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  1. I ran a Dark Champions campaign once that fizzled out because while I was picturing something like Batman the Animated Series several of my players made characters too dark for Watchmen.
  2. This may fall under "do whatever I want" but what about trolling? Villains who do bad things because they know it will make others mad. It could be augmented to fit a social agenda where they want to upset a group of people they don't like. Some of it may even be legal which would frustrate the heroes since they won't have a valid reason for fighting said villains. Think of it like a mean-spirited version of CLOWN. In my campaign I had a street gang that deliberately avoided crimes like drive-bys and drug trafficking because they wanted the police to focus their attention elsewhere. They went with low-risk/low-reward crimes to slowly build power. In some ways, that's a bigger threat than the constant struggle to be on top.
  3. I have to disagree a little bit about how fantasy being first in the RPG world set it up for success. It implies that if the first RPG was (for example) a Star Trek game where you made your own crew and ship then sci-fi would be the default setting and it would be fantasy playing catch-up. I don't think that's what would have happened. There are other reasons why fantasy is more popular (tropes, general expectations, familiarity with at least knowing about medieval times, etc). Even if a Star Trek RPG was first, someone would make a Chainmail-esque system and it would take center stage leading to D&D and the like. Gamma World was released in 1978, around the time D&D (basic) and AD&D were released. D&D is well known, Gamma World is not and I don't think being first had much to do with it. D&D's name says it all while Gamma World could make people think of a planet of Hulks or something. If there was a game released in 1978 called Starships and Stormtroopers then we'd have something. (Yeah Stormtroopers are Star Wars but there's no space monster equivalent of dragons, much less one that starts with S).
  4. I've asked a similar question but about sci-fi instead of superheroes. The reasons already given are good, but I'd like to add one from my own experience. Basically, it's because there's a thing called "generic fantasy setting" and there isn't one for sci-fi or superheroes. The settings are almost always described as something along the lines of "it's like [intellectual property here] but ...." and those that don't have a big info dump that may turn players off. OTOH everyone knows what to expect from a fantasy setting, forest elves, mining dwarves, dragons with a preference for sexually inexperienced females, etc. When describing a fantasy campaign on Roll20 or something you focus on what makes it unique. For other campaigns you have to explain more. Like "are there aliens?" "what superhero origins are not available?" "what is the tech level?" So in the end, a fantasy campaign is easier to set up.
  5. Hopefully soon I will be getting a new computer and moving all my files to it. I'm using two versions of Hero Designer HERO Designer log file (build 2009012604) HERO Designer 6 log file (build 20110203) and I need to know which version of Java I should install so that both versions work. Also, do these programs work in the current version of Java so I don't have to install older editions with their security issues? Thanks in advance!
  6. What can you tell us about the game you'd like, please?
  7. You miscounted on the sessions. The next game is the 5th session not the 4th.

  8. Re: Skills. How much is too much? What did you start with? I don't have the book with me, but here are some skills characters should have if you're looking for 25 points. Deduction +1 Language: Spanish 2+ points Language: Russian 2+ points Language: Arabic 2+ points Language: Chinese 2+ points Language: Japanese 2+ points Breakfall Acrobatics Conversation Charm Electronics System Operations Mechanics KS: Criminal Organization KS: Supervillains KS: Superheroes KS: Superpowers KS: Current Events KS: Campaign City Restaurants KS: Smells KS: Car/truck models KS: Campaign City Politics OK having all of these make you look like Batman, but this list let's you pick and choose. One of the new things in 6th edition is that the skills you buy have to be useful in the campaign or else they're free (so having KS:Tolkin literature is free unless the GM plans a lot of Middle Earth themed adventures). All of these skills are useful in different ways. If it's a more street level campaign, understanding what the different gangs are saying would help. Being able to identify the make and model of a car is good when your character witnesses something. And being able to know that the building you just entered has a gas leak ... it goes without saying that's important.
  9. Re: Actor Package Deals Richard Dean Anderson +3 INT +2 PER rolls Powerful Contact +10 PRE Defense Only 2d6 Luck Distinctive Feature: Deadpan humor
  10. Re: Superheroes and lethal force I thought the reasons why comic book heroes didn't kill was to keep the writers from having to create a new villain each time and having a villain come back for revenge was an easy plot to create. That being said, all my characters had some form of killing attack and used them mostly against inanimate objects, villains who could take the hit (and hopefully win at the stun lotto), villains who are innately evil (nazis), and psychos who need to be put down like a rabid dog. My group treats lethal force generally the same way with the additional caveat of it being a desperate situation. We have a character with a 3d6 RKA, Find Weakness, and a knack for making head shots. It only happens when we're facing defeat.
  11. Re: Help: Folk Heroes. Given your great defination of folk hero; I have some suggestions that may stretch the defination a little, but should count. Powered Armour: King Arthur, King Richard the Lionhearted Speedster: Marathon, Jesse Owens Gadgeteer: Thomas Edison, James Bond Mentalist: The Shadow (cloud men's minds), Dr.Doolittle (telepathy, animals only), Sherlock Holmes (his amazing deduction skills could be simulated by telepathy and retrocognition) Mystic: St.Peter, St.Francis of Assisi, Santa, Tim the Enchanter, Tesla, Isaac Newton, Roger Bacon, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Tycho Brahe (everyone after Tesla studied alchemy and astrology) I also recommend looking into India and Native American folklore for mystics/medicine men.
  12. Re: (Character) The American Samurai Including what's been mentioned here, I think you don't have enough martial arts. A few years ago I took a class in kumdo, the Korean version of kendo, during which I made my own American Samauri. Taking the class was a big help in playing him. Not only did I take maneuvers like disarm and block, I knew when to use them in combat. You have three maneuvers. A black belt in kendo knows at least three times as many. You should include Dodge, Takedown, Offensive and Defensive strike, Defense maneuver, Takeaway, Fast strike, Running strike. Watch some old Samauri movies and see what they can do.
  13. In the thread http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35528 I asked how, by the rules, can I have Cost Half Endurance with Charges that Cost Endurance. Apparently the rules don't allow that. Would a "Charges Cost Half Endurance" at -1/4 limitation be appropiate in this case?
  14. If the special FXs of a power require a limitation, does that limitation count towards the Variable Limitation? Or can a player elected to have a fixed limitation that will always be used? For example, if a spell multipower had -1/2 Variable Limitations and it had the Animate Cables (Ultimate Supermage) as a slot, would the -1/2 only on cables limitation be enough or would I need an additional -1/2? Also since Limitations are suppose to reduce a power's effectivness, are limitations like Roll 2/3 Dice (-1/2) or Roll Half Dice (-1) be allowed? {Full endurance would have to be paid though.} Thank you.
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