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  1. "HERO System Resource Kit (Book+PDF)" I see this for sale in the store. I am wondering if it actually comes with a GM screen or is it just a quick start rule booklet and some PDF's. Does anyone know?
  2. The "character packs" don't just have characters, they have new skills, talents, package deals etc, what I really need to know is how to get them to show up on the lists when I'm creating a new character. I bought the "Pulp Hero" pack and it has some new skills etc. I want to use to create characters on Hero designer for the Pulp game I'm going to run.
  3. Per the title. I bought a couple of character packs and can't figure out how to get them do show up when creating a character in Hero Designer. Lil' Help please.
  4. Nice Very Nice, I'm going to download it right now. Shaft.....out.
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