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  1. Evermore is an actual raven with the mystic ability to control corpses, from the smallest dead insect to T-rex skeletons. It does not precisely have a human intelligence; it's very smart but its mind is alien--only those who can communicate with birds can talk to Evermore and expect a coherent response.
  2. Further strips indicate the author has extra anxiety and depression issues that feed into her need for risk assessment--you may also want to check out her "radical statement" strip.
  3. You're slipping back into the "post link without a line of explanation" thing again. For those wary of such things, it's a webcomic about risk assessment when it comes to dating someone you haven't met before.
  4. Back from Minicon and the Cat's Laughing reunion concert... Here's a bit from the rehearsals-- And I am enclosing another Monica Rambeau picture.
  5. As I've already picked a manga character, and I was reminded of the existence of Milestone-- Static (Virgil Hawkins) joins the team! He'll be picking up some new tips on electromagnetic manipulation from the master.... While my video is of the cartoon, my version will be from the late Milestone run.
  6. To pump up the voting potential for Star Platinum, here's an episode where he defeats the villain with something other than punching really fast. WARNING: This video does not work outside North America. http://www.crunchyroll.com/jojos-bizarre-adventure/episode-35-darby-the-gambler-part-2-667941
  7. Work is work. And SKJAM! is pronounced "skuh-jam *sound of thunder*" "Are you sure that this counts as a color?" asked Rhodey. "In context, yes. Everyone on his team was named after a Tarot card and a color. Hierophant Green, Magician's Red, Silver Chariot, Hermit Purple...it's just that we don't think of it as a color in English." Introducing the newest member of Magic or Mundane, Star Platinum, aka Jotarou Kujou of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. He's fast, he's strong, he's precise, he can even stop time a little. And Jotarou's no pushover even without his powers. At one point he is reverted physically and mentally to a seven year old without his Stand or martial arts training, and he still whups the crap out of a full-grown man. Here's a little sample...
  8. The "Iron Man 2.0" version, I think, with stealth, intangibility, invisibility, holographic projections, and "Hulking Out."
  9. Another really obvious choice, a combat veteran flying an armored suit that's just been updated again... James Rhodes, the War Machine. And not precisely the first song you might have thought of, but war it is...
  10. Okay, I'm going to go obvious with a man who switches polarity quite often.... Magneto (Erik Lensherr), master of electromagnetism! I thought of Sargon the Sorcerer, who deliberately turned from good to evil as part of his mystic journey, but, well, sorcerer.
  11. For the Born that Way round, I pick May "Mayday" Parker, the Amazing Spider-Girl! Here's a Spider-Girl workout video....
  12. I've decided to go a bit farther afield, and pick Wonder Woman. That is, Maria Mendoza, an activist with the staff of Manco Capac, which allows her to use Incan sun god powers. She was co-created with Jim Lee for Just Imagine...Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just_Imagine...
  13. SKJAM!

    1970's Supers

    Also a big fad in the 1970s: "Ancient Astronauts". So, an alien who was worshiped as a god by primitive humans is released from its cryochamber, and chooses to fight/commit crime, as that's what beings with powers do in the Twentieth Century.
  14. Okay, for the Grey List... Bryce (or is it Brice? Brace?) Eborn is the Houseguest. His one power is being able to walk into any building and have people assume he's meant to be there. Thus, he manages to have a fairly steady living as an extra, and saves money by crashing at other people's cribs. You're pretty sure you've met him before, but can't quite put your finger on it. His preferred method of becoming a houseguest is simply to stay late after a party--usually the hosts were too drunk last night to remember if they actually invited him to stay. What makes him an actual villain is casing places for robberies, and issuing invitations to vampires. He doesn't do this often, to avoid raising his profile, but Bryce has a gambling problem and needs cash infusions every once in a while.
  15. Trashy paperback fantasy "Whetted Bronze" by Manning Norvil; book 2 of the "Odan the Half-God" trilogy. http://www.skjam.com/2015/03/21/book-review-whetted-bronze/
  16. All the roles played by women in the original will also be played by men. None of the dialogue will be changed,
  17. Based on the Seven Soldiers of Victory's first plotline... A dying criminal mastermind selects X number of low-powered villains (X=number of player characters) to execute plans he always meant to get around to. In addition, he contacts each of the player characters somehow to give them a pointer to that crime (but obscure enough so that the hero has to actually investigate.) As each minion is defeated, he/she/it provides a clue to the location of the mastermind. Our heroes meet at the location, only to discover that what the mastermind didn't tell his minions is that each of them was rigged to transfer their powers to the mastermind upon defeat. His real plan was to use this accumulated power to cure his illness and then kill a bunch of superheroes to announce his new invincible status. The heroes must work together to stop this overpowered menace. But there's a loose end. This guy is a criminal mastermind, but not a scientific genius. Where did the technology he used, unfamiliar to any of the heroes, come from? It would probably be a good idea to stick together until they can find out.
  18. Ah yes, I enjoyed giving them fuller backgrounds for their Champions Universe update--sadly my updates for the VOICE characters weren't used, and have long vanished.
  19. At one time, Jocelyn Head was the superhero known as Ultimate Detector, with a nearly unrivaled array of supersenses and a fighting style that took full advantage of them. VIPER got really tired of her, and in a series of attacks managed to cripple most of her senses. However, she retains the ability to detect and analyze superhuman abilities in a citywide area, and even more accurately in individuals. This makes her a valuable member of Oversight as Analysis.
  20. The Dead Riders by Elliott O'Donnell; full review at my blog, but notable for one of the least impressive evil Satanic rituals in fiction. "And now is the time at Satan Club when we perform interpretative ballet!" Also some amazingly misleading (lies, honestly) back cover copy. Our hero does not directly face the most evil sorcerer of all time in mortal combat by traveling to Hell. He faces a balding guy with no visible supernatural abilities in an English country house, and lifts not a finger to stop the villain. Instead the villain's wife and mistress both turn on him. http://www.skjam.com/2015/02/01/book-review-the-dead-riders/
  21. Oh, the links unpack in the reply box. Still, a little description besides "here's a link" would be helpful.
  22. Chaos Butterfly was once an ordinary butterfly until it was bitten by a radioactive human and gained hyperintelligence and (by butterfly standards) immortality. Now it knows the exact small actions to take in the exact spot to cause enormous disasters. Soon it will be the smartest being left living on Earth. That will show those humans!
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