi.com. The internet ticks me off sometimes.
  2. Re: 6th Edition Hero System I believe that's mostly correct. Your eloquence is better then mine. A universal game should be, IMO, universal. It should make logical sense from start to end. If it doesn't make sense from one end to the other then don't call it universal. Call it what it really is: several genre-based games all trying to pretend they're universal, and failing because they really aren't. I see two ways around the problem. Either reconfigure the entire game to one benchmark level or reconfigure each genre to only work with itself. I don't really care which way Hero goes with it. I only know that I don't want my 12d6, 30 resistant defense supers finding it impossible to even scratch a 30 defense, 7d6 rka tank [and getting wiped out when it fires the cannon]; and at the same time I don't want that superhero taking 48 stun due to a lucky roll from a desert eagle pistol.
  3. Re: Project Mongoose Duke Steel reminds me of a younger Steeljack from Astro City [a favorite character of mine]. I'll be adding him to my M&M game.
  4. Re: KA Vs Energy Blast It depends on the genre you're playing. Some genres, like four-color superheroes, frown on killing the opponents and so the energy blast is needed to offset the body count [Captain America doesn't chop the heads off of each person he throws his shield at]. Other genres, like fantasy, are almost entirely based on killing your opponent and so there's not much reason to take non-killing attacks. But even in "killing" genres there's going to be times when you want to takeout someone at range without killing them. Energy blast allows you to have things like the Star Trek phaser with its various damage settings [nnd for stun, eb for hard hit, killing attack for strong hit, and nnd killing attack for disintegration].
  5. Re: A Thread for Random Musings Yes, and he and Skaramine are already starting to get into it. Someone please end their ban here and let them come back before ChuckG shows up there too!
  6. Re: Champions Wolrdwide Q?? Yes, eventually DOJ will redo Kingdom of Champions, but for now 2007 is as early as you might see something like that [unless DOJ radically changes their 2006 schedule]. The same for Champions of the North.
  7. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? Ray Charles Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1952-1959 I picked this up last night. 7 cds and a dvd. I've been listening to it ever since.
  8. Re: incantation No, if he has incantation then he can't be incanting under water. Your friend just needs to understand that this was one of those times when the limitation worked against him [which is what they are supposed to do]. You handled it correctly.
  9. Re: Can anyone give me further advice for this power? You need to discuss this with your GM, as he will probably have characteristic guidelines in place. Not everyone uses the Champions-norm system. Most published CU ninja-like superheroes have dexes in the 24-30 range.
  10. Re: Sharper than a Serpents Tooth I don't agree. Unless you have characters who can breathe and move underwater Gorgon has a huge advantage. Remember that it's not just drowning but the fact that any PCs will not get recoveries under the water unless they have life support. Gorgon can easily take 2 PCs down with her: one [probably the brick] being crushed in her tail and another being curshed in her arms. So after a couple of phases the remaining pcs not only need to defeat Gorgon but need to save their unconscious [and drowning] teammates.
  11. Re: Who are the really great Homage characters of the Champons Universe and beyond?
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