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  1. Re: Modern High-Tech Bows and Crossbows? I can't say anything regarding medieval crossbows or bows, but here's a starting point for modern firearms. http://www.springfield-armory.com/index.shtml You could also try HK, Reuger or any of the other gun makers, most will list bullet speeds for a gun. EDIT: I actually did some looking for myself and had to look at some bullet manufacturers pages to find: "Rated at 1225 feet per second muzzle" that's for a .45 ACP round. The manufacturer claims this is "High performance" ammunition also, I do not know how this compares to norma
  2. Re: Aid...still broken? Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Re: Aid...still broken? OK, I'm not going to talk one way or the other regarding this power. I have a question and will pose it to all at hand. This power is purchased "Continuous" +1, but the disadvantage "Concentration 0DCV" -.75 seems to completely destroy this power. Is this Concentration only to activate? (I don't have my books or I'd look) Or will the character stand there, phase after phase concentrating himself into oblivion? Apologies in advance for the silly question.
  4. Re: spell for focus I know this is a fantasy game you're talking about, but I've seen something that sounds similar in Jedi Hero write-ups. It's nearly impossible to disarm a jedi of his/her lightsaber. Due to this fact the lightsaber is not purchased as OAF, but OIF. You can see it, but you can't really take it away from them. It might work for your mage to spend points to buy down the disadvantage to OIF. My thought is "You take it away from me, but I'll just teleport it back to my hand."
  5. Re: house rule for c.s.l. I'll translate, but it's clear to me. If your starting OCV (Dex/3) is 5 you cannot have more than 5 CSL's. To learn any new CSL's your character will need to increase their starting OCV (Dex/3). I like it! Simple, and fair. It keeps your players from spending 20 points on CSL's and having a 13 OCV with a long sword, but a 3 with everything else.
  6. Re: Is a Jedi reasonable in a Marvel Avengers campaign? I'm not for or against the idea, but as I was reading your original post all I could think was; "OMG! That guy in the video on the web of him trying to look like Darth Maul. That guy with powers would be hilarious as a "wanna-be" superhero, like the Mystery Men were."
  7. Re: Okay, my friends. Give me your Ch'i Attacks of unusual nature. I like my Kung-Fu old school and my movies dubbed. Since that's out of the way. Chi abilities I like Invulnerability - "Ha Ha Ha Ha! Your puny attacks can't hurt me!" (Make the PC's learn the weakness) Fists of Death - "I can punch through stone walls. You don't stand a chance."
  8. Re: telekinesis If it's a dramatically appropriate time (Block or the PC is going to be badly hurt) I'd allow a character a DEX roll to try, if they fail they would loose their next attack as if they aborted.
  9. Re: Weird power build I think keyes_bill has it. Simple and effective.
  10. Re: Curious of Other Opins I have to agree with MitchellS on this, this isn't legal. If this player wants those abilities they should buy each one seperately. Detect Physical Objects: well ok, I would think Blind Fighting PSL's would cover this, but if he/she wants to buy a Detect for this, OK. Danger: just buy Danger Sense, why re-invent the wheel. Opponent's Abilities: Find Weakness or a Detect of some sort should cover this.
  11. Re: How can you feed this many people? I'll just answer en mass, I can see the points for why bill would have asked this question. The only reason I bring up the magic handwave is because it is specifically mentioned this is a high-magic game. My assumptions of high-magic are; there is a large and diverse population of casters (some friendly some not, some players some not), magic is very common and not a "suprise" tactic, magic is quite often used as a substitute for technology. I'll explain my reasoning. High-magic in my mind brings up the ideas that nearly everyone you come a
  12. Re: How can you feed this many people? I'm not sure, but I think everyone is over looking the obvious, magic. Poof! I create some food. "Look I have created the Never Ending Picnic Basket. If you want some food, reach in and pull it out. I'm a genius!"
  13. Re: Ever have one of those moments when... I've played in games similar to what you mention, but sometimes they can get a little out of hand. One thought for you is to have a PC (my suggestion is the brick) get recruited by a villain group. Once the player agrees, take their character sheet and tell them to create a new character. "You can't play this character anymore, he's a villain now." You might find that all the other players get the hint very quickly.
  14. Lanith


    Re: Atmosphere What about domes with energy fields to hold gasses/objects in like in Final Fantasy: Spirits Within? Now you're only worry with those meteorites is them hitting a person/building/etc inside the city.
  15. Re: New Ship Map GA if you are who I think you are, I've said it before and I'll stand to it; You make some of the best art I've seen.
  16. Re: NEMESIS SQUADRON: New Game Packet! I think I played in one of those games. Loads of fun, if you have the right people; annoying as hell if you don't.
  17. Re: Concealed Carry I can't stress this enough. I don't have the 5ed printing of Dark Champions, but if it's similar to 4ed... you need that book for the style of game you're talking about. Look into Dark Champions!
  18. Re: Invisible FF or Armor that Costs END Good call, KS! Now that I thought back on it I've always used "Armor" as a focus. I think the name of the power gets stuck in my head and I always mentally see a physical object. But, isn't the cost to buy increased PD/ED and Damage Resistance the same as Armor? I'll have to check my math. (This is getting too confusing for me, I'll think it over again when I get some sleep.)
  19. Re: Lil' Slugger Question The only problem I see with Lil' Slugger is how do you work him into a game if he's not one of the PC's. My thought was instantly with him as a villain, as a long term villain he's going to be nigh impossible to track down and deal with. His victims are completely random, with little or no evidence left behind. As a one-shot character, might be a good idea. A lunatic running around the city smashing peoples heads in with a bat, he's too fast and agile for the cops to catch, it's a perfect target for "The Dark Champions". Keep the action fast, the police chat
  20. Re: Gravity Trap One thought I had (granted it's expensive) is drain vs. Movement powers, but that doesn't quite simulate the fact that Stregth not speed can overcome the power. Just a random thought...
  21. Re: Invisible FF or Armor that Costs END If I remember correctly the Armor power isn't invisible by default. It doesn't cost you endurance and you don't have a bright blue glow about you, but that doesn't mean it's invisible. To my reading it sounds more like you're trying to purchase extra defenses (call it armor, call it a FF, call it extra PD/ED; it's just extra defenses) that cost endurance. The problem is that the way Hero has defined the "Costs Endurance" disadvantage is that this automatically makes a power "visible". I know that in 4e, it was explained that you could p
  22. Re: Weapon Bind: New options I guess I'll have to be the bad guy here and say that I don't like it. I'll give my reasons in a moment. Yes, most of these are very valid things that you can do once you have an opponents weapon bound and I can see it being very cinematic. It's lots of extra things to add to combat, I try to keep my combat quick and easy. Hero has lots of rules and modifiers to start with.
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