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  1. Re: Order of the Stick Heh. Definitely quotable. Classic Elan, so close, and yet so very, very far from the mark.
  2. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... "We're the subprime mortgage of superhero groups." <-- strangely, this did not inspire confidence. Character A has been having some problems with his powers - they keep futzing out, and he doesn't know why. He has borrowed a blaster and some armor from Primus. Just before the PCs jump into a trap, and begin combat, one asks: "You did practice with that pistol, right?" A replies "I played a detective in a play once. He had a gun."
  3. Re: Order of the Stick What I want to know is:
  4. Re: Order of the Stick New one is up.
  5. Re: Order of the Stick Yay.
  6. Re: Order of the Stick I think one of the best quotes (and scenes in general) for Xykon is back in the Start of Darkness, when he says (during a fight): Xykon isn't stupid. He says that he doesn't care for tactics, or subtlety, or planning, and has no patience. But that's not the same thing as being stupid. He's just incredibly direct in his problem-solving methods, and tends to go with his first idea, trusting on his ability to concentrate force in order to ensure success.
  7. Re: Order of the Stick Ooh, that's just. . . evil. I love it.
  8. Re: Order of the Stick My first thought was The second thought was that V is, if not entirely turned to the dark side, certainly getting fitted for a black cloak and trying out different Sith names. Darth Suvie does have kind of a ring to it, doesn't it?
  9. Re: Order of the Stick Ah, but which is more useful - Bugsby's Flicking Finger, or Evan's Spiked Tentacles of Forced Intrusion? I'd certainly never bother V in the morning. Or afternoon. Probably not until after dinner.
  10. Re: Order of the Stick Looks like the we might be seeing the right four words to the right being at the right time for all the wrong reasons pretty soon.
  11. Re: Order of the Stick Yep. And I think V is using the perfect mechanism for emptying his/her mind of all thought.
  12. Re: Order of the Stick #622 is up.
  13. Re: Order of the Stick New one is up. I'd put a quote from it in a spoiler, but it's too busy to load. Instead, a question:
  14. Re: Order of the Stick #611 is up.
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