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  1. Re: It's the Little Things.... Pigpen with a bow? Ha! Then you were "Mr. Clean in Plate!"
  2. Re: It's the Little Things.... Hey! That's how he stayed "In Tune" with nature!
  3. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Ok...I crack myself up and had to post this. Pffft! So the other night we're starting up a new Super Hero game and one of the players has a plant-themed character who had a code vs killing (whereas the rest of the team does not) and she was looking for alternatives... My suggestion was for her to take "Code vs Tilling" ::ducks:: ::dodges:: ::runs away:: Tim
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... The Ogre thief goes over to the gravely wounded and unconscious duelist (?) to feed him a healing potion and says "A spoon full of Ogre helps the medicine go down!" dang...didn't see him beat me to it...
  5. Kubla quotes...let 'em rip! Okay... I KNOW you've got 'em...and were just lookin' fer a place to stick 'em...so here it is...I'll start it off with one of mine from Detention! Ruby says to Brandi..."My dog has a sweater like that."
  6. **** Terrible pun Alert **** You've been warned... Said the target of an Ego Transfer... "Leggo my Ego".
  7. And my mage Silvercloak...
  8. One more...my teleporter Blink
  9. Here's another from the 2.0 beta Heromachine. Novastorm. Tim
  10. Ignite/Douse I like Gradon's solution, makes more sense to me using the rules, though I don't think you need 8 STR to blow out candles/torches. The other option is to use the same CE to extinguish the flames and just expand your effect a bit. Tim >>> 6 Extinguish: Telekinesis (8 STR) (12 Active Points); Only Works On Limited Types Of Objects (Very Limited Group of Objects; -1) 1 10 Ignite : Change Environment 1" radius (Long-Lasting: 1 Hour) (15 Active Points); Only to ignite Candle/Torch (-1/2) <<<
  11. Steel Guardian Here's my current character, done with the purchased version of http://www.heromachine.com/ and colored outside of that program. I'm not an artist, but it's really cool to be able to come up with SOMETHING, without having to beg my artist friends for a picture! ;D Tim
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