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  1. There's Something About Mary Poppins Terminator 3: Rise of the Lycans (Or...) Underworld 3: Rise of the Machines Dude, Where's My Delorean? Jane Austen's Mafia! (Basically just the film as is but, you know, with some actual Jane Austen mixed in this time.)
  2. The Chicago Supernatural Government Response team are trying to capture to capture a demonic lizard without killing. Cue loading up with tranq dart pistols and those long poles with the loop at the end. They fill the van with a metal wire cage. They all head out together to the pick up site. Cue six-story tall horned lizard bursting out of aircraft hangar. Doctor Vance, team leader: Reports of our target *should* have been exaggerated!
  3. Super-hero team based on exaggerating the qualities of TV police detectives into minor super-powers and it needs five more? Well, let's see what I can rustle up... Famed pro-mutant-rights philanthropist Richard Citadel is secretly a mutant himself. Although he tries to keep his telekinetic and telepathic powers hidden from the world, he found himself using them more and more to subtly aid police investigations, making small accidents befall the suspects or sensing when a witness is hiding something. Eventually, he worried that his work with the police would expose him, and therefore his mother, wife, and daughter, to anti-mutant extremists. So, he took to fighting crime more openly, but using a secret identity and wearing fake 'gadgets' that claims as the source of his powers.
  4. Apolla is the great-great-grand-daughter of an Ancient Greek sun god and the star known to humans as 'Alpha Centauri' (not an avatar but the star itself). She was raised in a loving household with her normal mother and her equally normal step-father (who she has just thought of as dad ever since he married her mother when Apolla was eight). As she hit puberty, she began to realise that she felt exceptionally good in the sunlight. Soon, she started to realise that her body was recieving the power of her great-great-grandfather during the day, literally swelling with excess energy. It appears to manifest as though she were growing, like a very slow She-Hulk transformation making her incredibly grateful for the flexible molecular structure of her team's costumes. As the day goes on, especially if she spends more time in the sun (but not in other UV lights or under any other star except Alpha Centauri), she grows more and more, getting more and more powerful. At the dawn, she is a tough regenerator of about average size, by sunset, she is a much tougher, stronger brick with quicker regeneration that can fly, shoot lasers, and heal people's wounds. As soon as the sun is no longer overhead, whether visible or not, she begins to feel sleepy and quickly nods off, slowly losing the energy she had absorbed, leaking out like a mystical beacon, undetected except by magic-users, till sunrise wakes her, whether visible or not.
  5. The Roadies are a gang of duplicates. Originally a woman named Vera Dean, she was kidnapped by a mad genius musician after scoring backstage tickets to a gig he performed in Germany (she's from Wales, in the UK), she was brainwashed into servitude and given two abilities: 1) She can split into several different people, so as to serve him as either his sixteen minion gang or as his famous masked roadie crew. AND 2) She can recombine into one person with sixteen times the strength and toughness of the original fangirl. After the death of her original, and of "Mad Barry Lancaster" (also known as NoiseMachine) the hive-mind duplicator managed to escape, but had become hooked on the anarchic lifestyle of the Supervillain's henchwoman, selling herself as a combination of a loyal lieutenant and a crowd of hired thugs. She is unskilled in anything but basic street-crime and simple violence, but she is easier to pay off than any actual gang, let alone an additional super-strong servant.
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