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  1. I believe his name is Professor Muerte at least until a lava pit came between them.
  2. Re: Villains Campaign I once had an idea to run an adventure where the players were all the goofy villains (e.g. Ventriloquist, Toyman, etc.) facing off against a anti-hero Justice League. The premise was that the Legion of Doom had kidnapped and executed all the Justice Leagues's loved ones and the heroes lost it and executed the Legion of Doom. The players were the only villains left since they were beneath the Justice Leagues's notice. The players would have been charged with overthrowing the Justice League even though they were way outclassed. Or you could just run a Suicide S
  3. Are you allowed to spread an attack (e.g. EB) to gain bonuses when you are performing a called shot?
  4. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Here's the character without the insignia and the insignia by itself and another insignia that I found, but didn't clean up
  5. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Here's my attempt
  6. Re: Money Perk Not really on topic, but I figure this is the best place to put it. I developed a spreadsheet to calculate a more exponential progression (as well as calculate values for in between point totals) to the wealth perk. I've also included columns for annual income, assets (~3X income), disposable monthly income (~1/100 annual income). The first set is the proposed new perk levels. The second set is the customizable values. To change the levels you either change the base assets (225,000 (0 point value)) or the number next to the exponent (0.63) to tweak to the level you wa
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Here are a couple of the badguys from Gatchaman: Berg Katse and a Galactor agent
  8. Re: Expanded Unoffical Bibliography for the Ultimate Mentalist. Don't have UM but here are a couple more: Movie Star Wars Star Trek Books The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester (telepathy) My Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (teleportation)
  9. Looking at your response and the source material you cited regarding continous powers built around charges, I had another question: Do you have to buy continous powers with continuous charges? For example, if I have a force field belt with a set number of uses, it may make more sense to buy continous charges, but what if I wanted to build it where it uses 1 charge every time the player keeps it active (i.e. each phase he acts). If I purchased this as a conventional charge, would the force field cease to work after his phase (e.g. phase 3) ended and would have no protection on phase 4? How
  10. Re: GM's guide to XP I've added some additional points that address these specifically. Thanks for the input. I didn't put in any commentary on avoiding the darkside since as a GM I prefer to role-play those out/rely on the other players to enforce the genre. If you have a suggested line please add it so I might reconsider.
  11. Re: Complex Sectional Armor I would actually break it out as follows: Armor (10/10) All - 10 pts. +Armor (10/10) - Sections 3-5, 9-13 - Using my damage weighting (12- Sectional (-3/4) - 8 pts. +Armor (5/5) 3-5, 12-13 - Using my damage weighting (9-) Sectional (-1 1/2) - 3 pts. So you get the sectional armor for a total of 10+8+3 = 21 pts. Subdividing into overlapping coverage probably minimizes the limitation granularity.
  12. Re: Complex Sectional Armor Another way to do it is to calculate the "damage probability". To do this you multiple the STUN multiplier with the roll probability and divide by the average Stun multiplier (2.866)/Reproduced below - Divide by 216 to get the percentage. Chances in 216 to hit/damage a given location : Damage Product _3 : _1 _1.75 _4 : _3 _5.23 _5 : _6 10.47 _6 : 10 _3.49 _7 : 15 10.47 _8 : 21 14.66 _9 : 25 26.17 10 : 27 28.27 11 : 27 28.27 12 : 25 34.90 13 : 21 29.31 14 : 15 10.47 15 : 10 _6.98 16 : _6
  13. What happens if a character loses and independent foci that was built as part of a VPP?
  14. Re: GM's guide to XP Any other comments/suggestions?
  15. Re: GM's guide to XP As far as goals - I tend to have three types: personal (i.e. what does the character accomplish in his personal life), professional (i.e. what dfoes he need to accomplish as part of his work), and team. It gets a little more nebulous if the character has a public ID and/or his profession is superhero. For example, a recent episode of spectacular spider-man might have had the following goals: Personal - Find a date for the dance Professional - Sell photos to raise money Team - Defeat Villain Similarly, the last session one of the characters had the fol
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