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  1. Re: Shadowcats Vault of Insanity: Adult Red Dragon
  2. Re: Shadowcats Vault of Insanity: Adult Red Dragon Maybe I missed it, but what does it do to accomplish the age old dragon ability to generate fear? PRE attack or something else?
  3. Re: Campaign Idea: "Weapons Of Fate" Average person by day, someone quite special-different; whilst on missions. Perhaps an OIHID limitation to cut down the costs of the added attributes. Maybe a Code of Honor Disad to give more points. There's a lot of possibilities.
  4. Re: [Review] The Mystic World I bought my copy by accident. I thought it was a Fantasy HERO supplement. This was 2 1/2 years ago when I was just starting out in HERO. Though, I found it to be a very cool read and a useful addition to my small library; even after I realized it was for Champions.
  5. Re: Campaign Idea: "Weapons Of Fate" First thoughts... Dark, very gritty Robin Hood types. Steal from the greedy, assassinate them if need be; to not only prevent an apocalyptic events...but also stop apocalyptic people. The money taken finances the organization. This could work in Dark Champions, just look at the Harbinger of Justice.
  6. Re: The Game: Consumer Recreation Services (CRS) Well, if they got a job working for such a company; then they are in the business-sorta speak. They are a working professional at minimum and likely a many faceted talent as well-capable of playing many roles. However, they might play the same role over and over again as the company uses them when the need arises.
  7. Re: The Game: Consumer Recreation Services (CRS) Yeah, that helps out a lot!
  8. Re: The Game: Consumer Recreation Services (CRS) Yes. I figured I would start off with the basics, such as the Actor Package Deal and the SFX Master Package Deal. Either of these could be built in many different ways, though I am looking for something covers all the basics.
  9. The Game was a movie released in 1997 that starred Michael Douglas. It was a psychological thriller that you can learn more about at Wikipedia, if you want. For those of you who have seen it, I am trying to flush out the basic things I need to do something like this. 1. Actor package deal. 2. Special Effects Technician package deal. 3. A system to determine 'random people' that can be used to throw the target of CRS 'off track'. Has anyone ever designed either of these package deals? How about a 'random people' chart? Any help will be appreciated. BTW, I highly recommend that you see this movie as it has a treasure trove of things that would be helpful in a DC campaign. Thanks.
  10. Re: Overhauling characteristics Would you eliminate Analyze and/or Deduction in this approach?
  11. Re: [Campaign] The Plot Device (Part II) Game Information: The Heirs of the Dragon: The dark, strange force on the left. Typically built on 75+75. The Orphans of the Dragon: The bright, familiar force on the right. Typically built on 150+75. Must take the Code of Honor Disad. The Heirs outnumber the Orphans about 10:1. The Humans: Typically built on 50+50. Must take the Hunted Disad. Monster Hunters can only befriend Orphans, not the Heirs. Access to Earth is limited to allies, equipment and information. Orphans may not come to Earth.
  12. Re: [Campaign] The Plot Device (Part II) A small, but enthusiastic and menacing force approached my location. However, behind me; I could hear yet another. I turned to look and wasn't sure if I should be relieved or ready to die. Humans. A rag-tag bunch. Some on foot, others on horses. Some had weapons, others did not. Some had armor, most wore only dirty and tattered clothes. Some tried to move in formation, but most just moved in my general direction. I guessed that the Humans and the 'Halflings' would reach my location about the same time. As they neared within striking range, I was encased in a dome of some sort. Inside the dome with me was 8 combatants clearly from the army that was to my right. 'I am Elijah, I called you!' A creature seemingly of Faerie wearing armor from Feudal Japan announced. 'An Elven Samurai? With a Hebrew name?' I quizzed. 'We don't have a lot of time. The Orphans of The Dragon will help the Children of God, if you are willing to make a deal. The Humans are getting slaughtered all around you. We will join with them against their adversaries...' Elijah quickly offered, but I interrupted him. 'What do you want in return?' I asked as I gestured for him to get to the point. 'Access to Earth. Under your guidance and leadership. You had better decide quickly!' Elijah pushed. 'Forgiveness, redemption or some sort of trick?' I retorted. 'Forgiveness, redemption and the truth! I give you my word! Elijah plead. 'I.....'
  13. Re: [Campaign] The Plot Device (Part II) I was standing on a hill overlooking an intriguing scene. To my left was a large army. To my right was a large army. The two were on a noisy, spirited charge towards one another. The space between them was closing with alarming speed. The army to my left was dark and strange. All of the combatants were half something akin to human and half something else. The top half was either male or female, clad in scaly armor and wielding terrible looking weaponry. The bottom half was either bovine, canine, equine, feline, insect, reptilian or something else in nature. They charged with fowl howls and terrible drums. The army to my right was bright and more familiar. All of the combatants were akin to people, but were clearly not human. They were either male or female, that much was clear. However, they ranged in size from 1 foot to 25 feet in height. There were all sorts of other differences: all sorts of skin hues-including blue and green, pointed ears, wings and so forth. Their armor also looked familiar. Some wore armor akin to that found in any Roman Legion, while others wore armor akin to that found in Feudal Japan. The weaponry seemed identical as well. They charged with singing, a perfectly in time chorus. My arrival, as well as my appearance; was quickly noted and both armies paused and grew silent-for just a moment. Imagine my horror when elements from the army to my left broke away from the main group and began charging towards me!
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