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  1. Re: HERO System Bestiary How does this compare to th 5th edition Bestiary? Is it an update for 6E of what is in the 5E Bestiary, or does it include "new" content?
  2. Re: Pulp Inspiration: The Guild of Specialists Trilogy (Book 1 - Operation Red Jerich Halfway through the second book. Very good, but worth the price of the books for the diagrams and pictures.
  3. Re: one for the browncoats with big wallets Frankly I'd rather have the $350 replica browncoat. The only replica of the Serenity I want is 1:1 scale. Anything else is just a tease.
  4. Folks, as I was reading the Basic Rulebook, I stumbled upon what might be the ultimate pulp cover. It's on pg. 129 in black and white. Let's run it through the checklist: 1. Zeppelins. check 2. Zeppelins on fire, falling to a fiery death. check 3. WW2 fighter planes fighting. check 3. WW2 fighter planes on fire, falling to a fiery death. check 4. Cats, with rocket jetpacks. check and check 5. Nazis, with gasmasks. check and check 6. Apeman wearing vest and pocket watch standing on the top of a zeppelin shooting at Nazis. check and check and check and check 7. Woman sett
  5. Re: what gives your pulp its pep? (Near) continuous action , but also a big plus for me is exotic locations, and interesting situations. When I finally get my globetrotting pulp campaign going, that is what I will be emphasizing. Also, with the pulp heroes, there was a sense that they were still basically human, not superhuman. You could believe that that sort of heroism could in theory actually be possible in the real world. Probably not in reality, but you don't have to suspend too much disbelief. I've been known to play in superhero campaigns, but I always take my disbelie
  6. Re: Some annoying news on Lucha Hero You know, I would also. In fact, now that I know it is a collector's item, I think I HAVE to have one. :-) How about it, HERO Games? PS. I'm serious.
  7. Re: Some annoying news on Lucha Hero just tell people the books come "pre-mangled" by an authentic luchador. bam! instant collectible!
  8. Re: Byronic Hero You might want to take a look at GURPS:Screampunk. It is quite possibly the worst-named GURPS supplement ever, it covers that "gothic" period around the turn of the 18th c. (or is that turn of the 19th? anyways, that period around 1800)
  9. Re: Identify the Source heheh A skiffy version of Lord of the Rings, of course.
  10. Re: Who was WWII's most important leader? I have to say Winston Churchill, at least during the first part of the war. He held England together when it was by no means certain that the Nazis weren't going to be able to take the British Isles, and by no means certain that the Americans would enter the war at all. Britain stood basically alone, and managed to deliver the first few bloody blows to the Nazis. Churchill was by no means perfect, in fact he was a hard-core imperialist, among other things. But the "free world" does owe him a bit of a debt of gratitude. If Britain had been
  11. Re: Big List of Disads Bam, that's it! Thank you!
  12. I'm hoping someone here can help me find something I know I've found or had before, my Google-fu is failing me. What I'm looking for was either a website or a document available online which listed literally hundreds of different disadvantages/limitations. It may have been something for GURPS. Does this ring any bells for anyone? Thank you! Ly.
  13. Re: Music to Kill Zombies By Flamethrower "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" by Moby Buffy or Angel
  14. I just noticed that the price for the PDF of the Hero System Bestiary is the same as the price of the hard copy. ($24.95 for either of them). Is this correct, and if so, why?
  15. This is driving me nuts...I'm trying to build a "Create Water" spell. This is meant to emulate the Create Water spell in D20: "This spell generates wholesome, drinkable water, just like clean rain water. Water can be created in an area as small as will actually contain the liquid, or in an area three times as large-possibly creating a downpour or filling many small receptacles." What exactly is this? Change Environment? Transform ("Thin Air" to Water)? Summoning? (OK, I know it isn't Summoning....) My guess so far is this is a Major Transform, of Air to Water, or "No
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