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  1. I'm wondering If you can upload a excel version of the program so I can work on my pc pics?
  2. One Question: Can you create a comic cover for player characters?
  3. Ditto for me I'd like to put in a few tall tale Characters into my campaign
  4. Re: Magical Girls Off the cuff I'd build them as Pretty Cure Styled Magic Girl fighters instead of Sailor Moon type magic girls. Let's face it. those ladies and those who follow their example are as dysfunctional as ever. Thier leader 's a ditzy Apathic,lazy crybaby who toughens up and takes down the most evil monsters in a fight with some help from her boy friend Tuxedo Kamen. And don't get me started on WEDDING PEACH.:rofl::rofl::tsk::tsk:
  5. Re: Teen Spy Campaigns For more serious teen spy action campaigns why not look to the book series below: ALEX RIDER SPY GIRLS THE SPECIALISTS[TEEN from U N C L E inspired book series] If there are others post them here, I'd hold my breath until they put out a 6th ed version of DANGER INTERNATIONAL.
  6. Re: I'm Selling my CHAMPIONS Collection Got any 5th ed books in your collection? Like TEEN CHAMPIONS and issues of ADVENTURER'S CLUB MAGAZINE?
  7. Re: Animated Series Style Character Images Uh Blue? Just found a message that said invalid attachment. Wanna reup them again?
  8. Re: Champions (Super)Hero Resources I racked my braincells for the Blood Of Heroes Website And finally got it! http://www.pulsargamesinc.com Let's hope that It'll fill in the gap in your list.
  9. Re: Champions (Super)Hero Resources Try This:http://wwww.cohrpg.com It's the website for the COH pen& paper game plaus I had to correct it because it redirect u to the COH website
  10. Re: Shared Campaign World? I'm Setting up a Teen Champions Shared World game in the boards check out my post sometime and read up on it.
  11. Re: Shoujo HEROine Why not try my article "How to Build: Magical Girl/Teen mystic for Teen Champions" There's some concepts that can be turned into write ups for Teen Champions that I'm putting together for a Magic Girl Campaign for HC.
  12. Re: Hero All-Stars 2008 I'm Thinking of the Following: Thomas Swift,Sr. Fenton Hardy[Hardy Boys Father] Nigel Powers[From Austin Powers] Dr Amy Possible[Kim Possible] Kent Locksley Jenneth Ried Possible parents or descendants you decide.
  13. Re: Game Design: Champions Online You could add an option to load PCs from HD3 onto the game and design costumes for them. Plus include movement bonuses as well making it a 3D RPG[City of Heroes comes to mind.] or a Flash Based RPG like say Dragon Fable or Mecha Quest. Also add some expansion packs directly from the campaign books for the GM?
  14. Re: Campaign History: CHU Dreamstar I REAL Name:Nikia Kiara Davison OCCUPATION:student/adventurer
  15. Re: Soundtracks? You might want to try "Sailor War" and "La Soldier" from the Sailor Moon Musicals. Here's the URL: http://www.sailormusic.net
  16. Re: CHALLENGE OF THE CHAMPIONS-players wanted,GMs as well. Well just tell all your friends to check it out at HEROCENTRAL .net and go to Champions you'll find it here!!
  17. Re: CHALLENGE OF THE CHAMPIONS-players wanted,GMs as well. There may be some trouble getting in due to the fact that there are some virus problems in IE so you might have to use Foxfire or Road Runner to get in. :eek: :eek: :eek: :o :o Fortunately the problems have been resolved and everyone can enterinto the game.
  18. I've set up a silver age Champions campaig called the Challenge of the Champions. It's to play like a combo Superfriends/Avengers game with the option of playing a villian or a hero. Ok Here´s the 411: The game is to be played as a PBEM with the PCs being heroes,part of the Champions Teams or a villianous member of the League of Enemies headed by Dr Destroyer. As I said in the intro of my campaign: Gathered together from remote galaxies are 75 of the worst villians ever assembled:THE LEAGUE OF ENEMIES! Recruited by none other than the insidious Doctor Destroyer this group has only one purp
  19. Re: VILLAINS, VANDALS, AND VERMIN -- What Would *You* Like To See? Villian Team How about the Corruptors Of All? I have'nt seen them since the original EnemiesIII,while we're at it what about DeathStroke from the orignal Enemies Book,Mass Reaction from Villiany Unbound and a brand new version of Terror INC to stir the pot in the New CU? master villian Why don't we go for a cosmic level master villian,Like the Infinite Man,or Demonicus Rex from Invaders? For solo villians, how about bringing back Fire & Ice, Hideous,Death Angel,Brother Basilisk,the Dash,The Anihilator an
  20. Re: Super Names TEAM NAMES FROM CHS Team Alpha Hot Shots The Mainiax Bad Attitude The Rockers The Violaters CODE THREE Court Of Dreams[Dreamstar's superteam of Magical Girls] Teen Guardians PSI-Kin
  21. Re: Archetype Twists I Created a Magic Girl/Mystic PC whose powers are from the dimension called the DREAMZONE. Besides usinig magic sand [like the sandman] she can also use magic devices and throw mystic bolts[ala Dr Strange],but she has the mentallity of a five year old even though she has the bod of a teenager in her magic girl form. eventally her powers and skills grew stronger and her foes more powerful which puts her at par with Witchcraft of the Champions. Her former codename,which she since passed to her daughter is Dreamstar, these days she is the magus known as Magistar.
  22. Re: New Disad:POWER BY Association. besides this is not a limitation but a disadvantage which can take some points off your character and make him more human and less godlike.
  23. Re: CHAMPIONS UNIVERSE II - What Do You Want To See? OK OK I know when I'm Flamed so I've changed the first entry to the O so Macho Red Rapier.
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