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  1. I don't think Secret ID and Public ID are complications. I think that they are things that *can* be complications. If I'm playing a hero with a secret ID and I don't take any social complications or anything to make my secret ID into a complication, then my identity stays absolutely secure. Even if I go about joking around as "Joey", claiming to be the famous, well-known superhero "Captain Power", even if neither of those wears glasses, or a mask, or has any kind of disguise, my friends and coworkers all just kind of laugh it off and lightly mock me for pretending to be a superhero. Villains j
  2. The Presence attack is flavoured with whatever style you want to give it (scary mobster, impressive robot, seductive snake-person). That means that the Striking Appearance rarely affects it (only when the style of flavour includes "being attractive" and the target can percieve the style of flavour that your Striking Appearance takes) but when it does affect the roll, then your Striking Appearance adds +X/XD6 to the roll. +X to the difficulty you must roll under to affect the target, and XD6 added to the 'Damage' effect dice if the attack 'hits home'. The number for X is the number of levels of
  3. Justin Hammer-time Now out of prison after his short stay for minor charges related to breaking Whiplash out of jail (which he successfully argued was essentially just intended to be minor corporate espionage at worst, since he expressly condemned any actual assault against Tony Stark), Justin takes some time out to find himself. Still being a billionaire, he obviously has plenty of spare cash to travel the world, seeking out 'spiritual' sites and- well, okay, he's not really getting it at all, but it sure seems cool, and all the locals seem to get it, which is good enough for him. Eventu
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