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  1. THE wEBSITE THAT i GOT MY pdfS FROM HAS MOVED SO HERE'S the url for the site which is called the The HERO Games Store the hero games store If you can't get to the site this way just Google "Hero Games Store" and you'll be redirected to the files section .Scroll down to the section Marked books then to RPG then to collections and you'll find Superhero games.
  2. While Your'e at it ,better include Mass Reaction and Psi-Kin from Enemies: Villiany Unleashed
  3. Don't forget Helios from The Protetctors he was possessed by a alien as well
  4. Not only did I choose Charlotte because it's closest but also the Triangle area [ known in My Campaign as the CAROLINA TRIANGLE] because of its influx of superheroes and villains in the Deep South her e in the Carolinas.
  5. For ONce I'd have to agree with you on some points. I've been setting up a Teen Champions Campaign on Discord and Facebook plus I've set up a club here @ HERO Games. Check it out why don't you?
  6. Which is why I DL'd the 2010 and 2011 versions.
  7. better update the URL because I got a 401 error on it!
  8. To get you into a christmas mood here's a cool music theme from TSO Christmas Sarajevo 1224 [Instrumental].mp3
  9. YE GODS!!! Reminds me too much of the Batman:TAS episode "Christmas with the Joker"
  10. Don't You Mean Citadel? sheesh get the name right! Don't forget Mass Reaction and Psi-Kin Plus the Braverman foundation. from ALLIES
  11. How about: 1) My Hero Academia [Funimation] 2)Black Lightning [CW] 3)The Ray [CW] 4) Star Trek: Discovery (1st Season) [CBS All Access} 5)She-Ra & The Princesses Of Power [NETFLIX]
  12. Possibility: since Foxy has 6th ed stats ,why not create a spinoff from his motif? And how about the Arcadian Academy from the C:TNM Books?
  13. I almost forgot to add ROADKILL to the list, The Aryan ,Red Doom[Since the USSR fell with the Berlin Wall, They'll need new members] The Braverman Foundation,
  14. Bothe my teams TEAM ALPHA and The COURT OF DREAMS ,also the CAROLINA KNIGHTS Operate in the Carolina Triangle and the Southron US
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