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  1. How about Bringing in: the Arcadian Academy[CH:TNM] The Redeemed[Allies] Zen Team[ALLIES} Braverman Foundation[Allies] New Knights [Kingdom of Champions]
  2. Think You can do some of my Characters for my Campaign? I need PCs to attract players to my campaigns.
  3. Can You have him do some for me? I've got some Character concepts for my campaign that I'd like him to do for me
  4. From Enemies III THE CORRUPTERS OF ALL Villiany Unbound Mass Reaction PSI-KIN
  5. How'd you do those pics? They're AWESOMESAUCE!!!!
  6. OK here are some heroines to play with: See If you can create thier origins Meet Pink Spider and Lady Sky
  7. Since I haven't Posted on this thread in a while Here's a little something I made with a dress up game on Divantart: My Pcs done with an X-Men dressup and HC PreCure Dressup game respectively.
  8. Cool Can You do some pics for my campaign PCs?
  9. Comic book cover.pdf And Here's the Court's first comic Book Cover in PDF.
  10. I've created my Court Of Dreams Using a dressup game in Diviantart Dreamstar II Moon Mystic Oceana Sunspell evergreen Animalia Logika
  11. I'm wondering If you can upload a excel version of the program so I can work on my pc pics?
  12. First Thing that comes to mind: MAN OF WAR
  13. One Question: Can you create a comic cover for player characters?
  14. TEAM NAME : COURT OF DREAMS MEMBERS: 14 [7 Females, 7 Males] They are a team of Sentai/shoujo styled mystics whose cover is those of Magic Girls and sentai fighters. They're presently based in the Carolina triangle .
  15. Ditto for me I'd like to put in a few tall tale Characters into my campaign
  16. Here's hoping that I might get the book[i hope]
  17. Re: Animated Series Style Character Images Uh Blue? Just found a message that said invalid attachment. Wanna reup them again?
  18. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Rex Could You Do me a favor and create some pic of my PCs for my campaign COURT OF DREAMS? I'll post some refs for you to create the Characters.
  19. Re: Return to Asgard OOOOkaaayWhere did you get that pic and is there anything else like it? :cool::cool::king::king:
  20. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.
  21. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. You should --- It may be one of yours that I picked for a ref piece
  22. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread. Hey Storn any chance for art rendering of SAGA with This Character as a photo ref?
  23. Re: Sweet new characters Waht ap did you use when creating these pcs?
  24. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Thanx Here's my first one from HM3 the ever lovin' ever Living Laser himself: NEON! Not easy but it's my first time
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